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Oct 18, 2013

FRESH FACE FRIDAY [& Blog Hop]: Meet Sarah & Jessica

Well, it's Friday. Also known as Air Force Ball day for D and I. Today, I will don my frilliest dress and fakest fake eyelashes to celebrate Air Force life with a ballroom full of friends. To tell you the gosh honest truth, I HATE these things. Not for any reason having to do with the military, but I just hate all the fuss over getting dressed up. Prom, weddings, charity events...hate them all. The hair and makeup song and dance is overwhelming to me. And since we're in Germany and I can't find a hair person I trust to save my life, I'm stuck trying to shape my own mane into something acceptably formal. I'm great at casual curly styles, but formal? Might as well stick my finger in a light socket and push me out the door. Ugh, I loathe this process. This is when being a celebrity would be PERFECT. Snap my fingers and a hair and makeup team assemble before my eyes? Now that's living the dream.

So, while I'm wiping the hairspray out of my eyes (because I'm surely going to be that girl today), please take some time to meet and greet with these two lovely bloggers below. I've got the sweetest sponsors, you guys! I also hope you'll stick around and link up your own blog to the Fresh Face Friday Blog Hop! No writing prompt, just good old fashioned fun. Enjoy your weekend, my dears! And be looking out for about a dozen photos of D and I dolled up on Instagram tonight. You'll D I E when you see D in his mess dress. I always do. ;) 


This pretty lady above is Sarah, founder of Midnight Rambler...a blog she's devoted to all of her musings after the clock strikes 12 (and lots of thoughts throughout the day, too.) Sarah is an American currently living and studying abroad in London (color me jealous!). Over on her musing space, Sarah shares stories from her jaunts around the London, tips on studying abroad, and some pretty heartfelt peeks into her personal life. I love it when bloggers get real and raw! Sarah is a gem, so head on over and say hello!

Sarah's Favorite Posts:

My Favorite Posts:

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Jessica is one of 4 sweet parts that make up Team Wiking. This California clan is just too precious for words. I so enjoy scrolling through all of their adventures in Cali and beyond! Over on Team Wiking blog, you'll find snapshots and musings of everyday life, great tips for traveling with little ones, and some seriously stunning photos. Seriously. Jessica has a keen eye for capturing perfect moments and storytelling through photos. If you're living in Cali and want some gorgeous photos taken, Jess is your girl. You can check out her professional photography site here! Head on over to Team Wiking today and prepare to stick around forever!

Jessica's Favorite Posts:
Travel Light: Miami, Florida
Pigeon Point Lighthouse
Life is Hard

My Favorite Posts:
Make: Terrarium 
Emigrant Wilderness
Sausalito, California


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  1. I love getting all glammed up! It's such a rare occasion for me. Also, your hair is gorgeous in ALL of your pictures. Just do your normal beautiful waves, and you'll have the prettiest hair there. Can't wait to see pictures of y'all! (I promise to look at them--I do love the people pictures you share).

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