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May 2, 2013

Mice in the Kitchen (& a Giveaway)

It's Thursday...almost to the weekend folks, so hang on! Today, I'm washing mounds of laundry and printing off gobs of paperwork in preparation for our cruise. We leave in just a little over 72 hours and there's still much to do! We're basically packed (except for a few bits of clothes in those mounds of laundry I mentioned), so now we're just anxiously waiting for the next three days to fly by so we can be on our way to starting the best vacation of the year! Maybe even a lifetime. Who knows. I have high expectations for this one. :) So, while I go do my wifely duties, you should take some time to read below and get to know Laura over at Mice in the Kitchen! Don't forget to enter to win the STUNNING necklace she's giving away to one lucky reader! Take it away, girl!


First, I want to thank Casey for allowing me to steal her blog for the day! :) I love to read her posts and seeing the pictures of all the places she goes is kind of like a mini vacation from behind my computer.

Let me introduce myself. I blog over at Mice In The Kitchen which is my little corner of the internet where I talk about life as a stay at home mom, food, and just everyday stuff....and I LOVE giveaways! I have called it my home for just a little over a year now and I think the most amazing thing to me about blogging has been all the friendships that I have made. I am a lot like Casey in the fact that I am actually more of a home body...an introvert at heart. Yet blogging has allowed me to be more outgoing and has given me a "safe zone" to just pour out all my thoughts. For that I have grown to love blogging and the blogging community.

My family...well I will be married to my high school sweetheart for 16 years this summer and we have four wonderful children...on some days I would say they are wonderful and on some days I would say they are wonderful at making me feel like I am going crazy!

We have lived in a few different places but now call Texas our home. Between living here now for the second time it's been an accumulated 8 years. While here the first time my honey got his Masters degree from Baylor so we are GIANT Baylor fans....Sic Em Bears!

Now that I have told you the good things about me I guess I should tell you the bad things:

* I smile too much...like when I am nervous I have been told I have a scary giant smile on my face. That might give someone the impression that I have lost my mind or I am an evil scientist plotting how to take over the world.

*  I am an "over doer"....what is that you ask...well if I have face cream that says us a pea size I will use a gum ball size. If something says use once a day you are certain I will use it twice a day. Why do I do this?? Because in my crazy little mind if once works good then twice must work even better!

* I love animals...almost to a flaw. I will save worms from puddles and if I see a bug drowning in our pool I must save it. I will break for furry animals and have saved injured baby ducks and drove an hour to take it to a rescue center....my husband thinks I ma crazy for that one.

 * I run a clean home...but I don't go as far as to say I am organized. Everything is highly sanitized. You could perform open heart surgery anywhere in my home...that is if you can find your surgery tools first. I tell my Tim it's good for your brain to have to search for things. He has not bought that yet.

* I love to laugh. Sadly I joke but am the only one laughing. I am working on this. The best thing is I am able to laugh at myself and the things that go wrong. After all if you can't laugh at mistakes then what's the point. Now if my flaws have not scared you away, I would love for you to stop by my blog Mice In The Kitchen and say hello! I promise I will not give you the scary smile!


Thanks so much, Laura! I hope you all will hop on over to Mice in the Kitchen today and say hello to sweet Laura! Before you go, don't forget to enter to win this GORGEOUS gold sunburst necklace Laura is giving away. Enter via the Rafflecopter below! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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