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Aug 12, 2013

Six Things

Does this picture frighten you? This is what France does to people. Makes them all crazy happy and apt to run down cobblestone streets with googly eyes. I assume this is also what I look like when I see someone I love walking into a party I'm at. OMG HEY!!! I'VE MISSED YOU! LET'S GET SOME WINE! Ahem...anywho, I was tagged in this post by the lovely Rachel of Postcards from Rachel (OMG HEY RACH!) and so I thought, what the heck? There are a lot of new faces around these parts lately, so why not share a bit more about the girl behind this blog you read everyday. 
You do read everyday, right? {Nods yes.} Gooood girls and boys. ;)

1| What is the best piece of advice anyone's ever given you?
Remember who you are. Those 4 words were spoken to me almost every day by my beautiful MeeMaw (also known as my grandma for those of you not inclined to Southern nicknames for grandmothers). Ever since I can remember, my MeeMaw would end our phone conversations with "Always remember who you are!" Those words are always in the forefront of my mind with every decision I make in life (even more so now that she's no longer with us). As long as I stay true to myself and all the things that make me who I am (most notably my values, morals, and my family), I can do no wrong.

2| If you could meet any blogger in person, who would you choose?
I think it's pretty impossible for me to just pick one single blogger I'd love to meet in person, so I'm cheating a bit and picking 2. First, I'd love to meet Amanda from the visually inspiring blog Marshalls Abroad. Amanda and I have been chit chatting back and forth about how similar our lives are for months now (i.e.- our undeniable love for Christ, Pottery Barn, wine, our handsome military husbands, & traveling the world, just to name a few similarities) and having the large continent of Asia between us is almost unbearable! I'd love to sit down in some adorable Pot Barn chair, enjoy a glass of her homemade sangria, and mull over all of the cosmic reasons we were destined to be soul sistas with her someday. Manda Sue, it's gonna happen. You can bet your cute pregnant butt on it! ;)

I'm also kind of sort of dying to meet the lovely Jenni of Story of My Life. Honestly, who isn't dying to meet her? She's such a sweetheart. Her blog was one of the first blogs I ever started reading and since then, I've only grown to love Jenni and her captivating photos and writing style even more. Not to mention, her mom has a weenie dog. I kind of sort of need to meet Norman, too. Then have Jenni show me around the glorious town of Austin, Texas, take me to Gourdough's for the to-die for doughnuts she's been gabbing about, and take photos of me in some glowing wheat field somewhere. Because that HAS to happen. Have you seen her photog skills? I die. Jenni & Amanda, I think a blate is in order. Sooner rather than later, capiche?

3| Blogs you're loving right now?
Interestingly enough, I get emails with this question a lot. Not sure why, but in case anyone else was wondering, aside from the two amazing bloggers I listed above (and the mound of other fabulous blogs I read daily...too many to list 'em all!), I'm kind of nuts about Jenny Highsmith, Delightfully Tacky, Across the Pond, Fairytales Are True, Tales of Me & The Husband, Living in Yellow, Lark & Linen, Mr. & Mrs. Globetrot, Chronicles of Ruthie Hart, Kendi Everyday, So Shay, Lost in Travels, La Mia Vita, Explore Dream Discover, A Beautiful MessHello Hue, The Bloggess, Eat Yourself Skinny, Chasing Heartbeats, Big Mario Life, Because Shanna Said So, A Compass RoseThe Daily Tay, Postcards From Rachel, The Life of the Wife, M Loves M, Found Love, Now WhatThe Doctors Fleming, Home Is With You, Jessica Lynn Writes, Living In Another Language, The Nectar Collective, and Aspiring Kennedy.
 Whew! That enough blog reading for ya? When they post, I click. Go visit them all, y'all.

4| What's your biggest struggle in life?
I'd have to say I struggle most with being happy in the now. I'm always trying to find the next best place to travel, the next fun activity, thinking up my next big goal, or itching to change something about myself or my house or my life that I totally miss out on the amazing things happening to me right this very moment. I have a hard time sitting still, being quiet, and just taking things in. My mind goes about a million miles a minute and just as something awesome is coming to fruition, I'm already antsy to move on to the next new thing, whatever it may be. My restless tendencies feed into almost every aspect of my life some days. I can't seem to get one thing done without thinking up something else and completely changing directions. It's a weird, vicious cycle I go round myself with. Like one of those wind up monkeys that just spins in circles. Or like Jesse Spano when she flips out over caffeine pills because "THERE'S NEVER ANY TIME!" You guys know what I'm talking about. Thankfully, I'm learning to take the pressure off myself a bit and enjoy each moment for what it is, instead of plotting and planning how to make it better or how fast I can move on to the next cool part of my life. It's a slow process, but the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, right? ;)

5| Favorite piece of jewelry (other than engagement/wedding rings) & why?
This necklace from BrideBlu. I bought this gem on a whim over a year ago. I loved it (and still love it) so much that I went out and bought one for each my best girlfriends. It's just the most perfect, dainty piece of everyday jewelry. Every girl should have one. I wear mine with almost every outfit I put on.

