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Aug 23, 2013

FRESH FACE FRIDAY [& Blog Hop]: Meet Jay & Jenna

Lookin' good, Friday! Welcome back! Hope your weekend is starting out on a good note out there in blog land. This weekend, D and are deep cleaning our apartment. Yay, right? Our landlord stopped by last night to give us a heads up that he was going to be bringing a potential buyer by to take a look at our apartment on Monday morning. So, of course, that means we've got to get our place sparkling like diamond. Don't worry, we're not moving yet. Our landlords are building a giant new house somewhere across town and are selling this one 2 Christmases from now. Not sure why they're house showing so dang early, but I just chalk it up to yet another thing I don't understand about Germany. Maybe you'll see a pros & cons about it someday. But probably not.

 In addition to scrubbing the flat, I've also convinced D that we're LONG overdue for another duo VLOG! I still have that bowl of questions you guys submitted FOREVER ago, but somehow time slipped away from us and we haven't been able to answer them. Well, wait no more! Saturday is the day! Of course D gave me crap about participating (not surprising), but then I reminded him how much he loved the last one (couldn't get enough of watching himself on the computer...it was insanely cute), and that we could drink all the way through it again, so he happily obliged. And if I remember correctly, he said ON VIDEO that he'd do another one with me. You all saw it. He can't get out of it now! SO, look out for a new vlog from Team Coté next week!

As for today, I hope you'll take some time out and meet my last two August Fresh Faces and link-up your blog to the blog hop! It's clinically proven to be the best way to start your weekend. But don't quote me on that. Just do it. Happy weekending, dears!


I can't quite remember how I met Jay out in blog land, but what I do remember is being intrigued by her fascinating expat life in Gabon and drawn to her smooth writing style. Jay, now experiencing expat life in Norway, writes over at the travel & lifestyle blog From There to Here. This Canadian born traveler often shares about her life in Stavanger, her travels around Europe and Africa, and has keen eye for photography...as is evident from beautifully composed posts like this. I love hopping over to Jay's blog to see what new adventures she's been getting into lately! She's also quite the book worm and has some great suggestions for good reads on quite a variety of subjects. If you love expats and travel as much as I do, Jay's a great gal to get acquainted with!

Jay's Favorite Posts:

My Favorite Posts:

I've got another fabulous expat to show off to you today! Friends, this is Jenna, author of the blog A Home Away From Home, expat, and grad student living the beautiful country of South Africa. Color me jealous! Over on Jenna's blog, you'll find lots of fun posts about living in Johannesburg, traveling all over Africa with her fiancé Jurgen (they're so cute!), and navigating life as a grad student abroad. Jenna's also quite the cook. You can check out some of her scrumptious recipes here. Head on over and say hi to this fun-loving girl, I'm sure you'll stick around forever!

Jenna's Favorite Posts:

My Favorite Posts:

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  1. Oh def looking forward to the Vlog!

  2. Thanks for having us on your blog today Casey! Can't wait to meet the other link-ups :)


  3. Just went back and watched your first Vlog, since I'm a new follower! Very cute! Looking forward to seeing the next one!

  4. I'm excited to see your new vlog! I love when bloggers do those because it helps me put them in context. Hearing their voice, seeing their couch, etc. :). Thanks for hosting!

    1. Whoo hoo!! Glad to hear it! I love watching blogger vlogs, too. You just get to know them a bit better in video form. Hope we don't disappoint! :) :)

  5. i adore these two girls! such sweethearts! AND i absolutely cannot wait to see your new vlog!

    1. Well thank you Casey - the feeling is mutual :)

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Rachel - hope you have a nice weekend :)

  7. love finding new blog hops and excited to read more of your blog! i lived abroad in london for a bit and i love reading ex-pat blogs :) have a great weekend!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  8. Checked out your previous video -- simply presh!

  9. I would love to read your pros and cons if you ever wrote them, it would be really interesting and probably funny =] Thanks for the link up, cant wait to meet more people


  10. 2 of my favorite bloggers! both so sweet and live awesome adventurous lives!


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