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May 14, 2013

10 Things That Make Me Really Stinkin' Happy

The smell of blown out candles. Specifically birthday candles.
Blog friends turned real life friends.
Being by the water. Ocean, lake, or otherwise.
My little baby Tucker dog. He's got his momma wrapped around his sweet floppy ears!
Autumn, pumpkins, and the entire month of October.
London...and visiting London.
My crazy, awesome family.
The start of a new adventure exploring Europe.
{We always take a photo at the start of our trip...one of my favorite traditions!}
Wine. Obviously.
And, of course, my handsome hubby. None of the things above would make happy at all if I didn't have him to share it all with!

Link up your own list of things that make you happy for the Blog Every Day in May Challenge 
over at Story of My Life blog!


  1. Love your list! You're so pretty!

  2. I also have wine on my list, and friends & family, and Beau, naturally. But instead of London, I have Paris. :)

  3. love love love your list, you make me happy!!

  4. Love your list - so full of cuteness and positivity! I also loveee the smell of burned out candles. That was such a random one that I wouldn't have thought of! I am imagining the smell right now. :) I also like your tradition of taking a pic together before each of your trips. I love cute, little traditions like that. :)

    Melyssa | The Nectar Collective

  5. Wine was on my list too. Obviously. ;)

  6. oh very sweet. I like that you take a picture at the beginning of each trip!

  7. those pumpkins make me happy just looking at them!!!!!! and come to think of it, I like the smell of blown out candles too... just makes ya feel good

  8. Love the list! Have fun on your vacation! I think I'm going to have my husband and I take a photo at the beginning of each trip, too! Lovely tradition.

  9. Hello to another lover of wine and family :)

  10. I'm the same with candles. One of my old co-workers loved to burn fruity candles during the work day, which bothered me but at the end of the day, she blew them out and I got to walk by it as I left for the day. It always made getting off work that much better! I love that y'all take pictures at the start of your trips, you're too pretty!

  11. Funny story, so I was looking at your "Start of a trip" pictures thinking... that's so weird that D let's you drive. My hubby hates it when I drive. Then it hit me. Europe. Wow.

    On another note, I love your list! It's full of some pretty great things!

  12. Love your family portrait and that y'all take a photo to start the trip, great idea!

  13. Love #9! Let me know if you guys travel to England...I'll be your personal tour guide of Bath. :)

    Bonnie Rose | a Compass Rose


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