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Mar 16, 2013

Meet & Giveaway Saturdays!

Happy Saturday, my dear friends! I hope you find yourself having a lovely weekend so far! Me? Well, I'm sitting on the couch with my pup, enjoying a cup of coffee while my mommy makes me my last home cooked breakfast here in America. Tomorrow I make the 9 hour flight back to Deutschland where I'll finally be reunited with my handsome hubby, who I've missed so much! As excited as I am to return to Germany, my heart is also heavy as I leave North Carolina, once again. This time, I have no idea when I'll be coming back. What I do know is that it'll be a good while away...like a year or more. And that makes me all kinds of uneasy. I've got my fingers crossed that another opportunity like the one I've had these last two weeks will present itself again before a year has passed by, but one can never tell. So, for now I'm making the most of my last 24 hours here at home and looking forward to all the exciting trips we have coming up in the next few weeks. Countdown to our big 12 day Mediterranean cruise...45 days! Eeeek! Now, enough about me, come meet and greet with my oh so wonderful March sponsors! Funny thing is, the majority of these ladies are either currently expats or were former expats! One thing they all have in common? Their love for travel. Girls after my own heart, for sure! Make sure after getting to know the girls that you enter to win the awesome items they're giving away at the bottom of this post. Aren't bloggers just the most generous bunch of people in the world?! Off you go! :)

My girl, Nicole, is living the dream in Spain and writing all about it on her fabulous blog, La Mia Vita. Nicole originally hails from San Francisco, but has made Madrid her home away from home while she finishes her Masters degree. Not a bad place to go to school, if you ask me! On her blog you'll find recaps of her travels, a look into Spanish life, and some really, really stunning photography. Make sure you check out this post from her trip to Nerja, Spain. Mind=blown!

Next we have the fun loving, Belinda, who made the journey all the way from Washington state across the pond to a life of adventure in the United Kingdom! She's newly married to her hubby, Neal, and has quite the compilation of wedding advice for new brides-to-be on her blog. This girl knows her wedding stuff! She also has me wanderlusting to get myself back to England for a visit. Well, there, and Ireland...and Scotland...the list goes on and on! Head on over and say Cherrio! 

Gorgeous Nadine is the brains behind the Back East Blonde blog...a creative space where you can find a super fun love story, a cute pup named Archie, and lots of really fabulous budget-friendly outfit posts like this, or this, and I can't forget about this one! I need Nadine's closet to be my closet, for reals. Come follow along with Nadine as she navigates life with her newly live-in boyfriend and as she tries to change the world one non-profit at a time. She's got a heart of gold, this one!

This beautiful gal is Melissa of A Mile in Her Boots blog! Melissa is a sweet buck-eye girl who writes inspiring posts about her journey to achieving better health & fitness, traveling around the West Coast, and paying it forward with 31 random acts of kindness (loved this post!). In her little slice of blog world you'll also find cute outfit posts about how to dress for success and a list of her favorite "must have" beauty products. I've got a few of those products on my shelf as well! Head on over and get acquainted, y'all!

Next up is the sweet-as-pie, Cortne, of the new up and coming blog Coco in Magnolia! I've actually had the pleasure of talking with Cortne a bit via Google Hangout and it's easy to see, she's got a passion for blogging that's unparalleled! Girlfriend is funny, too! When you visit her blog you'll find a wide variety of fun posts that'll suck you in...I personally love this post about being fierce and reconstructing how you think! Bravo, Cortne! Go make friends, y'all!
Betsy Transatlantically is a blog written by, you guessed it, Betsy! She's and avid blogger and a DC native who finds herself turning expat from time to time as she plans a wedding to her handsome Englishman in London! When she's not navigating the wedding planning world, Betsy writes a lot of thought-provoking, insightful posts...some of my favorites being her thoughts on blogging, taking her husbands name when married, and breaking down Britishisms. Want to follow along with her journey? Head on over and say hello!

Nicole blogs her adorable heart out over at the newly re-named Pearls and Prosecco blog. She is a fellow military spouse and expat transplanted from Florida to Northern Italy! Over on her little slice of blog land you can find lots of amazing European travel posts and updates on her ever-changing life as a military wife. Oh, how I can relate to almost every post! My personal favorite? This post on her recent trip to Bruges, Belgium. I adore this city! Add this one to your bucket list, friends!

And finally we have the lovely, Belle, of Finding My Virginity. Belle is quite a mystery to me, as "Belle" is not her real name and she never shows her face, a fact that I find a very refreshing and fun departure from the blogging norm. Belle is a former French expat who recently made her way back into the blog world! Yay! On her blog, Belle writes candidly about her life as a virgin and the social criticism that goes along with it. She's also a literature lover and shares many of her book reviews on her blog! I love finding new reads from her insightful book breakdowns. Make sure you take some time out today to stop by her space and say hello!

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  1. I love, love, love your new blog design! It's awesome, just like you :)

  2. Thanks Casey! I loooove the new design, it's gorgeous :)


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