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Apr 20, 2011

A Quick Update

So, do you guys remember that whiny post I wrote about how bored I had been since D had started swing shifts? Well, scratch everything I said about being bored...because I haven't had a second to be bored since the middle of last week. We have been going full speed ahead on preparing for the big move to Germany. I looked at my planner on Sunday and realized I had booked myself 6 appointments this week. SIX! All pertaining to Germany and all to be done before the end of today. After all these appointments, I am happy to report that I have been officially medically cleared for Germany and have already turned in all formal paperwork to outbound for processing! WHEW! So glad that piece of this moving puzzle is accounted for. In addition to that happy note, today, we finally got attending the Relocation briefing checked off the list, as well as check marks for D turning in his latest PT test results and a few other documents. Double WHEW!

Sadly, we are STILL waiting for D to be medically cleared. I know, I was cleared even before my own husband. And HE is the military member! They say he will have all his medical stuff cleared and ready to turn into outbound by tomorrow. I won't hold my breath, but I'm praying they will follow through. This is the last thing we need to get our orders. We are coming down to the wire here because TMO is requiring a 3 week notice on pack outs. We MUST have our orders by May 5th. MUST. This is really the only thing that is stressing me out. Everything else has been moving along relatively smoothly. Too smoothly. I guess it's about time for Murphy's Law to set in. It seems almost impossible for something, especially this big and chaotic, to go off without a hitch. We plan and God laughs, right?

As for this weekend, well, IT'S YARD SALE WEEKEND! Whoo hoo! We are heading back down to NC with our last load of yard sale goodies and putting on a mega sale at my parents house. My mom still has a ton furniture, knick knacks, and kitchen stuff left over from MeeMaw's estate sale a few weekends ago, so she will be adding major value to our yard sale inventory. I am hoping the yard sale god's will be smiling upon us this weekend, blessing us with sunny weather, eager buyers (willing to pay full sticker price, I hate haggling!!) and lots of cash flow! I will be SO glad when this thing is over with!

On another note, I was able to carve some time out of my appointment laden week to get my hair cut (yay!) and to have dinner with a few of our closest friends here in VA. As I mentioned in a previous post, most of our friends here have already PCSed outta here. Katie and Arrow, who were one of the first couples we met when we got to VA, left to head off to Florida yesterday...but they were nice enough to spend their last night here eating Mexican food and joking around with us! We had a great time reminiscing about our time here together (we actually were duplex neighbors when we first moved on base in 2009), even though we waited for our food for over an hour! Crazy right? Mexican food NEVER takes more than 15 minutes to get to your table after ordering. It was fine though. Gave us more time to chat and spend time together. D and I will really miss them. But just like every other family we meet via the Air Force, we're sure to run into them again. The military world is smaller than you think.

Annie Pannie, Me, and Katie. Partners in crime! 
Well, now that you've been sufficiently updated, the pup and I are headed to the kitchen to whip up some dinner for D and then, like a good wifey, deliver it to him at his office. We're heading home tomorrow to help mom price things for the yard sale and set up, so I've gotta get to packin' our bags too! Maybe I'll be able to squeeze in some time to relax and watch the Lifetime movie "William & Kate" that I DVRed the other night. I mean, it would be a shame not to make time to learn more about England's most handsome prince and his bride-to-be...especially when the actor who is playing him in this movie is 10x hotter than the prince in real life. I'm just sayin'. :) 


  1. Do you mind telling me what has to be finished and completed BEFORE getting orders? I need to make sure we get our orders about 3-4 months before we move due to the circumstances. A lot of the guys J work with in Korea are getting their orders just a few weeks before they leave Korea, and I think its because they are waiting till the last minute to do things. I believe we can get our medical clearances 6 months prior to the RNLT date, so thats what I'm hoping to do.

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