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Mar 7, 2013

Crush-worthy Blogs

I read a lot of blogs. I mean A LOT. My reader is almost bursting at the seams and I've probably barely scratched the surface of all the wonderful blogs there are out there in blog land. But, there are really only a handful of unique blogs I find myself waiting with bated breath for new posts each day. Each one I love for a different reason, but at the same time, find I'm drawn to all of them because of their originality, inspiration, and BFF-worthy personalities. If you can make me laugh, show me pretty things, and speak to my soul, you've won a spot in my heart forever...just like these amazing ladies have below!

 A big, huge THANK YOU to Erin at Living in Yellow for hosting the blog crush link-up!   

Keeps Me in Stitches:
 Every time I see there's a new post from Taylor, I basically leap out of my seat...mostly because I know I'm going to get a good laugh. And not just a good laugh, a full on 'holding my belly in pain' kind of laugh. Tay is sarcasm and quick-wittedness at it's very finest. Two qualities in a person (and blogger) that make me wanna take a look inside her brain and see how in the world she comes up with this stuff! It's quite brilliant and DEFINITELY some of the funniest blog content around. 

Heart of Gold:
Blog//My fave posts: Christmas Cards & Adoption
Ruthie's blog was one of the first I ever sponsored. I came across it by chance and was sucked into it almost instantly. Not only is Ruthie a wife, doggy-lover, and all around sweetie pie...but she's a Christian woman who is unabashedly in love with the Lord and wants to share that love with all of her readers. I love her fearlessness and conviction to share what's on her heart, a true heart of gold at that, in hopes that someone might find some inspiration and faith from her thoughts. Ruthie, if you're reading this...everyday I look forward to being inspired and uplifted by you and your blog! :)

Most Visually Appealing & Yummy:
Amanda is a fellow military wife and expat living abroad in Okinawa, Japan. I was first drawn to Amanda's blog because she is a military wife. I'm always on the lookout for fabulous blogs written by my fellow milspouses...but what kept me coming back day after day was Amanda's beautiful food styling and photography. She's got an eye for taking extraordinary photos of her travels and life in Oki, as well as shooting mouth-watering photographs of the recipes she makes at home and serves on her oceanfront balcony. I mean, I basically die for Amanda and that balcony. And her house filled with all things Pottery Barn. A girl after my own heart!

Closet Coveting:
Blog//My fave posts: Pale Pastels & Back in Black
I'm not big on following fashion blogs, but Kendi's is hard to ignore. She's got wit and class and a closet full of insanely cute duds I could only ever dream of owning. I've gleaned quite a bit of fashion inspiration from her lookbook of super accessible (and often afordable) pieces. This "big blog," as they call them, is one to follow...especially if you enjoy good humor and a leopard print wedge.

Liz is also a fellow expat, relocating from her life in the Pacific Northwest to the great European city of Amsterdam. I love following along with all of her travels. In fact, D and I try our hardest to keep up with Liz and her husband in the travel department! They're on the go just as much, if not more than we are! When D and I are planning a quick weekend away, I always stop by Liz's blog in search of ideas and tips. I should also note that Liz takes some pretty epic photos of all the places she's traveled. If her blog doesn't get you wanderlusting, I don't know what blog will!

My Overall Favorite...in Every Single Way!:
There's about a million wonderful things I could say about Jenni and her amazing blog. Literally, a million. Story of My Life is hands down my favorite blog in the entire world. And Jenni might be one of my favorite human beings in the entire world, as well. I basically big, puffy heart love her. That's not weird to say about someone you've never met in person, right? All you bloggers understand the sentiment, I'm sure. :) My obsession with Jenni and her storytelling started when I came across a link to her & her hubby's love story. I was hooked in an instant. She writes with such heartfelt, thought-provoking fervor that I simply can't wait for a new post from her each day. Not to mention she's got this blogging thing down to a science. Her wealth of knowledge on all things blog related is mind boggling and I'm continually surprised by her ability to write about anything and everything under the sun so effortlessly! But the amazement doesn't stop there. Jenni is one of the sweetest, most genuine souls I've ever had the pleasure of conversing with. Just from reading her blog and exchanging emails about blogging and our love of doggy Frito paws, I feel as though we are soul sistas...a fact I've mentioned to her a creepy amount of times. I'm only sad we haven't met in real life!

Jessica Lynn Writes
Ifs, Ands, & Butts
Living in Yellow (duh!)
Young House Love
La Mia Vita
Across the Pond
Life of Bon
Between Dreams
The Life of the Wife

So, there you have it...my current blog crushes, in a nutshell. If you're not already following these blogs, I suggest you take a Saturday and read up. I guarantee they'll quickly become some of your faves as well! Who are some of your blog crushes? I'd love to know! 2,000 points if you say me! Hehe! :) :) Head on over to Living in Yellow and link-up your list today!


  1. This is such a great way to learn about new blogs. Thanks for sharing your favorites and I love that you spotlighted your favorite post of theirs. Happy Thursday!

  2. Awesome picks! I love love love Ruthie! She is so nice, and genuine and real! Plus Ernie is one of the cutest freaking dogs ever! Next to Harlow of course ;)

  3. Casey I have tears running down my face...the word you used...unabashedly...that just makes my heart swell knowing that readers can plainly see my love for Jesus. Blogging is a platform given to me by The Lord and I am so blessed to have met such wonderful people like YOU (and live vicariously through your amazing trips and travels and awkward European men run ins hehehe). You may think I have a heart of gold but you girl...always so positive and optimistic which is infectious ...um and hello who doesn't wanna come see pretty pictures on your blog!! Love you sister!!! And ps when you come visit jenni you can visit me too...she's my home girl :) have fun in the states!!

  4. YAY YAYY I'm so excited to explore all of these now!

  5. Awwww...so honored to be on your list :-) Love you, and can't wait to see you SOOOONNNNN!!!!!

  6. Oh my goodness Casey... this is the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me and my blog. I am seriously beyond flattered and humbled by your words. Thank you for making my whole day (nay, my whole WEEK!). I LOVE YOU!!! :)

  7. Thanks for sharing, I am excited to check them out! :)

  8. I love finding new blogs! I actually follow some of these already!

  9. I am seriously so honored you mentioned me, and what you said- well that might have just made my weekend. Thank you so much!

  10. You are seriously THE BEST. Thank you for the mention, it seriously made my day :)

  11. I would link up if I wasn't so far behind with my blog reading but I am going to pop on over and read a couple of the blogs you mentioned......as if I don't need more blogs to read........lol

  12. Hey! That's me on there :) Thanks for the mention, friend! I'm also starting to follow a few more bloggers because of this post. Love the blog love you always have!


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