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Oct 2, 2013

The Colors of Travel: Capture the Colour Photo Challenge 2013

I'm sure many of you have seen (or even already entered) Travel Supermarket's Capture the Colour Photoblogging Competition that's been floating around blog land. I was recently tagged by Christine of Christine in Spain to participate, so I thought, what the heck...let's give it a go! The basic premise of the contest is to choose photos from your own travels that fall into the 5 different color categories of red, green, yellow, blue, and white. When I initially started combing through the mounds of photos from our travels, I basically had a panic attack. I was overwhelmed with only choosing one photo that embodied each color perfectly! Blue seemed to give me the most trouble. I even had to consult my husband a few of my favorite photography inclined friends for their unbiased eyes and honest opinions. Thankfully, I got myself together and chose what I think turned out to be a nice round-up of some of my favorite colorful photos from our jaunts all over Europe. While I'm quite positive I won't win a thing, it was definitely a fun challenge to participate in. Not only did I get to take a walk down memory lane while perusing my travel photos, I also got to see how much my photography skills have evolved over time. I only hope they continue to grow as I keep venturing out of my comfort zone both life and photography-wise. :) 

So, tell me, what are your favorites from the collection of colors below?

[Lisse, Holland -Keukenhof souvenirs]



[Santorini, Greece- sunset sail in the caldera]

[Zermatt, Switzerland- ski chalet]

The last part of the challenge was to nominate 5 other bloggers to join in on the fun. These 5 ladies below are no strangers to travel or great photos, so I hope they'll all enter as well! The contest entry deadline is October 9th, so get on it gals! :) Not nominated? No worries! You can still submit your colorful travel photos here!

I nominate:
Amanda of Living In Another Language
Chelsea of Lost In Travels
Rachel of Postcards From Rachel
Bonnie of A Compass Rose
Nicole of La Mia Vita


  1. I'm partial to the yellow but they're all beautiful!

  2. thanks so much for nominating me! I was nominated earlier and i'm so bummed that it slipped my mind so i'm so glad that you nominated me so i can finally get off my butt and get this done! it's such a wonderful idea and i LOVE the photos that you chose!

  3. Gorgeous photos! I love the red one, red is always one of my favorite colors to capture in photos!


  4. Amazing pictures! My favorite is the blue! (Can you call a photo yummy?)

  5. They're all so beautiful! It's cool to see a grouping of photos by color. Each one really pops out because it's not blending in with similar pictures from the same trip.

  6. I adore them all, but the yellow one is just so incredible! Well done :)

  7. Love them all, but WHITE is my favorite!

  8. Wow! I love the green photo the best, I think. Though it's definitely hard to choose.

  9. I think my favorite is the Santorini sunset - the yellow haze you captured in the sky is just gorgeous :)

  10. Oh it would have to be white..........love the snow on the mountain and building so lovely so inviting

  11. It is so hard to pick but if I ABSOLUTELY HAD TO, my two favorites are green and blue!

  12. I noticed I was getting referrals from your site! Whooo hooo so glad I checked! How FUN! I'm totally doing this! I think my most difficult will be white. I can't WAIT to post this!

  13. I did this a few days ago as well. So much fun!! Your Greece photos are my favorites!! OOOh how I wish to one day visit Santorini!!

    Elena at

  14. They are all gorgeous, but my personal favorite is yellow.

  15. The yellow one is my favorite! They're all so beautiful!!

  16. oh fun, I want to do this too! not even to win... just as an excuse to trawl through all my photos :)

    1. I thought the same thing! These are all amazing. I'm particularly fond of white and green here...


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