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Jun 30, 2015

Top 10 Places in the World with EAT All Over the World

My Top Ten Places in the World
I am a small town girl that wants to explore the world one memory at a time. After I got married I was blessed with the initials EAT, so there the idea for my blog. EAT All Over The World is all about our adventures, packing up, exploring, and learning other cultures. I have been really lucky to get to get to go to some amazing adventures in the last ten years, so here is my top ten list. My motto for life is "Make Memories" so here is some of by best places to make memories.

Roatan, Honduras

Cinque Terre, Italy

(I learned the hard way to back up my computer, every picture I had before 2006 I lost. Back your pictures up)

Hwy. 1 , U.S.A.

Siem Reep, Cambodia

Queenstown, New Zealand

Whitsunday Islands, Australia

Virgin Islands

Salzburg, Austria

Niagara Falls, Canada


This list was really hard to make. I have been lucky to travel around Central America, U.S.A., Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. As you can see only one place on my list is an actual city. I am not a real city person. I love being outdoors and getting to enjoy life  I love exploring the world, making memories, and enjoying life. Like what you see? Check out my blog, www.eatallovertheworld.com 

What cities would make your list?

Jun 25, 2015

Coffee Talk v.12

  • How long has it been since I've written one of these? Answer: too long. Feels nice.

  • We bought a Dyson vacuum off of Groupon the other day (the one we got as a wedding gift finally croaked, sad face). I can't count how many times D and I have mentioned how excited we are for it to get delivered. Adulthood is weird. Also, you can buy some super strange things (re: vacuums) on Groupon. [UPDATE: vacuum just delivered and I've already vacuumed every surface of my home. STOKED.]

  • I had a dream this week that terrified me. I had a baby on a rooftop in London surrounded by a bunch of people I didn't know. I didn't look pregnant, the baby just fell right out of me, AND...it had FOUR ARMS. Two plastic arms, two real human arms. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUDGE DOES THIS MEAN? I know it's so far fetched that it could never happen, but I feel like Freud would have a field day with this one. I'm still weirded out by it.  

  • I haven't given a lot to the blog world lately. What with starting a business, taking care of a aging pup, hosting guests, traveling (what little we've been able to do), family emergencies (2015 has been crazy, yo) and just trying to keep my head above water…this blog has definitely fallen by the wayside. Some days I'm very "meh" about it. Other days I'm in a panic that I'm slowly loosing all I've built the last 4 years. I'd like to say I'm figuring it out, but honestly, I'm feeling stuck in a creative rut and my time management skills are all over the place. Not to mention, I need a serious blog update (re: move to Wordpress--gasp, I know!), but I'd rather spend my hard earned $$ on 100 other things. The inner turmoil of a blogger. #thestruggleisreal

  • We got one of those big box store memberships a few weeks ago. We've literally been shopping there every Sunday after church...like old farts. I'm basically obsessed with giant bags of salad, bunches of organic bananas (I'm talking 10 bananas for $1.89 TOTAL), and industrial-size packages of paper towels. An entire cabinet in our house is full of paper towel rolls...and I'm not even mad about it.

  • We are on day 18 of the 21 Day Fix and I am LOVING this program. At first I thought I was going to lose my mind with all the meal prepping and container counting, but once we got the hang of it (and the hang of eating SO MUCH FOOD), we've flourished with it. Guys, I've worked out every single day since June 8th. Seriously. I've NEVER done so much consecutive working out in my life. Nor so much clean eating. We're constantly full and it's all good stuff. Makes my insides so happy! D's already down 8 pounds and I've managed to shed 4.5 lbs, plus inches all around (p.s.- I really hate how quickly dudes can lose weight, ugh)! What's been even more rewarding than seeing that scale move down is that we both feel so darn good. More energy, feeling toned and tight, happier, and just all around AWESOME. In fact, I think I'm going to go two rounds with it! 

  • I look forward to these videos every Wednesday. [Warning: curse words abound, proceed with caution]

  • Getting client emails with photos and videos of them arriving to their destinations and LOVING every second of their vacation makes me absolutely BURST with happiness (especially the kid reaction videos to finding out they're going to Disney...beyond cute!). It's the best feeling in the world seeing your hard work pay off for such sweet, travel-loving people. I am so in love with my job, it's nutso.

