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Apr 26, 2011

Easter/Yard Sale Weekend

Hello blog world! I know, I've been neglecting you. My apologies! But, I'm back in VA and back to running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get ready for Germany! Here is a quick download of my lovely weekend back home in NC:

Before heading home, D and I spent half of the day waiting for the FedEx guy to bring us this adorable pink box of deliciousness...

Please excuse the lack of make-up and hair styling. We were about to endure another 5 hour drive, not a fashion show. So, what's inside the box you ask?

A dozen scrumptious cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake in DC!! You know, the cupcakes from the show DC cupcakes on TLC? D and I decided to splurge and have some shipped to us because we LOVE that show and every time we watch, we are drooling over the remote. These were also kind of our little celebration gift. We never really did celebrate getting our assignment to Germany...so we though these were appropriate. And they totally did not disappoint! I have never had food shipped to me before, so I didn't know what to expect. The packaging was adorable and super functional. Only one little fondant leaf on the Maple cupcake melted. The rest were perfect! Don't they look delish!? Well, they were. And we were even nice enough to share them with our family. The jury is still out on which was our favorite. D and I both thoroughly enjoyed the Strawberry, Maple and Coconut cupcakes. But really, they were all divine!

Although this picture of D is super creepy to me, it does showcase his cupcake excitement. We dug into the cupcakes as soon as we got the box open! He was about to enjoy a strawberry one.

As for the yard sale...we TOTALLY ROCKED IT! How does $1200 sound for a yard sale Saturday?! Awesome, right?! I am so stinkin' glad we did it...and I'm so stinkin' glad it's over!!! I really hate watching people touch all over my stuff, even if they are going to pay me for it. My anxiety and OCD were on high alert that day. The hagglers were few and far between, thank goodness, so I didn't get too annoyed. AND, we only had to bring back one small box of stuff we didn't sell! So very happy. This extra money will definitely come in handy when we finally make it across the pond.

After Saturday was all done and over with, we got to enjoy each other's company and the rest of our Easter weekend together. We went to church on Sunday and had a wonderful praise and worship service. Then we ate a nice Easter lunch at Outback Steakhouse (yum-o!) and spent the rest of the day lounging around with our full bellies. We did have some time to have a little family photo shoot. We usually take pictures as a family every Easter Sunday. D even proposed to me on Easter weekend of 2006! Here are a few photos from our attempt at the perfect Easter Sunday photo:

Mom's azalea's were blooming and looked outta this world!

Attempt #1

This one would have been the winner had D not closed his eyes!! Plus, Tuck wasn't really cooperating, as usual.

So we finally ditched the dog (sorry Tuck!) and got this. It'll do. Now one with the lil sis!

Wendy also got some pretty hilarious outtakes of this picture on her camera, but she's yet to share them with me. Let's just say that D got in touch with his inner female side in a few of them. Seriously funny. 

So, that about sums up my Easter weekend! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday as well!


  1. Love all the pics! Those cupcakes look amazing!

  2. Those cupcakes look delicious!! I wish the town I lived in had a cupcakery!

  3. O man, those look delicious! My mom had a cake sent to me on my birthday one year, actually on 9/11/01. The cake was coming from NYC as well. It didn't make it on my bday though obviously, but was STILL pretty good.

    you guys did awesome on your garage sale!


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