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Feb 23, 2016

Bump Watch : Week 13

I've always wanted to do one of these! Such exciting times over here in Haus Cote! Excuse the grainy, iPhone snap (I also look SUPER tired, sigh)...I still haven't figured out how I want to document these. Warning...this bump watch is a long one, but I'm basically reporting things from the whole first trimester. Future posts (which won't be weekly) will be much more reader-friendly. And again, I hope to not turn this space into one just devoted to all things baby. We still have so many travel memories to share! So, bear with me as I get a few baby posts off my chest. I've been holding them in for months now.

General Thoughts/Feelings: SHUT UP, WE'RE HAVING A HUMAN BABY? Get outta town! Basically our everyday musings. Still hasn't sunk in, even 13 weeks later. Also, I'm so in love with both this little nugget and with D. He's literally outdone himself in husband world. With me being as sick and hormonal as I've been, I was sure I already used up all my pregnancy free passes. But his grace and willingness to pick up my slack seems to renew with each day. God bless that man 'o mine!

Food Aversions: Not as many of those now that the first trimester is basically over (can I get an AMEN and a HALLELUJAH!). But for the majority of the first tri, I was totally turned off by broccoli, fresh green beans, cauliflower, pork, rice/quinoa/couscous, fish, and coffee. Basically anything healthy that D and I were used to eating every week, baby HATED. It drove me crazy not to be in control of my body in that way. I was sure I was going to balloon up from all the carbs I was eating. It's really all I could stomach. Crackers, pasta, bread, fruit, pizza...all fine with baby. Stick a stalk of broccoli near my face and the hurls could be heard around the world. So friggin' weird. Thankfully, I'm back to eating everything I loved pre-pregnancy, including broccoli. ;)

Food Cravings: mandarin oranges (obsessed!), grapes, baby carrots, peanut butter, Apple Pie flavored greek yogurt, tortilla chips and guac, and hot ham and cheese sandwiches.

Health/Fitness: That first trimester kicked my boo-tay. I spent 75% of my time holed up under blankets on my couch...sometimes with a laptop in hand for work, other days just trying to keep my meals down. I mayyyybe did an actual workout 3 different times in 8 weeks. Each time I started crying halfway through like a total crazy lady. HORMONES ARE JERKS. And I felt like I went from being able to do a 30 min, 21 Day Fix HIIT workout with ease, to not being able to get through a pregnancy workout without having to stop multiple times. I once took Tuck on a walk and dry-heaved no less than 4 times in that 10 minute loop around my neighborhood. 

Now that the first trimester funk is (mostly) over, I'm trying to get in a workout at least twice a week. My muscles are shot, so I'm slowly trying to build up my strength again without overdoing it. Pilates has been my new best friend and daily walks with Tuck are far less complicated now that I've left the dry-heaving days behind.

Doc Appointments: We didn't have our first true appointment until week 11, which totally freaked me the heck out. Apparently it's normal for those who have no issues (bleeding, cramping, severe nausea, etc.) and know exact due dates and such. However, finding out you're pregnant at week 3.5 and having no visual or heartbeat confirmations until week 11 (other a than positive blood test at week 6) was the LONGEST WAIT OF MY LIFE. Thankfully at our 11wk appt, we heard a beautiful heartbeat, cried ALL the tears, and confirmed both baby and I have a clean bill of health. Next appointment and first ultrasound...TODAY!!!

Symptoms: I feel like most of these are TMI, but for the sake of documenting -- sore ta-ta's since day 1, bloating, constipation (KILL ME NOW), increased appetite, and major fatigue. The beginning of week 12, I spent 2 days walking around Disney World with my cousin...I realized that even though I was feeling much better than weeks past, I can't run around all day like I used to. Naps are like gold these days. My appetite is also wicked ridiculous. I can eat a meal and then two hours later, have a growling stomach and mild nausea, signaling me that I need to eat a snack again. I feel like a pregnant bottomless pit.

Sleep: No problems there. I hit the pillow and pass out. Tuck is, however, preparing us for parenthood. He wakes up at 1am for a pee break, and then up again around 5am for pre-breakfast (he's a diva). He's been like this for years, so we've been trained well. Interested to see if his schedule and the baby's schedule will sync up (dear Lord, I hope so!).

Mood: Happy & excited! Much less anxious than in weeks 6-10. My anxiety flared up pretty strong for a while there (thank you, hormones). Now that my hormones seem to be evening out and the nausea has subsided, I feel much more positive and less panicky about the whole thing. I've had issues with anxiety for years, so I had a feeling some anxious feelings would manifest themselves during pregnancy...and unfortunately, post-partum as well. My doc and I have a plan in place, but so far, I'm feeling great!

Maternity Clothes: None yet! Although I'm really hoping this bump starts to pop sooner rather than later. I'm slightly annoyed at the "ate one too many tacos" look I'm currently sporting. 

Miss Anything?: WINE. Oh my gosh, you guys...you had to know this one was coming. Being the big booze-hound that I am, it was SO HARD keeping the pregnancy a secret from just about everyone. Thankfully D took up drinking for 2 (HA!) and conveniently made me the DD for all social events, so it was easier to hide. I sure do miss having a glass of wine with dinner...or a margarita with my Mexican food. I've also missed Spicy Tuna rolls something fierce. Veggie rolls just don't cut it. I also miss being able to sleep on my back without freaking out. I've already experienced some mild back pain (growing pains, I'm assuming) and laying flat helps so much! But now that I'm entering that 2nd tri, it's frowned upon. Crap.

Baby Items Purchased: I've been gifted a few cute onesies from friends and family, but haven't bought anything but a body pillow...which should come in any day now and keep me from rolling over on my back at night. OH. And one adorable onesie that I used to reveal the baby news to D (more on that to come).

Best Moments So Far: Telling our families the good news at Christmas (more on that to come, too!), hearing that sweet heartbeat for the first time, being gifted a free plush toy from the kind Disney Cast Member who saw us taking our pregnancy announcement photo and wanted to give baby its first gift from the Mouse (so stinkin' sweet!), and announcing our big news to the world!

Most Unexpected Moment So Far: I cry all. the. time. At radio commercials, reading baby books, talking about sentimental things, watching old episodes of Reba (shut up), cooking dinner (why? I DON'T KNOW.)...you name it, I'm probably gonna cry over it. I recently saw How to Be Single in the movie theater and cried during two of the previews and twice during the movie (tell me the scene with Leslie Mann and that baby in the doctor's office doesn't just kill you dead?!?). I also cried watching a golden retriever puppy try to eat a leaf. It was just so effing cute. I can't with myself these days.

Looking Forward To: Seeing our little babe on ultrasound today and finding out the gender in the coming weeks. I'm so ready to plan out a nursery and buy cute baby things!

Feb 17, 2016

In Case You Missed The Exciting News...

We've been keeping a little secret...

Baby Cote on board! Our greatest adventure begins late-August!

(Also, hi friends! Now that the cat's out of the bag...and the morning sickness has finally left me the heck alone...I'll be back to blogging a little more regularly. Not all baby stuff, promise! Missed you all!)

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