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Mar 14, 2013

Paris: Les Cars Rouges Bus Tour

As mentioned in a previous Paris post, D and I opted to purchase a Paris Pass to help offset the cost of sightseeing during our 4 day vacation there this past summer. One of the fun excursions included was the Les Cars Rouges hop-on, hop-off bus tour. Truth be told, D and I don't normally go for bus tours (we like to hoof it in most cities, unless they're super large and spread out like Paris is), but we both have to admit, this tour really was a great one. After spending half a day trekking through Paris on foot (and on the metro), it was nice to just be able to hop on a bus and ride around the city to see sights we were just too worn out to walk to. It was also nice to be able to jump off the bus at any of its 9 stops and begin walking a totally different part of the city. The bus route went to quite of few of Paris' main attractions (Arc de Trimomphe, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Les Invalides, the Louvre, Champs-Elysees...just to name a few) and included little headphones and commentary on the sights you were passing by. If you find yourself enjoying a bus tour in the summer time, make sure you snag a seat on the top of the bus...it's the best place to get photos and cool off! Needless to say, D and I have have become bus tour converts (at least when it comes to resting our tootsies). They're a great way to see the bigger picture of whatever city you're visiting...and they give your feet a rest, to boot!  Many large cities around Europe (and even in the US) offer these hop-on, hop-off bus tours, so if you're planning a fabulous trip, maybe think about adding a quick and affordable bus tour to your itinerary!


  1. I love bus tours. i think they are a great way to really see the city, especially if you're only there for a brief time. lovely!!

    and seriously your blog design...amazing.

  2. You're right - Paris is SO spread out, so this would be a great way to see the city. I know my feet were SO worn out after walking around for 5 days!

    I didn't realize your hair was so red. It looks so pretty!

  3. What a fun and smart way to see the city. :)

  4. Such beautiful sights! I love the architecture of Paris... Oh, and this is a random side note (about your FB post), but after you had JUST told me about getting notifications from Bloglovin', just yesterday, I started to get them too! How funny!

  5. Beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing. :)

  6. i completely agree with this one! i'm not one for bus tours either, but in a city like Paris where everything is so spread out it's definitely super convenient! not to mention it's nice to sit a relax for a minute and still feel like you're doing something :)

  7. I like the idea of a bus tour where you can hop on and hop off anywhere along the route! Still staying care-free and spontaneous...better than a hectic scheduled tour! I'll keep it in mind if I'm ever able to make it to Paris.

  8. wow, that trip looks amazing! I wish I could have gone! New follower and would love a follow back. I have lots of giveaways to enter.


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