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Sep 28, 2012

Friday Letters: Rants, Raves, & Plans

Dear friends in America,
Hold on to your horses, I have a small bone to pick with you. Stop posting on various social media outlets about what happens on popular TV shows right after you watch them...please, I beg of you! Better yet, stop posting WHILE you're watching! I mean, geez guys. We don't need a play by play of your emotions while the show is on. Do you think ANYONE cares that you were shocked that so-and-so died while riding a bicycle through a fire pit? REALLY? Because so was everyone else in the world, they just chose to scream at their TVs instead of posting their astonishment on Facebook. I can't even get on Facebook or Twitter anymore without you guys spoiling everything for us here who are 6+ HOURS AHEAD OF YOU! No we don't live in the future and already know what happens, contrary to popular belief. I think I can speak for all expats when I say that you are literally ruining our TV watching lives. Unabashedly taking away my one joyful piece of America I have left in this sitcom deprived country. And don't you dare tell me just to not get on FB or Twitter until I've watched it...why don't you just go ahead and slap me in the face then? That'll be faster. If you get deleted, it's nothing personal. Just shut your mouth. Shut it.

Dear Internet,
You're STILL gone. Why? WHY?!?!
*Bangs head on table...multiple times. Or eats computer. Whatever works.*

Dear USDTravel,
THANK YOU! I just bought a plane ticket home for Christmas for $600. Yep, you read that right. $600. I love you. 
Let's get married and have lots of cheap airline ticket babies.
{Fellow military families, USDTravel gives you commercial airline tickets at deeply discounted military rates. I'm talking BIG discounts. A flight home for Christmas from Frankfurt, Germany to North Carolina would normally run me anywhere from $1100 to $1600 round trip. USDTravel scored me one for half that. I just want to kiss all of their faces! And kiss Emma from It Happened On A Sunday for telling me about them!}

...And speaking of Christmas...

Dear New York City,
For the last 3 months you've taken care of my little sister as she makes big moves working and thriving in your high-paced fashion world. What an exciting life you've provided for her! And subsequently for me and my family. Because of my little sister's divine placement in the 'Big Apple' this year, we get to visit you at Christmas!!! 4 days of Christmas shopping, frozen hot chocolate eating (Serendipity, I'm coming for you!!), and galavanting around your electric city with not one, not two, but FIVE of my favorite female family members in the world! We've already conquered Germany and Italy together, why not NYC?! Only rule is, no boys allowed. To say I can't wait would be a serious understatement! NYC 'Just the Girls' Trip 2012...let's do this!

Dear Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival,
I am SO excited to come visit you tomorrow! We had such a blast exploring your rows of dazzling pumpkin sculptures last year. And the pumpkin flavored food...oh man...I'm getting hot flashes just thinking about it. I could think of no better way to ring in the fall than frolicking among pumpkins all day. Hubby, get your wallet ready. A few of these colorful bad boys are coming home with us. Just sayin'. ;)


{By the way, I am so LOVING all of your comments from yesterday's post! Thanks so much for sharing and allowing me to get to know each of you more! If you haven't already, head on over there and introduce yourself! Also, there's a pretty rad giveaway going on over at Jenna's awesome blog today. Go there and you might see a familiar face giving away a $30 Giftcard to Piperlime! WHAT THE WHAT?! :) Here's wishing you the happiest of weekends, friends!}


  1. SO agree about the posting TV show spoiler alerts on Facebook! In one of my shows I've been watching religiously for the past 5 seasons, one of the main characters dies. I haven't had a chance to actually watch the episode...but somebody on Facebook ruined it for me "Can't believe (blank character) died tonight on (blank show)!"..uh thanks jerk!

    On a lighter note, so jealous of that pumpkin festival...that looks amazing!!

    Have a great weekend! :-)


  2. The pumpkin picture is so cute! We're going tomorrow with our two year old and we're so excited!

    I agree with posting about the shows. I'm not a big tv person, but when I DO want to watch something? There's no point, because people post spoilers immediately. Grr.

    Thanks for linking up today!

    SEL [co-host]

  3. NYC at Christmas is amazing, its a whole different city from going any other time of the year :) Also, that pumpkin festival looks so fun!!!
    - Jenn

    New Follower

  4. Oh yes, I hate all those spoilers, too! Having to wait almost a year before we can watch the episodes here means going crazy. And it ruins all the fun if you know who's going to die (no matter if they were riding a bicycle or not...) - Enjoy NYC, I'd love to go, too!

  5. I agree!!! I really wish people would stop posting about shows as they are watching them. It is really irritating!

  6. Bahahahaha! Too funny! Well, I think all the UK ex-pats are getting Americans back by posting spoilers of Downton Abby which won't air here for MONTHS! But that probably doesn't make you feel any better, does it? Hope you have loads of fun at the festival! You know I'm jealous :-) Happy Weekending!

  7. I LOVE the picture of you guys holding the pumpkin like a baby. It cracked me up. I'm loving your blog:)

  8. Okay, thank you for saying what we're all thinking about the spoiler alerts! Highly unnecessary and totally rude! I guess you just have to stay off of all of your social media until you watch your shows? Yeah, not fair. Annnnd you and your husband with that gourd are like, the cutest thing EVER.

  9. NYC during the holidays is beyond great. It's the best! Enjoy every second with your family and scoring a great deal on a flight is like the cherry on top!

  10. I just saw a spoiler alert about Grey's and was like Noooooooo!!!!!

  11. just being on the west coast vs. east i feel the same way about tv spoilers! and dang...can grown daughters of retired military use that site?! probably not. :(

  12. I love the picture of you and your husband cradling the squash like a baby. Hilarious!

  13. Love the blog! New follower :)
    -Megan http://ephesianswife.blogspot.com/

  14. Just found you through the giveaway! I am your newest follower, I hope I win!! Would love for you to stop by and follow along if you'd like :)


  15. Facebook; seriously.. people post multiple times a day, status updates, how they're feeling.. what they're eating. "what's going on tonight?"


    follow back

  16. Totally agree about the facebook/twitter posting about tv shows. Quite unnecessary! Multiple people posting nearly the exact same thing ruined a show for me this past week...boo for that :(

    How exciting to spend time with your family in NYC at Christmas. It's busy, busy, busy then...but you'll have an AMAZING time!

    And yay for pumpkin patches :) Hoping to make it out to one of those myself in the next week or so. Hope you find some good ones!

  17. i can't believe i didn't run into you there yesterday! hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

  18. that's so exciting for your little sister!
    i'm very close to my sister and her current job keeps her away a lot and i'm always praying for her and hoping she's okay, like we're five years old again!
    and i know how you feel about the tv thing!
    i used to live in england and i would have that same problem. so don't worry, you won't see me doing anything like that :)
    glad i re-found your blog via the awesome-sauce giveaway!

  19. I'd rather the tv stuff on Facebook than the political "debates". Because posting on FB will clearly change people's minds. Found you in the blog hop

  20. Ah! You're coming to New York! I'm so excited for you. You are going to have a blast here in the Big Apple - especially during the holidays. There's so much to do - and it's something we locals take for granted. (Which is why I'm always so envious of tourists!) - Hope you have a fun with your little sis!

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