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Jan 7, 2013

GAME ON: Wii U Giveaway!

Was the Wii U on your Christmas list this year? Not get one? Yeah, me either.
Do you want to get fit for the new year in the comfort of your own home?
Or maybe you just like intense Super Mario matches against your significant other...

Whatever the case may be, you've got the chance to win the Wii U pictured above for FREE! It's like Christmas all over again, people. What's even nicer? I'm teaming up with 19 lovely blogging ladies to bring you this amazing giveaway. Who says bloggers can't work together? ;)

1// Kaitlyn  2// Marquis  3// Ashley  4// Samantha  5// Ashley
6// Nilda  7// Kaitlin  8// Janna  9// Clara  10// Alexandria
11// Stephanie  12// tookies  13// Casey  14// Kristin  15// Melissa
16// Hallie  17// Alli  18// Gayle  19// Brandi  20// Brittany

All you've got to do enter via the Rafflecopter widget below and cross those fingers!
This giveaway will run from 8:00am (EST), Monday, January 7th  at 11:59pm (EST) to Thursday, January 10th.

1// Giveaway is open to US RESIDENTS only
2// Winner will be notified via email on Friday 1/11/13. You will have 48 hours from the timestamp on the email to respond, or a new winner will be chosen.
3// WINNER WILL BE VERIFIED. If you claim to have done a task you did not - a new winner will be chosen!!!
4// View the Terms & Conditions listed on the Rafflecopter below.

GOOD LUCK! And may the odds be ever in your favor! 
Stop. I just had to.


  1. Congrats on breaking 1000!!!

    I hope that happens for me sometime soon! Love you!

  2. hmmm could've sworn I was already following your darling blog!

  3. hmmm could've sworn I was already following your darling blog!

  4. new follower!! LOVE that I found your blog!

  5. Hey Lady!

    Stopping in to say hello to all the other co-hosts of the Wii U giveaway! New follower! :)

  6. I entered. Awesome giveaway. My son would love it.

  7. Hi! I am popping over from the Wii giveaway, I'm one of the other sponsors. Just checking out everyone's awesome blogs, and making sure I'm following everyone (a few I was already). :) So, consider yourself followed.

    Have a great day!

    Gayle | Grace for Gayle

  8. Ok I have entered not that I can win because I am not in the USA.....lol

  9. Thank you for co-sponsoring this fabulous giveaway! I visited all the other blogs and really enjoyed reading the blogs of such a lovely group of Christian gals!

  10. My son has been asking for the Wii U because there is a game that he wants to play

  11. We have been wanting a wii u for our family for a long time. It really bonds us all together :)


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