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Sep 29, 2011

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

And that's exactly what we did this past Saturday! We had loads of fun celebrating my best friends last night out as a single woman! Elisha and her upcoming wedding on October 9th is one of the main reasons for my lengthy trip back here to the states. I am the lovely Matron of Honor (although I'd rather be called the Maid of Honor- Matron makes me sound so incredibly old, don't you think?), so it was my duty to throw her the most fabulous Bachelorette party a girl could ask for! 

Elisha and I have known one another for years...21 to be exact. Unbeknown to us, we actually met in preschool, although we didn't become besties until Freshman year of high school. It wasn't until we started hanging out together in high school that we discovered we knew each other way back when we were still watching Barney and Friends. Elisha found a video of our preschool graduation and guess who was standing right beside her singing "Hand on My Head?" That's right, yours truly! Crazy, huh?! Guess we were just destined to be BFFs! So you see why this Bachelorette party had to be top notch...I love my bestie to death and she totally (along with my fabulous college roommate, Nancy Jo) threw me a Bachelorette bash to remember back when I got hitched in 2007. It was time to return the favor!

There was ALOT on the party agenda for the day...starting off with one of the craziest, sexiest, and sweatiest activities I'd ever done. I know you've got to be thinking all kinds of naughty things right now...and you might be kind of right! This activity that I convinced all the girls to participate in (although they didn't need much convincing) was something NONE of us had ever done before and was completely perfect for a Bachelorette party full of sexy ladies! AND it was an awesome workout...bonus! Have you guessed what we did yet?!

Private Pole Dancing Party!!!
The girls said they'd kill me if I put this on Facebook...but in my defense, we all look FABULOUS and this isn't Facebook! Loophole! You gals can kill me later. :) 

It was hands down one of the most fun things I'd ever done! And the girls can't stop talking about it! Sabrina, our pole instructor, is fierce. Obviously. She's literally hanging upside down above our heads on a pole. Bananas. She did a little routine for us before we started the class and all of our jaws were sitting on the floor. She's a phenomenal pole dancer and a phenomenal athlete. She's only been doing this pole dancing thing for a little over 2 years and she's THAT good. And this isn't the kind of pole dancing you'd see at a strip club. It's like lyrical dancing mixed with acrobatics. Simply beautiful. Sabrina made us all feel so comfortable and sexy. I've never felt so sexy in my life! Now, I mean, D does a pretty good job of making me feel sexy, but this was a different kind of sexy. A sexy that you pull out from within. Sexy only a woman would understand. It was empowering! I wholeheartedly thought I'd be doing the uncomfortable giggling thing the whole time, but I didn't! I LOVED every second of that class! And talk about a work out...WHEW! All the girls were sweating their butts off. I was super sore the next day, too. I'm just putting it out there, but I'd totally get a pole in my home if my ceilings weren't ridiculously high and I didn't think my German landlords would mind. Every girl should take one of these classes at least once in their lifetime...and if you want the best experience possible, take it from Sabrina at Stiletto Fitness Boutique in NC. You won't be disappointed!

Here is a video that showcases exactly how awesome Sabrina is at her craft. She's got to have the strongest core of anyone I've ever seen. Phenomenal.

Now on to the rest of the Bachelorette festivities! After the pole dancing party, we all got dolled up in our animal print dresses (per the theme of the party and requested by the bride herself) and headed to Noma's Urban Bar and Grill downtown for dinner and drinks!
After dinner, we headed back to my parents house for a little lingerie shower and cocktail hour! Special thanks to the lovely Nancy Jo for helping me make this fabulously naughty cake! It turned out great thanks to your cake decorating expertise!

I tried to make this party as personalized as possible with custom labels, swag bags, DIY animal print decorations, and a signature cocktail! The Bachelorette Survival Kits pictured above had all kinds of goodies inside. To be a bit tasteful, I created (with the help of my sewing inclined little sister) "condom pockets" to disguise the aforementioned contraceptive. I also made little pouches to hold two Advil pills for that heinous hangover that was sure to disable us the next morning. The "Kit Contents" description on the bag said this:

My makeshift photo booth was also a hit! We had a blast posing with fake moustaches, sunglasses, and censored bars!
Next, we showered the bride to be with lots of sexy lingerie and naughty items. Jake is sure to be a happy boy!
Then it was time for games with lots of...ahem...genitals? I mean c'mon, what would a 
Bachelorette party be without a few wieners!?

Finally, after all the wieners had been pinned, the panties had been accounted for, and the loose caboose cocktail had been drank, we made our way to a local gay bar for some prowler free dancing! The bar owners were nice enough to have a little section reserved for our party, gave us our own personal bar waiter, and the first round of drinks was on them! So sweet! We had the best time dancing the night away. And we were complimented on our hair, shoes, and outfits all night long. I'm telling you, if you want some instant gratuitous praise, just head to a gay bar. Best decision of the night!
Now that my party planning duties are done, all that's left to do is wait for the wedding that is coming in less than two weeks! Should be an event to remember. Stay tuned!

Sep 19, 2011

Meet Me In DC - Day 2!

It's time the photos and a recap from our second day exploring DC!

First stop, Georgetown!! We went to Georgetown Cupcakes to sample their new September flavors...they were absolutely divine! We are huge fans of the show and were also hoping to catch a glimpse of the owners, Sophie and Katherine, but they were no where to be found. Oh well! At least we got some tasty cupcakes!

Caramel Apple, Apple Cinnamon, and Salted Caramel cupcakes! D and I ate two a piece as soon as we got into the car! We couldn't resist! And they went nicely with our Dean & Deluca Chai Lattes! I also love that place.

Next it was on to the National Archives to see the original copies of the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution.

