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Aug 1, 2013

You Found Me How??

[Friends don't let friends take photos with their husbands in pumpkin patches. Ever.]

Blog world is a funny thing, isn't it? We bloggers spend hours of our day, everyday, writing about the innermost workings of our lives...all on display for the world to read. Sometimes we write serious things, other times we write nonsense about the day to day drivel we encounter. We wait with bated breath after pressing "publish" for that first comment or pageview. And then the second. And the third. But what I hardly ever wonder is how these people even found my blog in the first place. Most of the time I assume it's just my usual readers and followers clicking on my posts. But that hardly accounts for my total daily pageviews. There are more of you out there! So, what stroke of chance brought them to my creative space that particular day? Were they looking for travel inspiration? Most of the time, yes. Were they looking for a yummy recipe? On occasion, sure. Were they there to see photos of my cute husband? Dear Lord, I hope not. There's a real shiner above if you did happen to be looking for one today (sorry, babe). But, what I do know is that readers from all around the world come to We Took the Road Less Traveled through various avenues and for a wide variety of reasons. Tuesday morning, I spent the better part of an hour riffling through the over 600+ search words and phrases that have lead people to my blog over the last 2 years. I know practically every blogger does this on occasion. And if you haven't, you should! It's quite the comical endeavor. Some of the search phrases I've come across really make me question the world. More specifically, the people in it. It also makes me question Google. Or maybe just people's Googling skills? You be the judge. 

Top 10 Strangest Search Terms That Brought You Here

1| How can I put my picture on the Eiffel Tower?
I hate to brake it to ya, but I don't think you can...whoever you are. You can take a picture while standing ON the Eiffel Tower (like these), but good luck getting away with sticking a photo of yourself on the tower itself. Question is, why would you want to do that anyway?

2| Pros & cons of being a pilates instructor.
I have not, nor will I ever, take a pilates class. Much less know anything about teaching it. I'm about the least coordinated person in the world and am a certified walking pilates/yoga-tastrophe. But I can tell you the pros & cons of living in Germany? Were you maybe looking for that?

3| What spices are in Weber's Kickin' Chicken seasoning?
Well, according to the bottle that I currently have sitting in my spice rack, there's dehydrated onion, salt, dehydrated garlic, spices, red pepper, dehydrated orange peel, sugar, dehydrated red bell pepper, & paprika. Wanna use it in a recipe? I guess I'm your girl.

4| How to poop in a German toilet.
I can tell you all about our German toilet, but I cannot and will not tell you how to poop in it. 
You've gotta figure that one out on your own, buddy.

5| I'm uncomfortable to talk in English in front of my family.
I'm uncomfortable speaking German in front of practically everyone, so we've all got problems, now don't we?

6| Girls in naughty lingerie.
Really? Won't find that on my blog. Oh, wait.

7| Blog everyday about peeing your pants.
I mean, really. You blog about peeing your pants that ONE TIME and suddenly it's an everyday thing? No fair, people. That's the last time I share about my religious experiences with you guys. Geez. ;)

8| Japanese road puppy parts
Now, this is just disturbing. I honestly hope you didn't find what your were looking for, weirdo.

9| What is free on the Celebrity Refection cruise ship?
Nothing, that's what. But you should still go. Worth every not-free penny!

And my absolute favorite...

10| I need a good spell caster that can bring back my ex and my husband.
First of all, do I look like a witch or some kind of sorcerer to you? Far from it. The only spell I can cast for you is a good case of the the wanderlusts. Second of all, where did your ex and husband go? And why would you want to bring them BOTH back? Seems like a conflict of interest to me. You're asking for it, sister.
Other more flattering search terms?

1| Awsome photos from Paris.
Aww shucks, don't make me blush.

2| Award-winning deviled eggs.
They're not award-winning per se, but my husband gave them 2 thumbs up! [Also, don't pay any attention to my lack of photog skills in that post. It was one of my first posts EVER on the blog, pre-DSLR.]

3| Best sausage ball recipe.
Yep. You've come to the right place. They're granny (and military) approved.

4| Worthy blogs.
Worth of what? Your reading time? Why, thank you. You keep reading, I'll keep writing. ;)

Have you ever checked what search terms and phrases bring people to your blog? What's the strangest one you've gotten?

