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Aug 29, 2013

VLOG! You Asked, We Answered: Part 2

It only took us 6 months, but here it is folks...a new VLOG for ya! The more and more we do these, the more fun and easier they get. This vlog is only a smidge shorter than the last one, but I hope you'll watch it all the way through anyway. Maybe your question got answered?! There's your incentive. ;) Oh, and in case you're new to the blog and missed our last vlog...you can watch it here. Now, on to the show!

1| Forgive any words/names that I may have butchered during the vlog. I am my mother's daughter. What can I say?
2| The backlighting is AWFUL. Sorry. That's what happens when you try to vlog during the late afternoon here.
3| In addition, the lighting made us both look like we have weird dents in our heads. D wanted to re-vlog the whole thing because he looked like a crater-head. Naturally, I told him to get over it.
4| There is more to that Poland story. Remind me to tell you about it one day.
5| Also, how cute is my husband? I lub him.

VLOG! You Asked, We Answered: Part 2 from Casedilla1016 on Vimeo.

And a little blog housekeeping before I go...
There will be NO FRESH FACE FRIDAY BLOG HOP or FEATURES tomorrow! D and I are off to Liechtenstein and a few spots in Bavaria for the long Labor Day weekend, so I'm taking Friday off to enjoy traveling with my favorite travel buddy. If you aren't already, make sure you follow me on Instagram to keep up with our adventures in Europe! I'm positive I'll be posting lots of fun photos from our trip. :)

And lastly...TODAY ONLY you can grab a FRESH FACE ad spot at 30% OFF! Use code VLOGGINGROCKS and join my Fresh Faces for September! Click here to get on board!

Hope everyone has a lovely Labor Day weekend!!


  1. YOU TWO ARE SO CUTE! I love your vlogs, they always make me feel happy and warm. :)

  2. Aww, you're such a cute couple! Nice vlog, that's a great wa to get to know you better!
    Belgian beer is simply great. I never drank ber until I moved to Belgium six years ago. I was there for a year and liked almost every beer I tried, especially Jupiler, De Koninck, Duvel and St Louis kriek - so many fond memories of Belgium :)
    Have fun this long weekend! Lichtenstein is very beautiful! I went there three years ago and had lots of fun seeing the whole country in just one day!
    xoxo Irene

  3. I love watching these, I really need to get on it and do one!

  4. Fun video! I got a Fresh Face Friday ad! Woo :D

  5. Grea vlog! :) I just moved to Norway from Germany and hearing you talk about German food just gave me a warm fuzzy feeling! I'm so glad you love living in my home country so much and I hope you will continue to enjoy your time! :)


  6. LOVE your vlogs! You two officially win the most adorable expat couple :) Schnitzels are definitely the best... we get them in SA and make them at least once a week... YUM.

  7. I love being able to see the person behind the blog :) you two are so cute!

    1. Thanks so much, Mallory!! That's one thing I love about vlogs, you get a better idea of what each blogger is like in real life! I think everyone should do a vlog at least once. They're so fun, too!

  8. Aww! this was my first time seeing one of your vlogs! The first thing I thought when you held the questions up was "she's gonna get a paper cut!" Glad you didn't. I'm going to have to send my cousin to your blog. She just went to the Netherlands as an au pair and started her own blog. She'd enjoy your adventures. :)

  9. You are such a great vlogger! You are both very natural & sweet. I snatched up one of those ad spots, I love your blog and am so happy I get to sponsor you :)

  10. okay, I'm adding notes as I watch this:
    1 - you guys are seriously adorable. and D makes some awesome expressions.
    2 - we had schnitzel a couple of times when in Austria, and it was always freaking HUGE. like, as big as a place mat. so ridiculous. and delicious.
    3 - oh my gosh, sweet tea! definitely one of the Southern things I picked up really quickly.
    4 - I totally have to agree with D's reaction about Real Housewives. I started shaking my head as soon as that popped out of your mouth :) crazy.

  11. I told my husband that when I have arrived in the U.S to be with him we will have a go at doing a vlog. He quite liked the idea after seeing this!

    Molly xo

  12. I love your vlogs! So adorable. Vlogging is so cool because it's like you're sitting down and talking with the person, instead of just reading words on a screen.

  13. This was great to watch. I love watching vlogs of the blog writers that I read a lot because it shows off more of their personalities! Also, your husband is a champ and good sport for doing that with you!!! I don't think I could pay Josh to do that lol or at least not to act like moron while doing it! Have a great weekend!!

  14. Aww, i love vlogs! You two are too cute! So happy i found your blog :)


  15. Oh how fun. So nice to see the people behind the words... you will LOVE Spain and Morocco...can't wait to see those cruise pictures.

  16. I didn't know you were from NC as well, which city? I'm in Charlotte! You're going to LOVE Spain!!!

  17. I'm so jealous you're going to Spain! I was just telling my husband that we need to explore west more. We have Spain, France, and Switzerland on our immediate travel list when he gets back from deployment.

  18. Aww, i love seeing you guys on the vlog...so cute!

  19. You guys are so cute, and this was a great vlog! Love the liquid courage. :)

  20. I really enjoy your vlogs and your blog. I am originally from Berlin and can relate to your pros and cons list and have been to quite a few of the places on your travels. You are such a great couple.


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