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Sep 25, 2012

Rhine Falls, Switzerland

Back in July, D whisked me away for a little Bavarian getaway to celebrate 5 wonderful years of wedded bliss together. It had been a long time since we'd taken this much time off (5 days to be exact) to celebrate our anniversary...seeing as the Air Force has kept us away from one another for 3 out of the 5 anniversaries we've had thus far. So, we packed our bags, loaded up the car, and made our way down to Southern Germany for some rest and relaxation time together. On our way to our final destination at Lake Constance, we decided to make a detour into Switzerland (funny how detours in the states end up with you at a dirty truck stop asking for directions, while here you just end up in yet another amazing country!) to see the famous Rhine Falls! The Rhine Falls are just 30 minutes inside the boarder in Schaffhausen, Switzerland and is one of Europe's largest waterfalls. The falls were formed in the last ice age, approximately 15,000 years ago, but pale in size to Niagara Falls in America and the Victoria Falls in Africa having a drop height of only 23m (Niagara's Horseshoe Falls has a dropping height of 53m and Victoria Falls with a whopping 108m). Nevertheless, Rhine Falls packs a punch and holds the attention of thousands of tourists each year. Oh, and did I mention it has a castle? Wouldn't be Europe if it didn't have a castle, now would it? 

We spent the afternoon climbing the falls, having lunch on the castle terrace, and taking a boat ride right into the falls mist...an experience I'll never forget! Now, time for photos. You knew they were coming. ;)

{Oh and FYI, we are STILL internet-less at casa de Coté. It's really becoming a problem, too. The last technician came by yesterday and gave us some ominous news...our cable line is fried. So, they can either do one of two things--fix the cable at the box outside on the street (pending that the line can be fixed prior to entering the ground) OR they must dig up our entire sidewalk and replace the cable. INSANITY, right? We have no idea how long a project of that magnitude might take, so we're trying to find out how we can break our 2-year contract with T-mobil and move providers (to a provider that doesn't use a fiber cable).  It's all been a big s@#! storm, so we're not expecting them to let us break our contract if they can eventually fix it. Thankfully we have found ourselves an internet stick that we can use and pay a few euros daily for internet on one computer in our house, but we still have no home phone or TV (since the internet runs both of those items as well). So, no phone calls home to our families or friends and no means of entertainment on those lazy days and nights at home. Kind of miserable being cut off from the states in almost every conceivable way. Even though I had myself a major ugly cry session last night, I know things could be worse. Way worse. We're hanging on to every shred of positivity we can find...and making sure we keep busy and out of the house as much as possible. So friends, send out some prayers and good vibes that this internet blackout gets remedied sooner rather than later. As trivial as loosing internet is, it's made life so much harder these last 2 weeks. And it's turned me into an ornery mess of a girl. Seriously, universe, I just wanna call my mommy!}


  1. Wow! This is so beautiful! I want to visit so bad!

    Great post!



  2. Im pretty sure you need to be our travel guide. Ill pay you with internet?

  3. Awww...Casey! I'm so sorry to hear it :-(. Hope they decide to get movin' on the repair soon. Hang in there girl! (((hug)))

  4. Gorgeous pictures as usual! I hope they can repair your cable wire! Sending good thoughts your way!

  5. seriously that is so beautiful! I've always wanted to go see Niagra Falls but this is so much different and odd/cool!!

  6. Now tell me... how did those people get on top of that rock?! And I am so sorry you are internet-less still, that is awful!

  7. Absolutely beautiful. I don't know if you've posted or not, but did you go to Zermatt, Switzerland? It's the only place there I've been. Amazing.

  8. Great pictures! Definitely looks like an amazing pit stop :)

  9. Absolutely gorgeous place. I'd love to visit. Keep positive! I know it's tough without communication. :( Hope TMobile will work with ya! I think they *should* because there's no way around it!


  10. That pasta looks AMAZING!! yum! Great photos too! IF they can't provide it immediately they better not charge you for something you can’t use!!

  11. Amazing photos and so wonderful you two could get away and really celebrate your anniversary.
    So sorry about the internet, I would be devastated too, especially when you live so far away from your family.

    Thank you for linking up to Travel Tuesday!


  12. Looks like a lovely little place to get lost in! Love the pictures.

    Sorry to hear about the internet issues...it's how I keep in touch with my family too, so I can imagine how you must be feeling. Hope a solution is found soon!

  13. Being without internet would definitely make me cranky! At least you got to see something beautiful on what looks like a beautiful day. I have to know how you get out onto that rock that is in the middle of the water?! Way cool!

  14. the mist coming off of the water is so insanely beautiful. excellent photos! this sounds like such a lovely and romantic trip. hope your interet comes back soon...i can't really imagine how it makes life stop for a second or two when you depend on it so much!

  15. Oh that looks so freaking magical there! I've been to Switzerland once (back in like 2001) and REALLY want to go back. If we end up staying in Europe I want to go there.

    And no Internet?! GAH! To get our line in when we first moved into this house they had to dig up the street too. I felt bad for about 2 seconds but then I realized that this is the 21st century and it shouldn't be THAT big of a deal to get Internet! Hope it's fixed soon.

  16. That is simply breathtaking! Such a memorable experience. I mean seriously...you had lunch on a castle terrace! I hope your internet gets sorted out quickly!

    Andrea Bai


  17. I had to revisit this post Casey. We are headed to Switzerland and Germany next week (eeeeeep!) and I have a few more things I am looking at planning... would you recommend a visit to the Rhine falls? Your recap sounds so wonderful.

    Thank you! xoxox Ashley
    p.s. (Just as a reference point we are staying in Zurich, then Munich with excursions outward from those areas!)

  18. Awww...Casey! I'm so sorry to hear it :-(. Hope they decide to get movin' on the repair soon. Hang in there girl! (((hug)))
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