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Sep 11, 2012

Adventures in Prague: Lennon Wall, Markets, & The Czech Beer Festival

I've just got a few more sights to show you from our trip to Prague...then I swear I'll move on to some less Bohemian posts. After leaving the castle, we began our search for the infamous John Lennon Wall. This wall was birthed out of rebellion from the youth of Eastern and Central Europe in the early 80's. Western pop music was banned by Communism at the time, so the youth of Prague began painting images of John (their so-called pacifist hero), Beatles song lyrics, and political messages on this wall. Despite continually painting over the graffiti, the secret police could never keep the wall clean for long. The Czech people like to think of it as Prague's equivalent to the Berlin wall. While I think that's a bit of a stretch, it could kind of be true. Some believe that the "John Lennon Peace Wall" helped inspire the non-violent Velvet Revolution that led to the fall of Communism in the former Czechoslovakia in 1989. Whatever the reason it still exists, it's a part of Prague's rich history and definitely worth a visit. Truth be told, this wall gave us a run for our money...unusually hard to find. It's tucked away in a little corner of the Lesser Quarter behind an old church. If it hadn't been covered in graffiti, we would have missed it altogether. Thankfully, you have me! Now you'll know exactly where it is and how to find it (click the link above for the metro stop info). You're welcome. :)

Ooo, before I forget...again (this was supposed to go in the previous post)...we also made a quick stop at the Old Jewish Cemetery. It's located in the Jewish Quarter just outside the Old Town Square area and is one of the most historic sites for Prague's Jewish population. Tombstones in this graveyard date back to 1439 and burials here took place until 1787. Today it contains some 12,000 tombstones, although the number of people buried here is much greater. According to Jewish law, Jews must not destroy Jewish graves, especially the tombstone. When this particular graveyard started to run out of burial space and there was no more land available to purchase, additional soil layers were added on to existing graves and the old tombstones were taken out and moved upward to the new layer of soil. This is why the graveyard looks so crowded and unkempt. Historians believe that the grave area is about 12 layers deep, with tombs stacked on top of one another. It's a very eerie sight to see.

Havelské Market is located just around the corner from the Old Town Square. It's a permeant market that showcases the locals handicrafts, produce, and postcards. Definitely worth a stop if you're looking for quick souvenir or a fresh snack. Don't those berry baskets look to die for?!

The last stop of our vacation in Prague was the Česky Pivní Festival...also known as the Czech Beer Festival! It was no Oktoberfest, but the beer was not too shabby! Of course as with any beer festival, there were drunken crazies everywhere, but they made for excellent people watching...especially when they turned an empty area of the Festhall into an obstacle course. Would you guess that it was a group of Germans getting rowdy? Those Germans continue to surprise me. :) Kudos to our friend Matt for finding this fun way to end our time together in beautiful Praha!


  1. I never knew about the graffiti wall until I saw it on the Bachelorette, ha! Your post is definitely more educational :-)

  2. How awesome are those pictures! Is it great to look at these places through your lens. I am your newest follower thanks to the GFC Blog Hop. Feel free to follow back at www.southernnewlywed22.blogspot.com I look forward to reading through your blog more!


  3. We went to that same beer festival in Prague two years ago, it was an interesting/fun time for sure! Prague is such an amazing city, I'm loving your photos! :)

  4. Wow - that looks like an incredible vacation! Beer Festivals are always fun!

  5. Ah, I miss Europe! That John Lennon wall is amazing - The Beatles are my favorite band. Even wrote my senior thesis for my BA on The Beatles. :) I found your blog via Wonderful Wednesday. When you have time, swing by + say hey! I also run a cool feature, called Teach Me Something Thursday - I'd love for you to be a part of it!


  6. Powerful picture. Great post so interesting!

  7. i LOVE prague! visited there about 3 years ago and we only planned to spend a full day there, and we wish we had given ourselves more time. looks like you had a wonderful trip, though!

    (found your blog via wonderful wednesdays link up! now following!)

  8. All the graffiti look awesome!!! Found you on Wonderful Wednesdays. Look forward to connecting with you. Lots of love, light & sparkles. xxx

  9. I would just looooooove to see that wall in person! So jealous of your travels :)

  10. what FANTASTIC travel photos! that wall photographs especially well!

    p.s. i just found your blog through the wonderful wednesday weekly link party and i'm your blog's newest follower!

    dash dot dotty

  11. SO FUN! new follower from the blog hop! can't wait to keep following along!

    stop by sometime!

  12. Can't believe I've been to Prague twice and missed the Lennon Wall both times. Looks so cool - whoops.

  13. John Lennon Wall is one of my favourite places in Prague! it!s very nice to read about Prague, my capital city, throught the eye of a foreigner. Nicely written. You pictures have some magic. There is something really interesting in them :)


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