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Jan 30, 2013

Q & A Vlog: It's Happening!

Ok, guys...I told you this was going to happen eventually. We're gonna VLOG it up! But, I need your help first! I took a poll a few weeks ago about what you'd like to see more of on this little blog o' mine (thanks for your response, by the way!!), but in the same post I also asked you guys if you had any questions for me, the Mr., and the vlog I swindled him into doing with me. I only got a handful of questions (wahh wahhh), but I think my question for questions got lost in the shuffle of taking the poll. Confused? Me too. SO, I decided to make this wicked cool Google Doc thingie for some legit question asking. We plan on using as many of your questions as we can fit in one 10 minute VALENTINES DAY vlog (because D told me that this vlog would indeed be my V-day present...yayyyy?). We all know I have a hard time keeping anything brief, so if a second vlog is needed because you guys bombard us with awesome questions, we just might oblige. ;) Ok, I'll oblige. D might beat me. But then he'll do it.

Now's your chance, ladies and gents! Wanna know our favorite European travel destination? Ask us! What's the worst part about military life? We'll tell ya! What side of the bed does D sleep on? Umm sure, if you really wanna know (weirdo)...just leave your questions below!

Annndddd as a little incentive, everyone who throws a question in the pot will be entered into a drawing to win 1 month of LARGE AD SPACE on this here blog! SA-WEET, right? Let's just keep the questions PG & nonpolitical. Yes, I have to say that. I also have to tell you that if you ask a ridiculous question like "Why is the sky blue?" or "How many teeth do you have?"...you won't be entered into the drawing. Capiche? ;)

So, there you go. Ask away!


  1. I just left you three questions!! :) Can't wait to hear the answers!!

  2. lol I love that he said it will be your gift. At least he's semi-willing to participate...
    I can't wait to see this!

  3. Super excited for this!

  4. This will be sooo much fun. He will enjoy it, he just doesn't know it yet! :)

  5. hehe. I think this is going to be awesome. I can't believe he's agreed but he's gonna love it!

  6. Have submitted questions now just have to wait and see if you answer them

  7. I am so excited to see this vlog. I don't think I will ever be brave enough to do one.
    Kayleigh http://www.thewayiwanderlust.blogspot.com.au


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