Oct 24, 2014

FRESH FACE FRIDAY [& Blog Hop!]: Meet Genevieve

I'm not sure how this is possible, but this past week was both the longest and shortest week ever. At times I felt like I was drowning with all the new things I had to take on, yet the monotony of it all just made the days drag on. I know, it literally makes no sense...but I have no idea how else to describe the state of my week. Truth is, I'm currently knee deep in a new and SUPER EXCITING endeavor (insert 5,000 exclamation points here!!!)--something I never thought I'd actually ever be doing--and it's consuming my entire life at the moment. I'm exhausted and overwhelmed in the best kind of way. Of course, I'm still not quite ready to spill the beans (we bloggers love a good cliffhanger!), but know it's something that will not only be a major thing for me, but will benefit many of you guys as well! I bet your wheels are turning now! ;) So, forgive the lack of meaningful writing and regular posting here lately. Over the next few months I'm going to have to learn how to balance this blog and this amazing new opportunity, so bear with me as I try not to ruin either of them. This blog and our time abroad are big parts of the reason this new opportunity came to be...so, no pressure, right? ;) In the meantime, would you guys mind sending me all the extra good vibes you've got lying around? While excited about this vague thing I speak of, I'm also TERRIFIED of it as well. Natural human response to big changes, I think. In the midst of chaos, my parents are coming in today and spending the next few days with us, but I'm so I'm looking forward to bouncing ideas off them and enjoying a weekend reconnecting with family. Just what I need after a non-stop last 2 weeks! I'm sure Disney World and/or the beach will be involved. Can't ignore my Florida happy places for too long.

Hope you all have had productive and enjoyable weeks yourselves! TGIF, am I right? Whew! Now that we've made it to the weekend, start it out right with meeting Genevieve & linking your blog up to the Fresh Face Friday Blog Hop! Always a pleasure having each and every one of you...so get to hoppin'! Until next week, friends!


Author of the travel blog, Wanderbug, Genevieve is the epitome of an avid traveler. Paris, Australia, Greece, and my personal favorite, Germany…you name it, Genevieve has been there and wrote about that! Over on Wanderbug, you'll find yourself immersed in informative travel posts featuring captivating destinations, traveler tips, tricks & itineraries, and some beautiful photos. Genevieve has created a great one-stop shop travel resource in blog world, so, go visit today!

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Oct 22, 2014

More From Tallinn, Estonia

I couldn't finish sharing our time in Tallinn without showing you a few more snaps of the city and giving you the low-down on a handful of things you should try & buy if you find yourself there someday.

Want to experience cuisine like true medieval Estonians? Dine at Olde Hansa
We feasted on wild game delicacies such as boar, elk, and bear sausages as well as a thick meat stew, crusty bread, and juniper & herb cheese. Y-U-M! Don't forget to try their famous house beers--my favorite being the traditional dark honey beer, served in the most rustic of stoneware mugs. Restaurant is located just off the market square.

Want to enjoy a leisurely pint? Stop in at Hell Hunt, Estonia's first pub! Located right on Pikk (street) just a few blocks after you enter the city walls and pass Oleviste Church, this quirky pub and brewery is perfect for a light snack and camaraderie with friends. We ducked in after passing by it for the 3rd time on our walk around the city. Didn't take us long to realize we should have gone in long before! It had a great bar atmosphere and some pretty tasty home brews (as well as a decent selection of Belgian beers), so it made for a wonderful reprieve from all the walking we'd done. D even took home a t-shirt!

I'd also highly recommend trying Estonian chocolate. It's insanely good and again…very unexpected! We tried samples from two different shops and both were well worth the stop:

Anneli Viik--quiet cafe with best hot chocolate in town! 
Right across the street from Hell Hunt, so you can't miss it. :)

Kalev Chocolate Shop & Workshop--we brought some of this back on the ship with intentions to enjoy it back in Germany…but we ate it all before we even got home!

I can't stress this enough, but again…if you ever find yourself with an opportunity to visit Tallinn, GO! Don't hesitate for a second. It's perfectly charming, people are friendly, and you'll just have the best day ever. Stay tuned for the last stop of our Baltic cruise…Riga, Latvia!
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