6| Tell us something we don't know about you.
I'm a bit of a scaredy cat. I don't do roller coasters (I hate that whole stomach-falling-out-your-butt feeling), I have irrational fears of passing out while driving & falling off of buildings to my death (but I don't have a fear of heights), and I avoid horror films like the plague. But I love a good zombie. I know, my brain makes no sense.


Choose 6 questions to answer yourself, ladies!:
1| If money were no object, what are 2 things you'd buy for yourself right now?
2| Pick 3 bloggers: who's your biggest blog crush, whose wardrobe would you love to steal, and who would you most like to travel with?
3| It's your last meal EVER...what are you eating?
4| You're road tripping across America. What 3 cities, landmarks, or touristy sights do you have to see?
5| Tell me about a time you felt in awe of something.
6| If you could tell blog world one thing (could be a tip, trick, gripe, praise, etc...), what would it be?
7| If you could pack up all your belongings and move to a new city or country, where would you move?
8| Do you believe in love at first sight? Why or why not?
9| If you could have your blog or an article from your blog published in a fabulous book or magazine, what publication would you pick and why?
10| Riddle me this. If winners never quit and quitters never win, how is it possible to quit while you're ahead?

Not tagged? No worries! Feel free to answer any of these questions on your own blog or in the comments section below. If you write up your own post, please, share it with me! I'd love to learn more about each of you! Happy Monday, friends!


  1. I love that piece of advice! :)

  2. thanks for tagging me!!!! love this and i adore that pic of you. you are so pretty!

  3. I hate that rollercoaster feeling as well! xx

  4. whoa Casey, you came up with some seriously great questions! I kinda hate these tagging games just because I never know what to ask when I get picked. your thought process is clearly superior to mine in this regard. ;)

    also, we read pretty much the exact same blogs. a testament to the awesomeness of these ladies?

  5. I really like that necklace. I'm trying to incorporate more gold into my life and that is the perfect amount for me :)

  6. I hear you I dislike roller coasters too! Well except any at Disneyland I can do those...but 'real' ones like at six flags, no thank you. I love what you said about what france does to people...so happened to me. Thank you for the mention as I love your blog so much too! x

  7. I am TERRIFIED of sneezing while driving because I'm convinced that I'll crash and die.

    also, have you seen Warm Bodies? I don't like thriller zombie films but I love that one so much :)

    and THANK YOU for the tag! I've got my thinking cap on...

  8. Thanks for the links -- off to do some lazy vacation reading!

  9. i LOVE that necklace. i think i need one. ps you look totes adorable in that pic :)

  10. Thanks for the tag, friend! I know this sounds cliche, but have a baby and you'll be able to start slowing down and appreciating the "now." Your world will resolve around this tiny little human who relies on you—it's the most humbling experience in the world. (Then again, I envy you right now and all the stuff you can do that I'll have to wait till the husband retires...can't wait to get our butts back to Europe!)

  11. This is such a cool post... It was fun getting to know a bit more about you :) Love the piece of advice from your grandma... the best. And, I'm also DYING to meet Amanda from Marshall's Abroad - she's just the sweetest. Truly beautiful, inside and out :)


  12. Thanks so much for the blog love! I'll be joining in for sure! :)

  13. gah! i LOVE that picture of you! i really hope that's what you look like whenever you meet friends. that would instantly put anyone in a good mood! and thanks for including me in your favorites list! you're definitely in my top ten!

  14. I don't think I could pick 3 blogs and each blog I read I love

  15. I love these getting to know you bits and I especially like finding out that you're a scaredy cat because I am too (let me say that I'm not happy that you're a scaredy cat, I'm just happy in the fact that I'm not alone in my scaredy catness)

  16. I take back what I said about your childhood picture (hahahah it is sooo good) being the best I've ever seen of you. THIS is my favorite!

    a. I love you.
    b. I cannot wait to meet you and hug you.
    c. I have absolutely no idea what #10 means. That will probably take me the next year to mull over.
    d. you are so great.

  17. LOVE that necklace! I'm thinking I NEED to buy it my my sisters, and I!

  18. I think we all struggle with living in the now, something about the future always seems to exciting, but so know what zou mean!

  19. Yay! Thanks for participating! Loved getting to know you a little better, blog crush. ;)

  20. Hi, I am new to your blog. I love that pic at the top - who doesn't do that when they see a good friend they haven't seen for ages. : ) Also, I have been hunting for a dainty necklace for ages so thanks for the tip!

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo


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