Ok, can we talk about Robin Thicke real quick before I go? Good, because I was going to anyway. This song is my new favorite jam, y'all. It comes on at the gym and I'm simultaneously running and gyrating like a crazy person. If you haven't heard it before, just watch the video below and dance your heart out. I would have shared the actual music video, but there are quite a few boobies in it. Model boobies. It's such a strange video, but he's so alluring I'd probably watch him carve a watermelon just out of sheer curiosity. Regardless, boobies and my blog don't mix, so you get the Today Show live version, minus Pharrell. Honestly though, could Robin be any more suave and sexy? Sure, he was born to probably about the least sexy TV dad in the world aside from Danny Tanner (think Growing Pains), but my gosh does he have a voice and some serious moves. Not to mention that he's been with his wife since they were teenagers. A musician after my own heart! I own all of his CD's (the Evolution of Robin Thicke disk provides some wicked good make-out music, in case you were wondering) and will be promptly purchasing his new one on iTunes just as soon as I'm done busting a move in my living room. Enjoy!

Happy Thursday, friends!


  1. Oh my word, I just burst out laughing in a restaurant over #10... and #7... what the heck. Seriously!?


  2. Hahaha.

    This week I had "Where to find the world's biggest hoe" and when I looked back, different variations of the same phrase have brought quite a few people to my blog ;-)

  3. Oddly enough as I read the part about Robin Thicke Blurred Lines is playing on Pandora!

    I'm new to the blogging world so I haven't a clue how to check these things. I have been reading blogs for sometime now though. I'm quite sure I found your blog off a link from someone elses - I think!

    1. Nice! We must be on similar wave lengths today. :) An no matter how ya found me, I'm so glad you did! If you've got Google Analytics set up for your blog, then you can check it there. Hours of entertainment, I tell ya. :)

  4. Check out his earlier stuff, too! I came across his cd "A Beautiful World" back in the early 2000s when he just went by "Thicke" and that's when I fell for him. He's one good looking hottie! Ha! :)

    Seriously laughing over those search terms...WOW!

  5. These are my favorite posts! The weirdos on the internet are good for endless entertainment! I write a blog about living in Moscow, so I get a lot of "Russian girl/escort"-type searches which is... ew. I'm sure those searchers are wildly disappointed.

    1. I love these kinds of posts too! I figured it was time to do one myself after seeing all the crazy things that have brought people here. And Russian escorts? That's HILARIOUS.

  6. Always love seeing what people search for. Totally cracks me up. Especially the japanese one. Wtf? haha. And, thank you a million times for posting that video. Love love love RT!

  7. Some of my keyword search times bring a smile to my face. Like virgins who are scared of their first pelvic exam, or people who are searching for one of my favorite books that I've reviewed.

    But many of the keywords that lead to my blog make me laugh or even cringe. I don't write porn. I'm sorry. See my keywords tag for more details.

  8. I've gotten quite a few hits from "how to find beautiful girls in Salzburg" and other variations of it. I take it as a compliment even though I'm definitely not from Salzburg haha


  9. That list is too hilarious :D (though kinda creepy too...)

  10. Fantastic post! The pee post is hilarious! So unfortunate it happened but it made a good post

    1. Hahaha yeahhh I'll probably never live that one down. But you're right, it definitely makes for good blog material! :)

  11. Okay, I will admit that I love that song too. I was afraid to tell anyone for fear of judgement. Whisper - Do you think you are the hottest bitch in this place? He hehe....

  12. These are all to perfect. I never get such interesting things when I look how people find my blog through searching. Kind of jealous

  13. I seriously lost it with #9 and your response, too funny!

  14. I found you quite by accident, but so glad I did :) Last year my 16 y/o daughter dated a foreign exchange student from Germany. In a search for German recipes I could attempt to make for him when he was over, I found another blogger who was actually teaching English in his hometown school. How weird was that? While my dinner didn't turn out the way his mum made it....of course...I did start following her blog. And somewhere along the road, her blog led me to yours. I, too, LOVE to travel so it's great to see all the places you've been. My girls and I definitely have a looooonnnnnggggg list of places we'd like to go see now - and visiting Germany in Dec is a must. Thank you for sharing and writing! I just love your blog :)

    1. YAY! Glad you did find me, Moriah! Small world! I agree, Germany in December is an ABSOLUTE MUST!! Thanks so much, girl. Happy to have you following along! :)

  15. Love this post! The most random search term I've gotten so far (I'm just a baby blogger of a couple of months!) is "Alexander Skarsgård's abs" ... when I have neither written about him nor his abs to the best of my recollection. The only connection I can think of is that I live (and blog about) his hometown, but whoever found me that way must have been disappointed!!


  16. One of the search terms that brings the most traffic to my blog is Big Brazilian Butts. It blows my mind!
    Have a great weekend :)

  17. I love blurred lines. Happy Friday!

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  19. I literally have a draft post of this nature. Thanks for sharing yours- too funny!

  20. Amazing post! The pee publish is hilarious! So Salford escorts it occurred but it created a excellent post.


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