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Jan 9, 2013

Cottage Cozy: Joules Home Goods

I'm pretty picky when it comes to the kind of decor I want in my home. The contemporary cottage feel is probably how I would describe 85% of the things I purchase or covet for much of my living space. And often, Pottery Barn is my go-to store. Sadly, while I do have PB tastes, I've also got a Target budget (which strangely enough hardly goes to Target anymore, but I digress). When the Home & Clothing company Joules, based out of Great Britain, contacted me about reviewing one of their adorable duvet covers, I just couldn't resist the offer. They've got beautiful, contemporary designs at very affordable prices. Exactly what this serial decorator desires! Not only is the Sunbird Duvet they sent me reversible, bright and colorful, it's pretty high quality, too. I've already had a certain husband (ahem) lay his muddy PT gear on top of it, warranting a good wash, and it came out looking just as nice as the first day I put it on my guest bed! It even wiggled its way quite nicely into much of the decor I already had in our guest bedroom, which is a total score in itself. It's almost needless to say, but I'm in LOVE! I'm positive all the guests coming to Haus Coté in 2013 will feel nice a cozy in our new cottage inspired hideaway. A big thank you to the Joules team for hooking a sista up! 

Head on over to Joules bedding and see what fun and functional decorating piece you can grab up today!

{While I was compensated for this product review, the thoughts and opinions in this post are my own.}


  1. oh my that is gorgeous!!! i love how bright it makes the room look!

  2. I love that company. I ordered Wellies from them last spring! Can't wait to check out their home decor!

  3. It looks so cozy and welcoming in your guest room! Beautiful job Casey!

  4. That duvet cover is TO DIE FOR!!! So lovely.

  5. Visiting and following from the Aloha bog hop. Thanks for the recommendation! I already like them.

  6. Love, love, love the bright colors and the flowers. I am in a house full of boys, but am slowly taking it back with flowers!


  7. So gorgeous! I'd love to have this duvet cover! I wish we had Target and Pottery Barn here!


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