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Mar 29, 2013

NYC Eats: Penelope

The morning of our second day in The Big Apple, we were being all kinds of indecisive about breakfast.

"I need coffee...and eggs."
"I want to sit down somewhere...I don't want just a bagel!" 
"Well, I definitely don't want a square bagel...that's just not New York."
"I don't want to walk too far."
"I want alcohol."

That last request was mine, obviously. So, we pulled out our trusty friend, the iPhone, Googled 'best brunch in midtown NYC' and BOOM!...Penelope's saved the day. Penelope is a small, albeit ADORABLE, establishment with a big fan base, so we knew we might be in for a bit of a wait, especially for their yummy brunch menu. We stood outside on the cold NYC streets for about an hour before finally getting a table, but I have to say...it was worth the wait! I all but scarfed down my 'Sam I Am' eggs, hash, and refreshing Pomegranate mimosa. Another to-die-for brunch selection? The Punkin' Waffles. Out of this world! And with a price point of just $15 including your choice of mimosa, coffee, or juice...it's a NYC brunch STEAL! If you find yourself hungry and indecisive in The Big Apple, make it a no-brainer and head on over to Penelope. You can thank me later. :)


  1. Ummm anytime a mimosa is included in the breakfast cost is a winner in my book! Plus talk about a great price. Looks yummy!

  2. Punkin waffles. I used to think far too strange...but then I had one. Golly. I'm starving!

  3. i have never been to nyc. it's tragic. and it's also tragic I haven't eaten breakfast this morning

  4. This place looks adorable and now I'm kinda hungry for brunch, who wants to bring me a mimosa?

  5. Those sunset pics are absolutely stunning. The next time I am back in NYC, I will definitely try Penelope's!!

  6. Looks like an awesome place -- and that food! Yum. And I'm not even a serious breakfast person (I know). Also, is that sunrise?! If so, y'all are awesome... though I love getting up early when traveling because there's just so much I want to see, I can rarely manage it.

  7. Never heard of Punkin' Waffles but I do like waffles with ice cream and of course I love hash browns.....

  8. These photos are gorgeous!!!! Oh how I miss NYC!

  9. Wonderful photographs. Inspiring to take better photos. Do you use photoshop?

  10. Brunch & mimosas...sounds like perfection!

    I also must say that both you & your sister have amazing taste in scarves. I have scarf envy.


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