  • Anyone else sweat profusely while watching Jurassic World?  I left the theater supremely satisfied with Chris Pratt and his gorgeousness...but totally stressed out from dinosaur suspense. In other words, GREAT movie. Go see it. Movie I will NEVER see...MAX. The previews were enough to do me in.

  • We just hit the year mark of repatriation. June 23rd marked 4 years since we moved to Germany as well as the year mark of moving to Florida, ending our overseas assignment. Total craziness how one day can hold so many big events, just years apart. I spent a good part of that day reading through old blog posts and staring at photos of our time in Europe, like an old sap (if I could have drank a giant glass of Riesling, I would have--thanks, 21 Day Fix). Such a sweet season of our life that still tugs at my heartstrings each day. D and I both know if we were ever to go back and have another round of living abroad, it wouldn't be the same as the first time around. No way it could compare. That makes me sad, but also gives me comfort that we are where we're supposed to be in life right now, even if we miss our German life.

What's going on in your neck of the woods? Chat it up!

Jun 18, 2015

Last Moments in Dubrovnik

After making our way around all 2 km of city wall, we were ready to rest our feet and wet our whistles a bit. More views were also in order (when on the Dalmatian Coast, right?). I remembered seeing a few perfectly placed umbrellas perched cliffside as I looked over part of the city wall on our walk. I knew that's where we needed to take our short siesta. After winding our way back through a few alleyways and up some never-ending stairwells, we finally found Buza Cafe...the "hole in the wall" hanging above the sea. Much to my surprise, I'd actually heard about this place (it took me a moment to register the name as Buza literally translates to "hole in the wall"). But I'd read an article about this cliffhanging cafe and the gaggle of celebrities that saunter in from time to time. Must be good, right? Remember this photo from my last post? Yep. Those umbrellas...that's the place. That's Buza Cafe! Doesn't look like much (and it isn't when it comes to amenities), but where it's placed and those incredible views…well, you don't need crystal stemware or cloth napkins to capture my heart.

A bright yellow sign that read "Cold drink with the most beautiful view" hung beside the tiniest doorway tucked into the city wall. If not for that sign, we would have walked right past it. Curiosity beckoned, so we answered as we ducked our heads, shimmying swiftly through the entrance one by one. Right there, nestled between stone and sea was the most unique bar in Dubrovnik.

All the tables and chairs (which are few) are positioned towards the Adriatic, with sea and island views from every vantage point. There wasn't a single soul with their iPhone shoved in their faces (no free wifi to be had here), but instead all gazes held square on the big, blue ocean sparkling in front of them. After scooping my own chin up off the ground, we spotted the only free table for 4 and hurriedly claimed our cliffside seats. No coffees, sandwiches, or fancy meals here...only cold drinks and a bag of chips for light noshing. Makes no matter, really. You come for those views. When else can you say you drank a Croatian beer on a cliff, just steps from an ancient city wall? Just below our seats, we watched sunbathers and a few adventurous souls cliff jumping straight into the sea.
We couldn't have stumbled up a more perfect place to revel in the beauty (and uniqueness) that is Dubrovnik.

The short reprieve from walking was almost too lovely to leave, but there was still more of Dubrovnik we'd yet to see (I totally didn't mean for that to rhyme). Coming back down off the city wall again, we made our way through dozens of small alleyways. Some covered with greenery and weathered shutters, others with fresh laundry swaying in the wind. Idyllic in so many ways! Old Town Dubrovnik reminds me of old postcards my grandpa used to send back to my MeeMaw when he was stationed overseas. I don't think he ever made it to Croatia, but his photos of the French Riviera and streets of Tuscany reminded me a lot of the scenes I saw in Dubrovnik. As we walked, I snapped photos of everything that made me giddy (naturally). We also ducked in and out of shops, stopped for apple pie gelato on the docks (it was as good as it sounds!), and had a delicious lunch of mussels and calamari, fresh from the surrounding sea. A lot of pinch me moments all wrapped up into a day's time. Just the way a last European "hoorah" should be. ;)

Have you ever experienced Dubrovnik? What were your favorite parts of the city?

Next stop on my Adriatic Cruise recaps...Montenegro!
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