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May 17, 2013

Top 5 Reasons to Love Travel

CRUISE DAY 12: Well, folks...our Mediterranean cruise is a wrap! D and I are packing up our bags and heading back to Germany today, and I'm all kinds of sad about it. We've had an absolute blast sailing around Italy, Greece, & Turkey the last 12 days. I'm not sure any other vacation we ever take will be able to compare! I can't wait to show you all the photos I took. SOMEDAY (because we all know how long it takes me to blog about trips). So, while I'm moping through the airport today, lamenting about the end of another fabulous vacation, I'd like you to meet my very last vacation guest poster. Lauren, from the exciting Taiwan-based blog, Miller Memoires, is sharing her top 5 reasons to love traveling. A blog post after my own expat heart! Share away, girl!


Hey there, Road Less Traveled Readers! I love reading Casey's blog and am so happy to be taking over for a day while she heads home from another amazing trip. Casey is one of the first bloggers I connected with when I started "expat blogging" and I've loved following her adventures in Germany and around Europe.

I guess I should tell you a little about me! I'm Lauren from Miller Memoires. I live, work, and study in the beautiful country of Taiwan. Taiwan is a small island off the coast of China, south of Japan and Korea. It's a fantastic country full of friendly faces, stunning landscapes, and delicious food. I moved here with my husband almost two and a half years ago! We started out as English teachers, and are now university students as well. Basically we're just living the expat life, finding our way around in a strange, wonderful new country.

Today I'd just like to gush a bit about why I love travel so much. Part of the reason I enjoy following Casey's blog so much is that she has a passion for travel that is so contagious, and inspires me to explore the world. Travel has become such a huge part of my life since I hopped on my very first airplane at age twelve. I find that travel is one of the very best ways to grow, to learn, and to experience life to the fullest. I just can't say enough about how much I love to travel and how much it has come to influence my life. So before I get ahead of myself, I'll give you a just a few of the reasons I love to travel.

Lauren's Top 5 Reasons to Love Travel:

1. The World is a Beautiful Place
Pictures can never do justice to the real thing. Even those amazing National Geographic photos that seem to leap off the page at you pale in comparison to the feeling of really being there. That feeling of standing at the edge of a waterfall, with the mist collecting on your face and hair, the smell of unadulterated fresh air pouring into you lungs, and that knot in your stomach from the height. The breathless peace that washes over you when you step into the Sistine Chapel for the very first time. The cacophony of sounds that fill your ears while zip-lining through the canopy of a tropical rainforest. No picture can ever convey that feeling of wonder that seeps into your bones when you witness the beauty of the world first hand.

2. There's Always Something New to Learn
Whether it's about the country you're visiting or about yourself, there is a never ending supply of knowledge that's just waiting to be uncovered. I love taking historical walking tours when I visit a new country, or wander through the national museums. I love learning a new word in a foreign language. I love learning the new things I'm capable of- overcoming fears, working my way through challenging situations, finding a destination in a complicated city. Every single thing that I learn while I'm traveling, though maybe not the specifics, is applicable to my life somewhere else.

3. The People
There are amazing people in all corners of the earth. People who will make you laugh, who will inspire you, teach you, help you. People to tell you stories that will make you laugh, make you cry, or make you want to change the world. Even if you're a little introverted like myself, just people watching is a fascinating and even thoroughly entertaining way to view the local culture (I don't mean stalking).

4. The Food
I love to try new exotic foods while I'm traveling. Though there are amazing restaurants everywhere that tout their ethnic qualities, there's nothing like eating it from the source. Nothing like street food in Taiwan, or sushi in Japan, or tacos in Mexico. You can taste the difference, and it's a wonderful thing.

5. It's a Blast!
Traveling is just so much fun! From getting lost on the streets in Paris, watching street performers, and eating macarons, to skydiving, zip-lining, or just relaxing on a white sand beach in front of a crystal blue ocean. Travel is whatever you make it, and I love to make it fun. There's really just no better way for recharging your batteries or sparking your passions.

Of course we could all go on for a lot longer than five simple reasons, but these are some of what come to mind when I look back on how much travel has changed and influenced my life. I will be forever grateful for the blessing of travel in my life and hope to instill that desire in others.

What are your favourite things about travel?  Come visit my blog and tell me all about it, I'd love to hear from you!


  1. I looove traveling. Just seeing new places is awesome.

  2. very true... loved how you described the waterfall... i started to feel the mist of the last waterfall i visited in the mountains of bali...

  3. the food and the people! some of the best reasons to travel! i loved this list, makes me want to pack my bags and head out now! and it goes without saying that i love your blog lauren!

  4. Oh my goodness!! I feel so fortunate that you share your travels!!!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Ok I deleted the last comment because my computer did something weird and I ended up posting a comment that had nothing to do with this post........so here I am back againg trying for take 2.............

    I meant to say that your travels sound amazing and you look so happy in the photos the older I get the more I want to travel

  7. I have traveled my whole life! I was blessed to have parents whom enjoyed it very much.. I always loved it & even now still do no lie! I love seeing new places, & trying new things :) I think you gave great reasons to the whole traveling process..

  8. Great reasons! I love this and glad to see you also guest posting too! :)

    Bonnie Rose | a Compass Rose

  9. It's good to hear you say WHY you love to travel cause I feel most say it as a point of trying to sound interesting to other people. I recently wrote a blog post about how online daters LOVE to tell you how much they love to travel. They just love it! ha

    Online daters love to travel!


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