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Oct 26, 2013

Coffee Talk 2.0

  • I have to share this first thing because, well, I have never laughed harder in my life than watching this 5 minute video that Ellen put together. Ellen, god love her. She's a hilarious genius. And the guy in the video? I feel sorry for whatever girl ends up marrying him. He's obviously not the protective type, throwing that girl in front of him on NUMEROUS occasions. If he said "You just STOP IT!" one more time, I think I would have peed my pants. Bless his scaredy cat heart. (Also, what a friggin' cool Halloween maze, Universal! KUDOS!)
  • I've cried at the series finale of 3 shows (and I'm honestly still in denial that they're over): One Tree Hill, Friends, & The OC. But I cry EVERY SINGLE EPISODE of Parenthood.
  • Forever 21 overwhelms the crap out of me. So much stuff. Also, I think I'm getting too old to shop there. So, that settles that.
  • I made this recipe for dinner last week. Mind=blown. I added in sliced mushrooms and a touch of garlic. This one's a keeper.
  • I've got 20/15 vision. It's kind of my thing...perfect vision. One time the optometrist on base told me he wished he could send a pair of my eyes to every solider down range. I wish I could, too.
  • This might be a weird thing to say, but I love the smell of dog feet. They're like tiny, soft corn chips. I love Tucker-Bear's corn chip paws.
  • According to this test, my personality most matches the state of Georgia. Not sure why I'd ever need to know this, but now if anyone asks, I can tell them. Must be all that Southern dreamin' I do. 
  • I keep napkins, receipts, brochures, wristbands, business cards, and ticket stubs from almost everywhere we travel. If there is a decorative flag in our cheese plate, that baby's coming home with me.
  • If you could have dinner with one celebrity, dead or alive, who would you dine with? Me? Kate Middleton (so I could ask her how she got so fabulous and why she stole my hair?) or James McAvoy (so he could say things to me in his sexy Scottish accent).
  • I hate that so many people hate on the pumpkin spice latte. And all things pumpkin, for that matter. I get that it's been sensationalized and turned into something fall "trendy," but for those of us who LOVE pumpkin flavored anything year-round, it's like you're hating just to hate. What did the PSL ever do to you? [side note: I forgive you and we can still be friends.]
  • My Spirooli came in the mail last week and I've been making noodles out of ALL THE THINGS. 
  • Speaking of food...have you guys seen this TIME World article photographing what families from different countries around the world buy for a weeks worth of groceries? America, I can't even look at you anymore. You either, United Kingdom.
  • I don't typically unpack my suitcase until at least a week after I return from traveling. Sometimes I think it's just pure laziness, but other times I think I'm subconsciously not ready to get back to reality. Suitcase stays packed=vacation not over.
  • You know that "fight or flight" analogy? I've decided I'm more of a flight than fight person in certain respects. The second something starts to overwhelm me, my instinct is to go take a nap or loose myself in a TV show. Escaping from reality for a moment helps clear my head reset my panic button.
  • Guys, I've joined the cool kids and put together a Media Kit for this 'ol blog. Well, I just compiled the photos and the info...Jenny Highsmith (my fabulous blog designer) designed the crap out of it and made my vision come to life. God love her. Whatcha think? I'm kind of in love.
  • In case you haven't already--if you've got a handmade shop you'd like to show off this holiday season, don't forget to sign up to be a part of my 2nd Annual Handmade Holiday Gift Guide! Don't have a shop? Feel free to share this post with someone who does! I want this year's guide to blow last year's out of the water!
  • Oh and HI THERE! to all you The Daily Tay readers! Glad you stopped by! There's a whole lotta fun, travel, and nonsense around these parts. Hope you'll stick around. :)

Tell me, what's on your mind today?


  1. Oh Parenthood! That show makes me cry every episode too! I love it. I think I cried at the end of one tree hill and gossip girl too. :-)

  2. Oh and I got Georgia too on that little quiz!

  3. Just read that article about the personality test. Very interesting! Unfortunately my iPhone wasn't cooperative for the test. Beautiful picture!

  4. dogs feet DO smell like corn chips! nailed it.

  5. That Ellen video is the best thing I've seen in my entire life. Hilarious. Have you seen photos of the Nightmares Fear Factory, a haunted house in Canada? They share photos of scared visitors on their Facebook and Flickr pages and it never fails to make me laugh.

