Our story begins many years before...about 7 years earlier to be exact. We met in 1997 when we were both silly elementary school kids in Mrs. Arnold's 5th grade class. We instantly became good buddies and "hung out" with the same group of friends. My mom used to car pool for field trips and I knew every trip that D would be in my car riding with me. We spent alot of time picking on one another at the playground and passing notes in the middle of class...but when middle school came the next year, we kind of lost touch. New school and a cool middle school image to uphold. He had his new friends and I had mine. We rarely acknowledged one another in the halls. As sad as it was, it was obvious we had left our 5th grade friendship behind.

{Mrs. Arnold's 5th grade class, 1997}

{D and I with our 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Arnold, in the spring of 2010...13 years after the photo above was taken!}

It wasn't until 8th grade, while grading papers for my algebra teacher during lunch (teachers pet, I know), I looked out the window and saw D walking with his buddies back from lunch. He, for some odd reason, happened to look up and noticed me watching him. He smiled and waved. I smiled and waved back. "What the heck just happened?", I remembered thinking. We hadn't spoken or really even acknowledged one another's existence for the last 2 years and now we're waving?  The next day, we ran into each other in the hall while walking to class. Another smile, another wave. At this point I'm just plumb confused. Why the sudden pleasantries? Come to find out (MANY years later), D had been going through some issues with his current circle of friends...all stemming from a horrible ex-girlfriend. There was side taking and rumors started and he felt like he needed a change. He saw a friendly, familiar face, so he waved. We started talking again that year, but then summer came and it was back to square one. High school was coming and I feared the same friendship fizzle was about to occur.

Cut to 9th grade and the start of our Economics, Legal, and Political course with Mrs. Morris. I walked in that Monday morning to find D sitting in the corner of the room. What are the odds? Same class together, 3 years later. We didn't sit beside each other the first day, or the second, or the third. We actually didn't start sitting together out of our own free will. D was moved to the desk beside me, towards the front of the room, because he was a troublemaker. He had been doing these god-awful King Kong impressions a little too loudly for his buddies in the back of the room and got himself moved to the front, beside me, because I apparently was quiet and responsible. Yeah right. D and I started right back up where we left off! Talking (and flirting) non-stop through class. I am positive this time in our lives contributed to both of our lack of knowledge regarding all things legal and political...and that's just fine with me. Because of D's divine placement beside me in class, our friendship started to grow to much, much more. We spent hours on the phone with one another every night and into the early morning. My mother placed strict "D hours" on the phone...no talking after 10pm. We broke that rule almost every night. Neither of us can remember what we talked about or how we even had that much to talk about, but it didn't matter. There are many more, let's just say, complicated, parts to our story right about here...but to shorten it a little, D finally got up the nerve to ask me to be his girlfriend at 4pm on January 19, 2001 over the wonderful technology known as AIM.

{Before the JROTC Military Ball sophomore year of high school-April 2002}

{Engagement Photo-March 2007-Allure Photography}

After that, we were inseparable. Proms, Military Balls (D was in JROTC all through high school), countless dates, and college. All done together. We've never lived more than 5 minutes apart throughout our entire relationship, so why should college be any different? We attended the same university, lived in the same dorm Freshman year (co-ed dorm, on different floors), and moved to the same apartment complex with our respective roommates for Sophomore and Junior year. I had been expecting a ring...really, everyone had been expecting it. After 6 years together, never wavering, we knew we were going to be together forever. On April 15th, 2006, the day before Easter, D sent me on an elaborate Easter Egg Hunt with twist. At the end of the hunt D was down on one knee with the most beautiful diamond ring in his hand. Alot of wonderful things were said, I'm sure, but I don't remember anything but saying yes! We were married on a HOT summer day in July of 2007 in front of almost 300 of our closest family and friends. It was one of the greatest days of our lives and after 12 years together, things just keep getting better!

{Just Married! July 28, 2007-Allure Photography}
{Our little family including our sweet fur-baby Tucker -Easter Sunday 2008}

Let me back up just a smidge to how the military became such a large part of our lives. As I mentioned above, D was in JROCT all through high school. He got a scholarship to participate in AFROTC at the university we attended and he flourished in it. He loved it, I loved it...so we married into the Air Force in May of 2008 upon graduating college. I say "we" because, well, I did, didn't I? I go where he goes and we go where the Air Force sends us. Grow where you're planted, right? We are in it for the long haul, too. 20 years or bust! D is a Cyber Warfare Officer and our first duty station was at Langley AFB in Hampton, Virginia. After living by the sea for almost 3 years (and surviving our first deployment in 2010) we got orders in the spring of 2011 to move 4,000 miles across the Atlantic to start a life of adventure in Germany! 

