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Apr 7, 2011

Too Much "Me" Time

I'm bored. So unbelievably bored.

D just started back up on swing shifts (3pm-11pm).  I can hear the world laughing now...be careful what you ask for! We did, we totally asked for it.

D and I have weathered swing shift before...prior to D's first deployment. The only thing that was different was that I was also working at the time. I went to my hellacious lovely job at 7:30 every morning and would return home around 5:30pm. This proved to be quite annoying due to the fact that D and I only got to see each other super early in the morning and right before we both passed out at night. I really, really missed him during that 3 month stint, but it ended up making the transition from seeing him briefly each day to not seeing him at all for 6 months alot easier.

Now that I don't work (thank you, Lord!), D and I get to sleep in as late as we want to, run errands all day if we want to, workout together, and get to enjoy breakfast and lunch together each day. I LOVE that part of swing shift. We get to spend alot more time together in the best part of the day. Then, at 2:45pm, I send him off to work. As I mentioned before, it's exactly what we'd be asking for. Because of this pending move to Germany, it also gives us LOTS of time to run around base getting things checked off our Germany "To-Do" list. Definitely the second best perk to this new schedule.

The biggest drawback: I'm bored at night. My boredom starts to set in around 6pm and lasts allllll the way up until he walks in that door around 11:30pm. The first two days were easy peasy! I kept thinking to myself..."Hmm self, I think I'm going to like having lots of ME time in the evenings instead of during the day." There's a whole lot of activities I think I'd rather do at night anyway. I can watch all my DVRed reality TV and girlie shows without having to hear the hubby let out a discerning moan as soon as he hears the voice of Bethenny Frankle blaring from the TV. I can lay in bed and blog to my hearts content and not feel guilty about the laying in the bed part. I've usually already done the chores for the day and gotten my workout in, so I don't have to worry about that and I can be lazy. Great right?! Who knew being lazy would be something I was going to have to force myself to enjoy. I'm positive there is such thing as too much "me" time and too much down time.

It's been 3 days and I'm already stir crazy. Normally, I'd make a trip to Target or the local shopping center to roam around when I have too much time on my hands...but with D and I trying to save all the money we can for this big move abroad, I can't risk the chance of an impulse buy and the buyers remorse that is sure to follow. Besides, D and I already did all of our running around during the day. ARG! Darn you swing shift! You present such a conundrum! I love you and hate you at the same time! Geez, what am I going to do when we get to Germany and the hubby is back to work and I'm.........?????

Let's not go there, yet.

So, it's 8:30pm and I've already exhausted all my back up activities. I reorganized our Germany info folder and re-read a few pamphlets his sponsor mailed us (thanks Steven!). I've made myself dinner (heated it up rather, since the hubby couldn't stop by the house to get some home cooking on his break tonight) and took the pup for a walk. I've watched all my DVRed shows from the last 2 days and dog eared recipes in my newest Food Network magazine. The only thing left I could do is learn some German...but I'm totally not in the mood. That crap is hard to learn and right now, I need an easy boredom fix. I know you are wondering..."Does she have any friends?" Well, duh, but don't get me started on that depressing note. Almost all of our friends have up and PCSed on us! My few lovely chickadee's left here are currently busy with their own adorable hubby's. I guess I got my time with my boy this morning, so I shouldn't be whining. 

But, oh man, is it 11:30 yet?

Ladies, help me! What do you guys do when you are utterly and hopelessly bored outta your mind? (and if any of you say "workout", you will be put in blogger time out!)


  1. D is usually home at night, but when he's in the field and after the baby is in bed I like to do all those things that you mentioned, then I pull out a good book and read. Sometimes I take bubble baths.

    If I had more time (I tend to have a lot of cleaning to do once AJ's in bed) I'd do hobbies like sewing, crafts or quilting. If you don't know how, then teach yourself!

    I know you're leaving soon, but have you thought about volunteering somewhere?

  2. Guten Tag! (I'm slowly learning my German lol)

    What do I do??? A whole lot of nothing. Sometimes I do housework if I didn't get to it while the kids were in school. Sometimes I do my own school work, but lately I've been watching TV. I guess I picked up blogging out of boredom, that keeps me busy for a whole 20 minutes ;)

    Maybe pick up a hobby? Learn to knit? Read a few books?

  3. Thanks ladies! I have a few books I need to finish reading, so I have thought about doing that. The volunteering was somthing I had considered...but I don't really want to start something up when we've only got 7 weeks left in VA. I also thought about the being crafty...but who am I kidding. I literally start a project and get bored with it...then it never gets finished. I do want to learn how to knit...so that might be a good idea! Just need to keep up with it once I start.

    I decided to work on revamping some of the recipes I had written and started organizing them in a new filer. That kept me busy for a while last night. Thanks again for the suggestions!!


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