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Feb 17, 2013

Meet & Giveaway Saturdays: Love Edition

I realize it's Sunday and not Saturday, and this post was supposed to go up yesterday, but Poland abducted me Friday night and held me hostage amongst its pottery filled cities until late last night. Me and my pierogi filled belly are not complaining. But I am going to give Meet & Giveaway Sunday's a go instead this weekend. I hope you'll take some time and visit all of my fabulous February sponsors and make friends. They're a great bunch of gals to know! Also, make sure you enter to win the fun stuff they're teaming up to giveaway at the bottom of this meet & greet post. I only wish I could enter myself! Happy Saturday (ahem, Sunday), my friends!

Hi! I'm Nicole from La Mia Vita. I moved from California to Madrid last year to get my Master's in Bilingual and Multicultural Education, teach English, learn Spanish and most importantly travel! It's been an amazing adventure and still lots more to come!

What is your idea of the best romantic date ever?
 Hmm, let me try to remember what going on a date is like...I would be very happy with any fun outdoor day. Wine tasting in the napa vineyards, followed by a romantic dinner and more wine in front of a fire. A hike along the coast with a bread and cheese lunch. A whole day at the beach ending with a sunset walk and s'mores. I am most happy when he puts thought and effort into the date, no matter what we do. And if it happens to be a Pinterest inspired dinner on the water surrounded by twinkle lights and candles, that's awesome too :)

I'm Lauren and I blog over at Tennessee Honey. I'm a wife, mother of two, full-time student, and just your general nerd. My blog is a lifestyle blog, in which I post about a recipe I've tried, music I'm loving, a book I've read, or just about my life in general. 

What is your idea of the best romantic date ever?
My ideal romantic date would be to first off, lose the kids. Well, not necessarily lose them and not be able to find them, but just get rid of them for the night, preferably with a grandparent. A quite dinner, a movie, and a late night trip to Starbucks would be perfect for me! I'm simple.

 My name is Brittany and I blog over at The Domestic Geek about the adventures that come with motherhood and marriage, and of course I blog about video games because I'm slightly obsessed with playing them. I have monthly gift guides for your gamer guy and I have some video game tutorials geared towards women who have never played video games before in the works (so you can kick your mans butt at his favorite games!)

What is your idea of the best romantic date ever?
The most romantic date I've ever been on was my 2 year dating anniversary with my husband. He took me to an adorable little town, and we explored all the shops on their Main Street. We bought all kinds of cute things for our new house, checked out some candy shops, and I even picked out my wedding band from the cutest jewelry shop! It was so nice just spending the day wandering around a town we didn't know very well.  

Hey y'all!  My name is Gayle, and I blog at Grace for Gayle -- a place I describe as authentic, honest, and encouraging. By day, I work in HR as a Compensation Analyst; when I'm not there, you can find me at the gym, blogging, doing church things, reading, doing my nails (obsessed!), hanging with my BFF, and of course loving on my sweet little fur-babies (4 of them, 1 crazy me). I truly hope to see you around my blog, and if you visit, be sure to sign up to receive some G-Mail!

What is your idea of the best romantic date ever?
I don't have a specific answer, plus I'm single at the moment.  I will say being the person in past relationships who usually was the planner and the "romantic" type, I would LOVE to be swept off my feet, and have him plan out a full day-date with all different activities.  Something personal to me, that he knows we would enjoy together.  I would love to see what he came up with for us to do, AND it would be really meaningful to be romanced like that.  Acts of service, one of my love languages!

I'm a middle school teacher and busy mom of 2.  I use my powers for good by blogging about the ways we save time, money, and sanity at our house! 

What is your idea of the best romantic date ever?
Well, at this point, being able to take a nap without anyone touching me or waking me up would be super romantic. That's probably not what my husband would want me to say, though. So I'll settle for a quiet stroll along the Mediterranean coastline, holding hands, and then having a picnic on the beach.  Perfect. With the nap afterwards.

Hola! I'm Dominique blogging over at The Adventures of Holly. I like to think of myself as a Christ loving, adventure and travel seeking (paragliding, anyone?), mishap expert, and life lovin' gal living in Seville, Spain for a year as an au pair while taking care of three crazy kiddos! You can find me blogging about travel, language barriers, cultural differences, my random and crazy thoughts, and everything in between! 

What is your idea of the best romantic date ever?
Hmmm, how about we wake up early and hop on a plane to the Swiss Alps and go skydiving? Then, we unwind in the Arabic Thermal Baths in Seville, Spain. Next, we make our way over to Harrods in London for high afternoon tea. After that, we'll head to Tuscany, Italy to go wine tasting in the vineyards. Then who wouldn't want to go to Paris, France for a romantic dinner at the foot of the Eiffel Tower? And finally, we'll end our night at the Igloo Hotel in Finland staring at the stars and Northern Lights. In my dreams, haha! 

Hi Ya'll! My name is Cortne and come on in! Pull up a chair, relax, and kick up your heels (or in my case boots) and take a peak into my 'lil lifestyle blogging world over at Coco in Magnolia. As we say in the South, everything about life comes through a story. We will gab about adventures in travel, the occasional (but not always successful) DIY, crafts with the munchkins, healthy (sometimes) eating, and mindful moments that might just bring a smile to your face or a tug in your soul. Thanks for stopping by! 

What is your idea of the best romantic date ever?
My idea of the best romantic date would be: an afternoon of beer golf with the hubbs, followed with dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant with the hubbs and munchkins (I don't have those munchkins for long, they'll move out one day!), and then home to snuggle with my man.

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  1. When in Poland, you MUST have potato pancakes. I tried them when I went last June and have been craving them ever since.

    (Go with an empty stomach. These things are MASSIVE - it's a potato pancake, folded in half, filled with meat, topped with gravy... ohhh myyyy)

  2. Oh I loved Poland! We went to Krakow many years back and one of my favourite food stories was being in a restaurant on our first night. We all just picked one thing fromt he menu and hoped for the best since we did not speak nor read the language. I believe 3 out of 4 were great!

    Bonnie Rose | the Compass Rose

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