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May 13, 2013

Through the Newlywed Lens

CRUISE DAY 8: Greetings from Ephesus! Today, D and I will be spending 8 glorious hours touring around the history-rich ruins of Ephesus, Turkey. Not gonna lie, before booking this cruise, I had never even heard of Ephesus. Thank goodness for vacations like this or I'd totally be missing out! On another note, I now have a tan. A glorious, golden brown tan. And that alone, my friends, might make this whole sailing on a boat for 12 days thing completely worth it. TAKE THAT, GERMANY! Ok, enough chit chat...time for you to meet another one of my fabulous blog friends! Mandy, show us what you're workin' with!


Hello friends! Sweet Casey called for a few friends to hang out while she's traveling so I stepped up to the plate. I'm Mandy and most days I ramble about the newlywed life I'm living at Through the Newlywed Lens. I'll try to keep this post short and sweet by skipping all the guest post fluff! If there is one thing that you need to know about me it's that I'm rarely the serious girl. Case in point: every time I take a picture, it's 95% goofing off and maybe one or two "frame it for the wall" kind of photos.

Your wedding day is one time where you would expect pretty photos that you'd want to give your Grandma, right? Something along the lines of these:

Well not for this girl here! Yes we took the typical photos but you can bet your sweet behind I was messing around more than most would in their photos.

When you like to have a good time, why should your wedding day be any different? We clearly know how to take the most attractive pictures around. It's a special talent that we've acquired from years of goofing off. Life is much more enjoyable with a smile on your face and those laughs add years to your life! 

We all know guest posts tend to make you want to nod off so if you're still here and my elegant photos made you laugh I sure hope you'll come over and hang out with me while Casey is galavanting around! You can find me daily on Through the Newlywed Lens, Bloglovin'the Twittathe Facebook, and/or the Pinterest. I hope to see you around my part of the neighborhood some time soon and thank you for having me, Casey!


  1. How funny!!! Love this guest post!

  2. I'm dying for your cruise pictures and blog posts! What cruise line are you on? It sounds like a once in a lifetime trip!

  3. Lovely Post!!!


  4. Funny :) Reminds me of my best friend... she can never be in a photo and make a straight face. She's goofy and it makes photos way more interesting!

    Hope you're able to post some of your cruise pictures soon! It sounds amazing!

  5. Great guest post and have to say love the photos.............

  6. now that is a cool guest blog post - love it ;)


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