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Apr 12, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

And so has the balance in my checking account!
Kidding, kidding...kinda.

Slowly the dreary days of winter have faded away and spring has sprung in all its floral glory! Flowers blooming, birds singing, everything sprouting up with new life. Ahhhhh. It's refreshing! You know what else is refreshing? Getting all those emails in my inbox informing me of the spring sales around town in my most favorite stores! Stores that are sure to have lots of those pretty little sundresses I SO look forward to wearing every spring and summer. I love me a good sundress. They are super cute, super comfy, and this year, SUPER cheap!

I have already had the great fortune of finding not one, not two, not even just three, but five (yes, FIVE) adorable sundresses for ridiculously low prices. And 2 new pairs of sandals to boot! What are my new spring finds? I'm so glad you asked... 

I've just been DYING to show you.

This little number cost me a cool $12.50! Can you say, STEAL? Boho chic, I'm in LOVE!

I'm pretty sure I'm going to wear these into the ground. H&M...I'm so glad you are also in Europe! Don't these kind of remind you of a vintage pair of Candies the with wooden heel...only less expensive at $34.50.

Target...for like 14 bucks. Yes, please!
This little black number was a mere $15 at Old Navy. The necklace is already part of my collection..J. Crew outlet is the best place to get J. Crew items for stupid cheap.

Wear it to the grocery store...heck...wear it to clean the toilets...who cares, because it was only $10! SAY WHAT? Ladies, get to Old Navy, like now. Their dress sale won't last forever!

Another H&M steal...high waist skirt $12.50/shirt $7.50. Weiner dog sold separately.

A closer look. I am obsessed with floral patterns this year. And navy blue apparently.
Last, but not least...

If you have a Francesca's near you...GO. They have tons of cute dresses for all occasions. And they are super versatile. Thinking about adding a camel colored belt to break up the pattern a bit. Dress and bone beaded necklace, $60.

Hoping to add these babies to my collection...as soon as Macy's has a sale! Wouldn't they look super cute with the Francesca's dress above?

Now all I need is a tan. Mother Nature...I'm gonna need your help on that one.

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  1. Love that floral dress from H&M! And that high waisted skirt...I am loving the floral patterns this year!


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