Apr 20, 2015

Sailing into Split, Croatia

Our next port of call sailing around the Adriatic Sea was Split, Croatia. For years Croatia had been on both our travel bucket lists. We'd always heard such lovely things about the country and knew we needed to visit before we left the ease of travel that came along with living in Europe. We were lucky enough to have not one, but TWO Croatian ports on our cruise itinerary…and it was safe to say those two ports ended up being two our of favorite stops for the entire sailing.

I took so many photos during this particular cruise. I'm not sure if I was just overly excited about all the incredible destinations we were visiting or if knowing this was our last big European vacation made me a little more shutter-happy than usual. Either way, I had way too many awesome shots of Croatia that I'm having to break our day(s) there down into a handful of posts. Croatia is just too gorgeous to limit the photo bragging! This little smattering of snaps is from our short tender boat ride from the cruise ship to the city of Split. Because our ship was too large to port directly at the dock, all cruise passengers had to take smaller boats (called tenders) to the port. Sort of like a mini-cruise within a cruise. I never complain about being on the ocean...and how could I with these insane views! It was such a beautiful sun-shiny day that the rays bouncing off the water made the sea this stunning blue color and those mountains hovering along the horizon…I can't even. We knew we were in for a treat just from this short boat ride to port. I can't wait to share more from Croatia with you soon!

Apr 13, 2015

Ljubljana, Slovenia

After our morning exploring the beautiful Lake Bled, we hopped back on the tour bus and made our way to Slovenia's bustling capital city, Ljubljana. Truth be told, I still can't correctly pronounce or spell Ljubljana to save my life, but what I can do is tell you how incredibly surprised we were by the gorgeousness of this city. We only had a few hours to explore on our own, but those few hours were just enough to make us realize we'd love to go back to see more of Slovenia some day.

Locals were so friendly...SO friendly...and the city was vibrantly colored, evident even on a slightly overcast day. After getting our bearings, we made our way to view a few iconic buildings (you can see Ljubljana Castle towering in the background of a few photos) and then found ourselves along the Ljubljanica River in the heart of the city. I adore cities that have rivers running through them! Restaurants with al fresco dining lined the river along with gobs of beautiful bridges and greenery climbing down the river walls. Spring was certainly alive in well in Ljubljana!

As we continued our walk around the city, we noticed a small festival and market going on close to the city center. Ladies at long tables that stretched up and down an alleyway were cutting and serving slices of some sort of delicious-looking cake roll to passers-by (a quick Google search leads me to believe this cake is called Potica--a traditional Slovenian dessert made with ground nuts and/or poppy seeds rolled in a pastry). After trying the cream cake in Lake Bled, it's easy to see Slovenians LOVE their desserts! A country after my own heart.

With only an hour left to spare, we plopped down alongside the river at a small cafe to sample a Slovenian beer (a favorite pastime of our European travels, as I'm sure you all know). Even though our day in Ljubljana was a quick one, we really enjoyed getting a taste of Slovenia and experiencing a side of Europe we'd yet to explore. More unsuspecting gems from our Adriatic cruise to come!

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