{D's deployment homecoming in January 2011-Leila Wylie Photography}

{Last photo taken in our home at Langley AFB just after the movers put our belongings in crates to ship off to Germany!-May 2011}

{D and I atop the Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany!- Family Vacation, May 2012}

After living in Germany for 3 incredible years, we now find ourselves settling down to a new life by the sea in the Sunshine State! My how time has flown. Some days it feels like a dream! We've traveled so many places (check out my Wanderlust page for trip recaps and photos) and experienced so many things during our brief lives together thus far, a journey we are so thankful for. We feel so blessed to have each found our best friend and soul mate all wrapped up in the same perfect person, to have lived out our dreams of world travel and adventure, and to have such wonderful friends and family to share it all with. That's what life is truly all about. Although our lives together haven't always been sunshine and rainbows--no matter the weather, we get through it together. I can't wait to see what life holds for us next!


  1. Very cool! So fun to get to know you a little better. Go Air Force! :)

  2. Your story sounds similar to mine! I've known (my) D since 2000 (we met as juniors in high school)! We didn't date straight through, but off and on until we were married in 2007. I enjoyed getting to know more about you!

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  6. Your site is great and it really looks like you've settled into life there in Germany!

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  10. You two are adorable!!! My husband and I are high school sweethearts. We were engaged our entire senior year. I love all of your photos!! I need to do something like this to document our lives.... You both look absolutely amazing.

  11. just found you through the giveaway and i'm sooo excited to follow along! my husband is also an af guy and am a southern gal as well! (well texas at least!)!!! we want to go overseas sometime...hoping after our time here in san antonio. can't wait to follow along and get to know you more!

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  14. I've been following your blog for a while, but just got around to reading this page! Your story is so sweet. My boyfriend is getting deployed next summer and it's always nice to hear another military story. Unfortunately, I don't think the NG will take us anywhere beautiful like Germany!

  15. Very cute story!
    My Huz and I met online and were married a year and some change later.
    So cool to have known each other since 5th grade!!
    Eat Cake

  16. This is such an inspiring story. I am actually in a military relationship now. I love to here about other relationship! You two seem so happy.
    Almost Endearing

  17. Such an awesome story! I am a new blogger adn now new follower of your blog. I am also from NC and was excited to find another blogger from NC. I also met my husband at a young age and fell for him instantly :) I look forward to reading more. God bless!!

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    We just moved to the UAE for our first expat assignment.
    We were college sweethearts and have been together over a decade now.
    Expecting our first baby next month and looking forward to showing her the world!


  19. LOVE this blog! I am moving to Germany in two weeks and can not wait! I have a friend that is married to someone in the Army, also stationed in Germany. Looking forward to following!

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    Marquis Clarke

  21. Great story!! Just found your blog and I too live in Germany! It is so great to get to travel and enjoy so many amazing places.


  22. I rarely think this, but you get lovelier as you get older.

  23. This is such a beautiful story! It is too sweet how your friendship has grown over the years, and I really enjoyed getting to know you a little more! I cannot believe yall are living abroad, Germany must be simply amazing!


  24. Oh this is so wonderful. Thanks for sharing your story, it was really sweet to read. <3

  25. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story!

  26. Loved reading this story! It is truly amazing how your love for each other grew. Can't wait to read more about your travels and life in Germany!


  27. you guys are too cute! You've got a new military spouse follower in me from the Friends Around the World Hop! Excited to see more of your Germany adventures :)

    -Lauren @ Going Green: Our Army Adventure

  28. This story made me cry because I can relate to it! I have loved the same boy since 7th grade and we didn't start dating until May 2007 (10th grade) and we've been dating ever since. 6 years and counting...Still waiting on the ring though lol :)

  29. Just stumbled across your blog and I love it! My husband is in the Air Force as well and was stationed at Langley for almost 4 years. We just moved down to MacDill earlier this year and it's been amazing. I'm pretty new to the military life so I'm always on the hunt for new blogs. Can't wait to follow along!

  30. What a beautiful story! I'm so glad to see other happily married couples thriving and making the most of everything :). May God bless the two of you!

  31. This story is the sweetest! Excited to be following along with you!

  32. Beautiful love story! I'm emotional right now :)


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  36. I found your blog because I was looking for travel blogs on Bloglovin and I think your blog is just the cutest! I love the design and I think it's so awesome that you're living in Germany! You seem like a really sweet person and can I say, I think you are super pretty! :)

  37. Your story is like something out of a movie or book! Haha what a great one to tell.


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    Vietnam overland tours

  39. I love it , kept me hanging on every word ❤️


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