Feb 1, 2013

On the Road Again!

Happy Friday, dolls!
Ugh...remind me never to say 'dolls' again. Kim Kardashian just lept across my mind. Must find new terms of endearment. Anywho, just dropping a quick line to tell ya D and I are off doing that traveling thing again! When in Europe, right? This weekend we'll be drinking our way through Bruges, Belgium once again...with a little traipsing around Ghent thrown in for good measure. I think that's the part I'm most excited about. I love exploring new cities in countries we've already visited. Make sure you're following me on Instagram to keep up with all the fun!

Secondly, thank you SO MUCH for all the questions you submitted for our upcoming Valentine's Day Vlog! I was blown away by the amount of amazing questions you guys came up with. D and I spent a good hour last night reading through all of them. He was so excited to see a few questions that were just for him to answer. You guys really made him feel loved (and for that I puffy heart love you all). Although he was perplexed about why no one thought to ask him how he got to be so darn sexy. The amount of laughter that came from my body after that statement was probably heard through the entire neighborhood. God love that man, he's funny. Anywho, because you guys asked so many great questions, questions that I dare not leave hanging, there will most definitely be multiple vlogs happening over a period of time. A Q&A Vlog series, if you will. D probably will only join me for the first one (unless I can convince him otherwise...although another gift giving opportunity doesn't arise until July, so his participation would need to be swindled by other means). But, feel free to keep those questions coming! I can't wait to share all the answers with you!

Annndd one last blurb before I go load up the car and mosey on down the Autobahn. I've added two new sponsoring options to my sponsor page, y'all! You now have the option to purchase the Large & Medium Ad sizes in 2 month increments! You'll be saving a few bucks if you do it that way, too. :) Also, this is THE LAST MONTH I will be offering SWAP ADS! That's right, friends...if you wanna swap ads this month, you need to email me soon because the swap train is leaving the station forever. In addition to that, come March, you'll be seeing a lot of changes around here--one of them being a brand spanking new blog design (which I am BEYOND excited about ), as well as a slight re-vamp in how I will be working my sponsor options. Just to forewarn you...prices might go up a smidge. A very small smidge, but a smidge nevertheless. So, if you want to get in on the low prices I've got going on now, I suggest you head on over to my sponsor page and get your ad spot up and running. Even if spots get full for the month, you can still reserve yours at my current prices for as far out as you like! And because it's the month of love...I'm currently running a 20% DISCOUNT on all ad spots until February 15th!! Use the code LOVEBUG and let's get to promoting you and your creative space!!
Alrighty, that's all the mumbo jumbo I've got for you today. Bis bald, Freunde!


  1. Thats great that you get to take off for a weekend like that. Its handy living so close to so many Countries.

  2. haha well you can tell D that the picture of him with the beer up there is the best thing to see first thing on a Friday morning! makes me excited for the weekend... even though there may not be beer... and my man is in London... and... wait, that's just weird of me. whoops :)

  3. i was not following you on instagram- what an idiot since i am obsessed with you! I will be in belgium in about 6 months (for the 2nd time) i cant wait!!

  4. i just need to tell you how SO COMPLETELY JEALOUS i am of all your european travels. if this opportunity present itself to my hubby and i, we'd be on that train so freaking quick. enjoy it while it lasts! as i'm sure you are :)

    i'm excited for the vlogs!

  5. Have a wonderful time traveling, always jealous of your amazing adventures. :)

  6. I would love to travel more if only hubby didn't want to work so much.......lol Oh yeah you need money in order to travel.......lol

  7. I love this. I need to steal this. Thank you for being willing to share.
    All of this is amazing. You are amazing. Can I just tell you how much I love your blog. So much!!!!!!!! I love following. Would love to see you on the other end :)
    Oh, Just Living the Dream

  8. Aw, I love your current design! But I'm sure the next one will be even nicer :)
    x Hilary

  9. Such a great town, and oh the Belgium beer. Have been to Bruges 3 times...never Ghent. Have a fun

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