Sep 13, 2012

Coburg, Germany

It's Thursday, guys...which means just a few more days left in this lonely week until the hubs returns to my lovin' arms! Can I get a WHOO HOO?! It's seriously been the-longest-week-ever. Apparently I didn't have as much planned as I originally thought and have ended up doing a whole lot of random, mind-numbing things. Things that include packing and organizing Christmas gifts to ship home (I realize it's only September, but I'm good like that), cleaning out the fridge (not by eating it all, but with a sponge, just so we're clear), and purging my wardrobe (obviously to make room for fall duds...and to have a shop my closet sale...eeek!! Be watching out for that!). While productive, it's still kept the house quiet and the wheels in my noggin' a-turnin'. I hate being alone with my thoughts, but we'll save that for another post. For now, I want to continue along with recapping all of our summer trips. I'm way behind, people. So, without further adieu, let's take a trip to Coburg, Germany, shall we?

Coburg is this little picturesque town in the outskirts of Northern Bavaria where my cousin, Ashley (who you've seen countless times winking in my family vacation recaps), spent 4 months studying abroad with Hochschule Coburg (Coburg's University of Applied Sciences, she studies Interior Architecture...another reason why I love her!). After coming to visit us in Wiesbaden in April, it was only fair to return the favor and visit her in Coburg. Plus, who wouldn't want the chance to spend time with a family member AND see another cool German town? A win/win for sure. Ashley was an excellent tour guide showing us her dorm and campus, Coburg's Marktplatz (town square), and the commanding Veste Coburg, the towns famous castle on a hill. We also stuffed ourselves with silly with one of the best street vender Bratwursts and DΓΆner Kebaps I've ever tasted. I love it when the most unsuspecting places have outta this world cuisine. Needless to say, Coburg is lovely. Another one of those hidden gem towns Germany keeps unearthing for us. Gosh, I love this country.

By the way, thanks a million to those of you who commented on this post, emailed, and checked-up on me this week! I was really feeling the love, y'all. Yet another reason the blog world rocks my socks! FYI, you're all going to the top of my Christmas card list. For reals.


  1. What amazing pictures! Coburg looks like a fabulous little city :) And Darling, you had me at Kebap.

  2. Stopping by via the Followers to Friends blog party (but I already follow you anyway). I can't remember if I've actually commented so forgive me if I'm repeating myself: I live in Germany with my ice hockey-playing husband! Coburg looks adorable!

  3. I am visiting from Link & mingle! Beautiful pictures!!

  4. It's gorgeous! I'd love to go there someday.

  5. Amazing photos, I would love to get stationed in Europe someday.

  6. Doner Kebaps!!! Can you mail me one!

  7. these pictures are so gorgeous! stopping by from wonderful wednesday but i already follow you :)
    drop by and say hi at when you get a chance!

  8. these pictures are so gorgeous! stopping by from wonderful wednesday but i already follow you :)
    drop by and say hi at when you get a chance!

  9. Wow you make me want to visit Germany! Stunning pictures.

  10. Eeek! What an amazing place! I could go there everyday and not be bored. And oh man, that sandwich... now I'm starving.

    I think it's great you're making the most out of your deployment. My husband is US Coast Guard, and we were stationed in the Eastern Shore MD, and I HATED it, I'm trying to be more opened minded from here on out. :)

    I found your blog via the Mix and Mingle Hop.

  11. What a cool town! I'm going to go Google the distance between Aviano and Coburg now.

  12. WOOHOOOO for the weekend! What a beautiful, colorful town... I love the old world style...and that huge sandwich was just calling me name... I think sandwiches are to me what cereal is to you! :-)

    Catcha laytah...

  13. Those pictures are amazing...if only there was a way to just step through a picture and be right there!

    Hoping the rest of the week flies by for you & a safe travel home for your hubby!

  14. oooo wow!! these pictures are AMAZING! looks like you are having so much fun!!

  15. Gosh I love Europe. Germany in particular. Thanks for flashing at Twinkle in the Eye. Following you back, because I love your blog and your hair. You have really good hair :-)

  16. Those are some fantastic shots of the square and the historic building. I really love looking at old world antiques and seeing how people lived in those times. It is great when living in another country at you take the time and explore all the 'gems' they have o offer. I do remember when I moved to London for a few months doing a walk about every weekend. It was great and good fun.
    I am following you now and looking forward to seeing your next batch of pictures. Please follow back.

  17. What amazing shots and that sandwich, want to lick my computer screen it looks delicious.

  18. Oh my goodness! A Kepab!!!! That was definitely one of my favorite foods to eat while I lived in Germany! What I wouldn't give to have one of those babies right now! Delicious!

    Coburg looks so gorgeous! And the store you guys are shopping at - what place is that?! I mean I can't see much of the store, but from what I can see - it looks nothing like the stores in Idar-Oberstein. I didn't do much shopping in Garmisch, so maybe Bavaria just has much better quality stores. But the town looks pretty cool. Looks like there's lots of history!

  19. gorgeous pictures! miss doner!!

  20. Beautiful photos! Looks like you are having a blast out there!
    Popping in from the Friday chaos blog hop and wanted to let you know I've added myself to your followers.
    Can't wait to read more of your blog :)

  21. I'm your newest follower via live laugh linky. Gorgeous photos!!! I've always wanted to go to germany, look forward to following along :) ~Bre

  22. man, i love Europe. The buildings! Can you tell how beautiful they are?

    by the way, {give me some words back?} ..heh!

  23. Gosh Germany just always blows me away, too beautiful. I hadn't heard of Coburg and now I don't know why, looks like a great place to visit!

  24. Amazing photos.
    Always wanted to visit Germany.
    Thanks for linking up at the friday chaos. I'm a new follower.

  25. In that first picture, it literally feels like I'm sitting right there, taking that photo. It's so awesome with all the different colors.

    Whatever that kebap thing is, i want one. Looks delish!

    Oh and btw, I live in that castle looking place..just wanted you to know ;)

  26. Hi there! I'm your newest follower after I stumbled on your blog. I'm living in Germany as well! I would love for you to check out my blog and follow me back if you'd like. What a small a world!!

  27. Beautiful photos! You're so incredibly brave being on your own a lot in a foreign country! Stopping by from the Friday Chaos Bloghop! I'm one of the co-hosts this week and now your newest follower! Thanks so much for linking up! If you get the chance, we'd love you to stop by the blog and follow back :) Thanks,
    Vikki xxx

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