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Apr 5, 2011

What A Weekend!

4 days in the great state of North Carolina with my amazing family was exactly what the doctor ordered! D and I had a wonderfully productive, yet relaxing, long weekend at home. Here's a little recap of this past weekend's highlights:

Thursday afternoon/evening

D and I hopped in the car as soon as he could sneak his cute tushie out of the squadron doors. The 5 hour long car ride is never something we look forward to doing, so this time we decided to be productive while driving. I printed off the 100 page (ugh, tell me about it) USAFE Germany Driver's Handbook and read parts of it aloud while D drove. In theory, it was a brilliant idea, but D put a stop to the driving lesson around page 20 because it was starting to put him to sleep. Falling asleep at the wheel is never a good idea, so we took a break, popped in some Michael Bublé and made it home right before the god-awful sing-a-long episode of Grey's Anatomy started. Did anyone else see it? I literally cringed the whole episode! Dr. Torres does have quite the voice on her...but the songs were so distracting that it took away from the intense, chair gripping drama I was so longing for.


Both Mom and Dad had to work and the little sis was still at her college so D and I had the day to ourselves. We slept in, ate lunch at Jersey Mikes (a restaurant on our "Eat here one more time before we move" list...and it was scrumptious!), organized the yard sale stuff already in Mom's basement and added what we brought from VA, and spent some time at the DMV renewing our US drivers licenses. Now we can check that of our to-do list! That evening, we went to D's parents house for dinner and family time. D's sister and her hubby came and brought my adorable nephew, Logan, for us to "ooo" and "ahh" over all night! The little stinker is now walking, eating lots of new foods, and jibber-jabbering all over the place! I love having a baby (almost toddler!) in the family! Being at D's parents house gave us an opportunity to go through some of his old childhood things to see if there was anything he needed to get rid of at the yard sale. We found a few things to sell, but the biggest gem of the night was this:

A box of old notes I had wrote to D back in high school.

Talk about a blast from the past! These things are hilarious. I forgot how mushy and lovey-dovey I can get sometimes. We had alot of fun sitting down in the basement reading notes and reminiscing about our high school romance. What's even funnier, this isn't all of them! No sir, I've got a box about 2 times larger in my closet at home of notes D wrote to me. That boy used to love to write me notes and pass them to me in the hallway between classes. Ahh, memories. We've vowed to save every smudged piece of notebook paper in these boxes until the day we die. I've already given my sister strict instructions not to read a word...just dispose of them when we're gone. I will haunt her for all of eternity if she reads them. You read that sisser?! Haunt you for ETERNITY!

Ok, so I can tell this post is only going to get longer since I've still got 3 more days to tell you about...and I've got a certain officer whose going to be home for dinner soon...so, I'll finish recapping our lovely weekend later tonight. Now that D is on swing shift, I'll have plenty of time in the evenings for blogging...and reality TV watching! YESSSSSS! Stay tuned!

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