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Sep 21, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Internet,
I miss you. You up and decided to leave our house last Friday and won't be back until next Tuesday...maybe. Why did you leave? You know how much I need you. Right now I'm using you from the army community bowling alley, amongst snotty nosed kids and the smell of bowling shoe cleaner. Less than ideal blogging conditions, to say the least. Not to mention, since you left, we have no home phone and no TV. Yep. Virtually cut off from the world. No phone calls to my mom, no catching up on our shows that have been on summer hiatus, and no entertaining the blog world with my wittiness and gobs of travel photos (Sorry for the radio silence, folks! I know you guys miss me...you don't have to say it. ;)) Needless to say, I feel lost. And annoyed. VERY annoyed. Come back soon, old friend. I beg of you!

Dear God,
I'm well aware of what's going on here. What You're doing with this little internet blackout we just happen to be having. You're teaching us a lesson. A lesson about our obsession and reliance on technology. Well, really my obsession and reliance on technology. Being "unplugged" at home for the last week has proved to be inconvenient and at times stressful, but it has also reminded me that I have a loving husband who needs my attention more than Facebook or the J.Crew website. It's obvious reconnecting our marriage instead of our internet was in Your plan for us this week. Although I am bent out of shape and resisting, Your message has been heard loud and clear, Lord. You never cease to amaze me with how You reveal Your truth. Lessons wrapped up neatly, masked in everyday life. Placed right in front of me so I can't miss them. These messages, while hard to hear, always remind me of Your provision in my life. Though I may go astray, You faithfully save me from myself and my worldly obsessions. I'm hanging on to that bit of positivity this week.

Dear Husband,

You're back! And have been for almost a week now. THANK THE LORD, too! I don't know what it was about that week, but I missed you more than usual...especially for a short TDY. The quietness was deafening, and you know I hate the quiet. So sorry you had to come home to an internet-less house and a crazy hunt for English speaking T-mobil workers last Saturday. That wasn't in the plan. But we plan and God laughs, right? The important thing is you got home safe and sound and I'm no longer missing a limb (that limb being you, of course). Never leave me again, capiche? 

Dear Fall,
{Hubs brought home these bad boys and a crap-ton of Chick-Fil-A sauce from his TDY. Reason 1,593 why I love that man!} 

You've officially made your appearance here in Germany these last few days. Can I get an AMEN!? Care packages from America keep rolling in the pumpkin flavored gloriousness of your time of year. Those Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Via's are almost like having the real thing. Almost. {Germany, get on board with the PSL, please! You have pumpkin flavored pasta, beer, and champagne...why the coffee torture?!} My kitchen is rich with the smells of apple cinnamon and maple--and it'll stay that way till February if I have anything to say about it. The weather has been nothing short of perfect, too! Sweaters, boots, and scarves are finally out and sundresses have been retired. That puts a big smile on my face. I love wearing layers. Now I don't have hide that friggin' pooch I've been sucking in since May 1st. You ladies know what I'm talking about. Ahhh, sweet fall. You're nothing short of amazing. Won't you stay all year?

{A few people wanted the recipe for this Caramel Cream Cheese Pumpkin Bread I posted on Instagram last week. Well, this recipe is where I got the idea...but once I tweak my recipe, I'll post it!}

Dear Weekend,
You are a sight for sore eyes. This week's been a tough one, but now comes the fun! We've got a 25 bottle wine tasting tonight (oh yes!!), an adventure exploring Cochem with friends tomorrow, and a Sunday evening of football watching, fantasy league teammate bashing (my fantasy team is kind of awesome, let's keep it up boys!), and greasy food eating planned for you, dear weekend. Please don't disappoint. We NEED you, weekend. Let's do this!

{Go link up your letters with Adventures of Newlyweds!}


  1. what a gorgeous blog, found you via twinkle in the eye blog. there is nothing better than a care package from home when you're overseas. the sense of home always warms the heart. enjoy your time with you man.

  2. Yes! I've missed you :-) - But sure did love this post. Convicted about my own reliance on technology and how it can suck me away from my sweet husband. Hooray for hubby coming home and bringing goodies from the states!!! So glad you guys have had a nice connecting week together. That recipe sounds amazing, and you know how giddy hearing about fall makes me! I've officially switched over my wardrobe, and wore my first pair of cords last night, oh, and we had our first fire in the fireplace too! Eeeee!!!! It's here :-D - Hope your weekend is a fabulous one - sure sounds like it will be! TGIF

  3. Sometimes I try not to go online just to keep myself from not getting too addicted.

    I'm happy your husband is home. Enjoy your time together!

  4. The internet is so addicting. Great post, hope you have a great weekend and enjoy your time with your husband!

  5. Great post! :) New follower from the link up! Cute blog!


  6. This is a great post!!! :) And those muffins look amazing!

  7. Wow your guy brought some great stuff back from The States! My guy is dying to go Stateside for a TDY.

  8. Stopping by from the link up. Your letters are so sweet. I'm so happy for you that your husband is home. I just can't imagine what you go through! Cute blog! New follower. :)

  9. No internet? Owch! Sometimes these things really do come at the right time - even if they're unwanted!

  10. Loving the blog! and your letters! Now I want some pumpkin spice...

  11. Such a cute blog! Now that your hubby is home I guess you will have a new reason not to be on the internet right? haha
    New follower from Friday chaos

  12. Lovely that you have your extra limb back :-)

  13. Oh man! The pumpkin spice coffee!!! I sure miss those! When we first moved here I was without internet and phone for at least a month. It sucked! Hopefully it's only a week for you and it will go by fast! ;)

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  15. I am from GA but live in San Fran now. We just got our first Chick-fil-A in the Bay Area and I'm just so happy to have it back. XO Jill


  16. I love that verse. I need to write it down as a daily reminder, especially when it comes to giving that attention to my husband. Thank you for sharing!

    WHERE THE HECK CAN I GET THAT CHICK-FIL-A SAUCE in that big of a container?????? **don't read the nutrition label!! ;D

  17. Going away for this past week with no Internet was a blessing in disguise for me, too. It's amazing what a little quality time with those you love can do to you.

    Glad D's back home and how sweet that he brought you some of your favorite things :)

  18. The internet is so addicting. Great post, hope you have a great weekend and enjoy your time with your husband!
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