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May 8, 2013

Italian Blate: Island of Murano

Another fun stop on my Italian blate with Jess was the island of Murano. Murano is also a short boat ride from Venice and is most widely known as being the home of Murano glass. The second we hopped of the boat at the dock in Murano, we were shuffled into a glass shop to watch a glassblowing demonstration. This was the first time I'd ever witnessed the glassblowing process and I have to say, it's quite fascinating! When the glassblowers were done working their magic, the most colorful freckled glass cup was placed on a shelf to set. If that cup hadn't have been over 40 euros, I would've snatched it up! Murano glass is NOT CHEAP, y'all! I did manage to find myself a cute 10 euro glass gondolier ornament to commemorate my time there...along with about 6 dozen photos of this quiet little glass making town. While I don't think this island has quite as much charm as Burano, it is worth a short trip, if only to see the handmade glass gifts and glassblowing demonstration.

Up next from our Italian blate...VENICE! Ciao!


  1. omg omg. is this a joke?! i am a so jealous! this looks just amazing and perfect. Can I please come along?

  2. So beautiful. I love the colours. I miss this. I miss living in Italy. Okay I'm ready to move back. ;)

    BonnieRose | A Compass Rose

  3. Wow so beautiful! Love the colored buildings and deep, sparkly blue water! Amazing. Enjoy the rest of your trip! :)


  4. So beautiful! Now I am kicking myself for not going there when I was in Venice.

  5. I stumbled onto your blog a few days ago and am in love! Your adventures are amazing! Thank goodness for instagram and you updating on there! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  6. I love that you got to see them do a glassblowing demonstration! That is so cool!

  7. Hello, blog hopping and stumbled upon your beautiful blog.

    Awesome post, terrific pics...!

    Visit mine too, add comments.

    Continue blogging, all the best.


  8. Oh my! Your photos are beautiful!

  9. oh my goodness - that glass blowing is amazing!

  10. I adore Murano! The first time I visited, it was horrible weather, wet, windy & cold, but all the beautiful glass shops and the colourful architecture sure did cheer me up. It was even better the second time, when it was sunny! Love your photos, they bring back wonderful memories.

  11. Gorgeous photos. Glass making is so great to watch - amazing how hot they can melt and shape the glass!

  12. This is awesome! I'm bookmarking this page for future reference :)May be i will put plan to visit murano soon i have to visit there i love this place on seeing picture itself..Thanks for sharing it..

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