Jan 23, 2015

FRESH FACE FRIDAY [& Blog Hop!]: Meet Emily Anne & Olya

Hey baby, let's go to VEGAS!! Today's the day...we're off to Sin City for 4 days filled with dancing, drinking, and maybe a scosche of gambling with my college roommate and her hubby! This whole trip came about thanks to D's birthday in early Feb and Nancy's 30th in late-Feb, so we thought no better way to celebrate two important birthdays than with some flashing lights and a little debauchery. Don't worry, Mom, we're too old to go too crazy (I envision a lot of whining and a fair amount of eye-rolling at the thought of staying out past midnight), but we're excited about letting our hair down just a bit. Especially after the stressful holiday season we just endured. Speaking of that, Tuck had his follow up vet appointment on Monday and the vet cleared him of strict crate rest! YAY! He's spent the week getting reacclimated to his walks around the neighborhood, chasing after his mini soccer ball, and frolicking around the back yard like the happiest pup in the world. If he could smile, he'd be smiling constantly these days. We're so thankful he's made a swift recovery, but we're still aware he's basically a ticking time bomb and could have another episode if we're not diligent with keeping him off furniture and away from stairs. So far, he's only escaped up the stairs once, but we were able to carry him back down before he had the chance to do it himself. That weenie will be the death of us, but we love him to pieces! If I have to die from the stress of keeping Tuck healthy, well, then I guess it'll be worth it. ;)

While I'm enjoying the spoils of Las Vegas, I hope you'll hang out with my fabulous co-hosts for Fresh Face Friday! I'm always so thrilled every time I get an email that a new blogger has linked up...even more stoked when I see connections being made in comments and on Twitter! Bloggers love community, so don't miss your chance to make new blog friends! Cheers to a safe and sassy weekend!


Meet Emily Anne, a small town girl with a passion to travel the world one memory at a time! Over on her blog, EAT All Over the World, Emily Anne shares stories from her new life in Australia, gobs of lovely travel recaps, insights on what it's like to be an expat abroad. How did she end up in Australia? You can read that story here! Take some time and get to know Emily Anne and add her adventure to your reading list!

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Miss Olya, of the fun-loving travel & lifestyle blog, The Siberian American, is no stranger to Fresh Face Friday. She's a FFF vet! Olya started her blog to share recap her amazing travels, to share thoughts from her everyday lifeand to give readers tips and tricks on making travel a part of their own lives. And if you're in the need of a second set of eyes and writing skills, she also offers editing services! Welcome Olya to blog land today and spend some time getting to know this sweet traveling girl!

Olya's Favorite Posts:
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Jan 16, 2015

Coffee Talk v.11

  • Tuck is doing great these days, praise the Lord! Still on crate rest (mostly--we let him out into his doggy playpen to stretch/massage his muscles and get some snuggle time on the floor with us), but we go back to the vet for his follow up appointment on Monday. Fingers crossed the vet either takes him off of strict crate rest or tells us we only have one more week instead of two. Tuck wants to go on walks so badly. Poor baby is getting restless now that he's pain free!
  • I made this recipe last week and D and I are still mooning over it. Perfect for a chilly day (not that we get many of them here in FL, but whatevs). I already want to make it again this week. Who needs Olive Garden when you've got this delish copycat?
  • The Bachelor is back!!! And oh my goodness, it's already shaping up to be a crazy season. Chris is kissing errrrbody...all the girls are certifiable (especially onion/zombie girl...scary)...and I'm almost positive the girl who claims she's a virgin, isn't really a virgin. Rub my belly ring? REALLY? She's gonna regret that one.
  • Whenever I'm feeling down, I like to go bum around the internet and read funny auto correct fails. The parent ones are my favorite. This compilation KILLS ME DEAD. So funny.
  • Albums/songs I can't get enough of right now: Ryn Weaver "OctaHate"//Ed Sheeran "Thinking Out Loud"//Taylor Swift album 1989 (duh)//Vance Joy "Riptide"// Ella Henderson "Ghost"// the entire new One Direction album FOUR--shut up, no judging...someone tell me when they grew up because my mind is slightly blown.  
  • We're heading to VEGAS in 1 week! EEK! We've been dying to experience "Sin City" for as long as either of us can remember and now it's finally happening! It's no Europe, but hey, we're stoked. We've gotten so many recommendations for things to do and see that I'm a little overwhelmed (because I want to DO IT ALL), but as long as I can eat some good food, see a show, drinks some drinks, and snap a million photos, I'll be good. After such a stressful Christmas, this mini-vacay is much needed. Big thank you to my parents for coming all the way down to Florida to take care of the hot dog while we're away! They're the best.
  • Team Cote is getting back into the workout thing again. New year, new you, right? Ugh. Bite me. I hate the gym. But the fact that I can still go lay on the beach in the middle of January here kind of makes me feel like I better get back in shape. Plus, working out honestly does make me feel better, no matter how much I try to resist it.
  • Speaking of working out and getting fit, D and I have been trying the ItWorks! wraps and supplements thanks to a dear friend who is a rep for them. Having a degree in nutrition, I've been all kinds of skeptical about the whole shebang...but after trying a few products, we're kind of excited about them. I have a review coming to the blog next week, so if you've ever wondered about that crazy wrap thing, stay tuned!
  • Have you "LIKED" the Road Less Traveled Facebook page yet? Once I hit 500 followers I'll be hosting a little travel-inspired giveaway...so, tell all your friends!
  • Piggy backing off the last bullet...in case anyone was wondering, my new travel agent biz is doing well so far! Now that we're back in FL, I've been able to really focus on things, get organized, and work with lots of new clients. I'm still learning and my days are so busy, much busier than they've been in a long while, but it's fulfilling. And SO FUN. Keeps me in a constant state of wanderlust, but man, life could be worse! Got ideas for a big vacation? Email me at casey@destinationstoexplore.com and we can make it happen!
What's new in your world this week?
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