  6. I took that test too and also got Georgia. I'm from Alaska but I've always wanted to go visit the south...or at least have a sweet southern accent.

    I also cried like a little girl at the OC series finale.

  7. I got Georgia too and I'm from Canada lol, that was interesting thank you. Also I completely agree with the whole packed suitcase=vacation mode, It takes me a while to unpack too

  8. The OC, One Tree Hill and FRIENDS are my absolute favorites and I cry in every Parenthood episode too! It's ridiculous. My hubs knows exactly what I'm watching if he walks in on me sniffling in front of the tv lol. Glad to know I'm not the only one!

  9. Apparently I belong in GA, too. It's a great state, so I am ok with that! Have fun in Spain! :)

  10. i am playing catch up on parenthood...such a great show! Your hair is fabulous so i totally get that one lol

  11. I love pumpkin everything. But I do recognize I sound ridiculous when I obsess over my PSL. I get so excited on September 1st.

  12. I cry at Parenthood too. I was starting to think I was crazy but now I know I'm not alone :) And yes to all the pumpkin hating. Not okay people, not okay!

  13. I have never seen the show I have often thought about watching it but alas have never done so

  14. OMG. Ellen's video was hysterical! My tummy hurts. Also, it seems I belong in Delaware. So I had better get to packing....

  15. I should be sleeping because I have to be up early for work tomorrow {insert dramatic whine face} but I've been stalking your blog for the last while. I'm loving it! And I think I'm a flight person, too. Because if I'm awake I should really be doing overdue assignments. Your blog is just way too fun to do anything else!

  16. Nice media kit! Also, I'm slightly obsessed with Kate too...

  17. hahaha! omg that video was hilarious! I would be doing the same thing! hahaa

  18. NO way... I thought I was the only person who liked the smell of doggy feet!!!!! They DO smell like corn chips!!!!!! :)


  19. The media kit looks great! I need to email you about the gift guide. I'm just always hesitant to spend money, haha. And I'm apparently a Vermont. I'm not really surprised I'm a New England state but I didn't really expect VERMONT. Not sure why not though.

  20. Parenthood is brutal, I cry all the time in it, too.

  21. I. Love. Ellen. I laughed so hard I cried. Bless him is right.

    Puppy feet are the best! So glad I'm not the only one who thinks so!

    I had forgotten all about that Time article. Thanks for sharing it—such interesting insight about what folks are eating, but man! It makes me feel like working in nutrition in the States is like emptying the ocean with a teaspoon. We'll get there...eventually.

  22. I love your coffee talks!
    I cried at the end of Friends and The OC too, and I've noticed that the older I get, the easier it is for me to cry at tv shows and commercials. It's ridiculous.
    My dog smells like corn chips too, but not in the good way, in that really bad stinky way.
    And WHAT... I took that what state are you quiz this morning and I'M GEORGIA TOO! :)

  23. That Ellen clip... I laughed SO hard... that guy...

  24. I died watching that video. I posted it on my wall the other day.That dude was hilarious. At least I know Jason would let me cling on to him in that situation.

  25. Haha, I totally agree about the pumpkin spice stuff and I'm not even a big fan of it. But just because doing fall traditional stuff is trendy, that doesn't mean that people should be knocked for doing it. I mean, it is fall after all! :) I like this little round-up of random bits, was very entertaining to read. :)


  26. The amount of processed crap that people buy as "food" in this country is really really scary. We are poisoning ourselves willingly.

    As a fellow pumpkin lover, it makes me so sad to hear someone say they don't like pumpkin. Um, what?! My husband is one of them...I'm amazed we're together :-) Seriously though, I just don't understand how you can't like pumpkin.

    And, my personality matches that of Indiana...which is where I'm from! Too funny.

  27. I love these posts!

    I'm one of the pumpkin haters, although I use the word hater extremely lightly. I just don't like the flavor of pumpkin, but I don't really care if everyone else is excited about it! I'm just as happy to go with you to starbucks so you can get your PSL and I'll get my favorite drink. No worries. I do feel like this year it seems to be out of control. I can't go look for recipes, see recipes on blogs, have food brought into the office, etc. without it being pumpkin at this time of year. I just have to fight through it. :)

  28. I like the matching state test! I need to do that, we'll see where I end up^^
    I am not even living there, but hope to visit some places there, hehe :)

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  30. I love your coffe talks.


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