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Apr 13, 2011

My Personal Three Ring Show

Don't you love it when you have a super productive day that was totally unexpected? Boy, do I...especially these days. I don't know if I ever mentioned this before, but D finally got part of the OCONUS PCSing checklist we'd been waiting for. Hurdle one, defeated. As soon as we got it in our hands, we starting making plans. We immediately decided what day we needed to move out of our home and notified the housing office of our move out date.

Next, D started the ball rolling on obtaining our port of call date as well as getting his medical records checked out and signed off on. We're still waiting on both of those to be approved, but we know it could take a few days...we're hopeful to check those off the list by next week.

Today, D and I had an appointment with Tricare to get paperwork filled out for MY medical clearance. Yep, I also have to be medically cleared to be able to jet off to Germany with my one and only. It's kind of scary to think that I could potentially be the reason why orders get cancelled for Germany and they send us somewhere stateside instead. It's totally not going to happen because I'm in great health...but it's been known to happen people before...plenty of times, according to the Tricare liaison. With all that being said, I have to head to the doctor on Friday for my physical (how I got an appt. the same week as when I made the call, I'll never know) and to get my PCM to sign off on a stack of papers. Nothing like walking in to a doctors office, waiting an hour (or two) to be seen, then asking the doctor to sign a document longer than my own Last Will and Testament. Oh yeah, I'm totally going to be the gold star patient of the day.
Check-- also pending.

In addition to getting the ball rolling with Tricare...we hit up Base Immunizations and they signed off on D's immunization records. What did I get on our visit? A nice, long needle jabbed into my arm in the form of a Tdap vaccine. Awesome. I must admit, my mother was right. It doesn't hurt nearly as bad as the dreaded single Tetanus shot. Your arm throbs for hours...days...after that one. Maybe the addition of the diphtheria softens the blow. Gotta love that diphtheria. So, after D got a good laugh at my expense and we got our forms signed, we headed to my Civi dentist to get her to sign off on my dental records. I'll be picking up that form tomorrow.
Check, check, and check!

After my doctor's visit on Friday, all we will have to do is turn in all of our medical sign off forms and then we will have a scheduled visit with the medical board to get me officially cleared for Germany. YAY, right?! Sounds horrible to me. Apparently they will peruse my medical records and all of the forms signed off by my various medical professionals and then determine if I'm healthy enough to send to Germany with my hubby. Talk about nerve wracking. The Tricare lady said it's no big deal and that if I'm in good health, it will be a piece of cake. But still, sitting in front of a big wig and having them flip through my personal records to tell me whether or not I fit the "clean" bill of health they are looking for is a little invasive to me. I'm not thrilled about it, obviously, but it has to be done. And then everything can move forward as planned.
Check--again, pending.

After all of the above is completed....we get ORDERS! Ahhh the orders...what every PCSer needs to complete the process. They're what we need to make plans with TMO, among other places, but seem untouchable until every hoop has been appropriately jumped through. Right now, D and I are giving our best big top performance possible. That's seriously what this feels like. One big circus.
Google images

"Step right up ladies and gentlemen...see the crazy OCD lady and her handsome heroic husband ZIG and ZAG through rings of fire to earn a chance to live among the rolling hills of Beer and Lederhosen! Will they make it in time or will their dreams go up in flames? Keep your eye on the Big Top, boys and girls, because only time will tell!"


  1. Do the dogs get to go on the adventure too?

  2. I know this post was written a few years ago but I empathize with you on the whole "one big circus" feeling. I just went through that a few months ago so I could come to Germany with my husband and they sure do make it difficult to move overseas! There were times where I just wanted to throw my hands up in the air and say "I give up. I'll stay behind!" haha. But thankfully everything worked out :)


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