We were lucky enough to have time to visit 3 of the Smithsonian Museums. First we went to the Museum of Natural History. It was super crowded in there, so we just hit the highlights and moved on.

 The Hope Diamond

 Then we visited the Smithsonian Museum of American History. This was the entrance into the exhibit where they had the star spangled banner illuminated under black lighting. Super cool. I wish I could have taken a photo of it...but that was not allowed.

This was the hat that Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in. Also super cool.

 Pieces of the World Trade Center after 9/11

 Medals of Honor for the various branches of the military.

I absolutely loved the exhibit showcasing all of the inaugural dresses worn by each first lady through history! It was awesome to see how styles have changed over the years and to see the personal styles of each of the first ladies! I must say, Jackie O and Michelle Obama definitely are the best dressed of them all!

 The Capitol Building

 Squishing the Washington Monument. Classic DC picture.

 The Smithsonian Museum of Art

And our final stop of our DC adventure...

I ate THE BEST burger I've ever put into my mouth at this eatery! And the photo below is of one of their famous hand-spun milkshakes...Toasted Marshmallow! They even topped it with two toasted marshmallows! We had such a blast eating through our way through DC. I am so thankful for the time we got to spend together exploring our nations capitol! And soon enough I'll be back in Germany enjoying Europe again. Life is good!

Sep 16, 2011

Meet Me In DC, Baby!

Amidst the hustle and bustle of my cousin's wedding in Kansas a few weeks ago, I got a phone call from D in Germany. He informed me that his job would be sending him to Baltimore for a week to shadow a project they were working on. I almost couldn't believe it. We'd only been in Germany 2 months and they were already sending him stateside for things! As crazy as I thought this plan was, it turned out to be another awesome opportunity the military has bestowed on us! Since Labor Day weekend was going to coming at the end of his stay in Baltimore, we got the bright idea that I should fly out and spend the long weekend with him before they shipped him back to Germany. This plan was almost too good to be true for us! Washington DC is only a 35 minute drive from where he was staying in Baltimore. SCORE! Mini-DC vacation!

So, after spending 12 days with my awesome family in Kansas, I flew back to NC with my parents (because I'd already booked a multi-city ticket prior to this vacation revelation). I spent exactly one day at home snuggling on my sweet puppy dog who's been living, happily, with my parents the last few months, and then flew out to Baltimore the very next afternoon! To be honest, I was all but thrilled about seeing yet another airport so soon...but the chance to spend a weekend of sight-seeing with the hubs was worth the airport drama. And there was alot of it. My easy peasy 1 hour flight turned into over 6 hours stuck in the terminal, on the tarmac, in the air...turn the plane around mid-flight and sent us back to the airport...back on the tarmac, deplaned into the terminal again, switched gates and airplanes, then finally on to Baltimore. I was supposed to arrive at 5pm and enjoy a romantic dinner planned by my love...but I ended up landing at 10:15pm and we ate McDonald's. In the hotel room. And then I passed out from exhaustion. Romantic, right?! Only a minor hiccup, but the rest of our weekend was absolutely fabulous!

With just 2 full days to spend exploring DC, D and I tried to squeeze in as much as possible while hitting all the touristy hot spots. I think we did a pretty stellar job because our feet and backs were KILLING us after all was said and done. Here are some photos from our DC meet up!

First up, our visit to Arlington National Cemetery. It was such a humbling place. Quiet. Patriotic. As weird as it is to say (seeing as it is a cemetery), I loved walking around there. It also made me proud of my husband and proud to be a MilSpouse. 

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Changing of the guards at the Tomb

After Arlington, we ate lunch in DC at the AMAZING Elephant & Castle Restaurant and Pub. I ate the most delicious Thai Chicken salad of my LIFE at this place! It's a must eat in DC for sure!

Next, we took a stroll a few blocks behind the restaurant to find Ford's Theatre and the house where Lincoln died. After seeing those pieces of history, we decided to take a break from all things historical and went here...Madame Tussaud's House of Wax!! Neither of us had ever been to a wax museum, so we had no idea what to expect. I must say, it was one of my favorite things we did in DC, hands down! The pictures below say it all!

D giving Robert E. Lee a piece of his mind! So funny!

There were so many opportunities for inappropriateness here. This was D's attempt to tell Abe that maybe he should take a look behind him. Just sayin'. :) 

Not only did we get to pose with wax figures from throughout history, we also got to play dress up!

More inappropriateness. I'm positive they put him in that position specifically for people like me to do this. I mean, really. Oh Bill! :)

I love me some Robbert Pattinson. I know, it's sad. But, in my defense, I have a thing for men with British accents. Almost to a fault. Anyway, when I saw him standing so coyly in the corner, I couldn't resist! Wax doesn't do him justice.

D was less than thrilled. :)


Homewrecker squared. We literally could have punched half the wax celebs in there!

My impression of how I'd be if I was ever interviewed on TV. Deer in headlights. By the way Madame Tussaud's, your Al Roker's about 50 lbs outdated, dontcha think?

Ok, back to the historical stuff...on to the White House...

...Washington Monument and the WWII Memorial...

...Lincoln Memorial and rest on the stairs. It felt like we had been walking for days, but we weren't done yet!

Korean War Memorial and the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial

And finally, resting our feet and dinner at the historic Old Ebbitt Grill. It is Washington's oldest saloon, founded in 1856. If you ever find yourself in DC, go there and get the Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding. Don't ask, just do. You won't regret it!


And that, my friends, brings us to the end of DC Day 1! For real...we did ALL that in 1 day! Stay tuned for photos and a recap from our adventures involving some very famous cupcakes and burgers in Day 2! :)

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