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Nov 21, 2012

Why I'll Be Going to the Gym on Turkey Day

It's no surprise that we won't be spending Thanksgiving back home in North Carolina once again this year. With our pending trip home for Christmas, it just didn't make since to hop a flight back for Thanksgving as well. As much as I'd love to be scarfing down my mother-in-law's honey glazed ham and my mom's pineapple casserole in front of an already lit Christmas tree, we'll staying put in Germany and enjoying a Thanksgiving dinner with some dear friends. On the menu this year is of course, a turkey (which I won't be eating...hate it...I know, I'm sooooo un-American), stuffing, green bean casserole, corn, cranberry sauce, rolls, and inevitably something pumpkiny. In addition, Team Coté will be bringing the Most Bangin' Mac & Cheese in the History of Everdom (it's so good, it got its own ridiculously long name) and my MeeMaw's Sweet Potato Casserole (recipe is under lock and key, so no blog posts for you folks, sorry!). Sounds like a meal fit for a king, right? I've already got my stretchy pants out and ready to go. 

Let's get our gobble on!

Turkey Day Fun Facts
Did you know?...
The average American consumes 4,500 calories and enough fat to equal 3 sticks of butter on Thanksgiving Day, according to the Calorie Control Council (meet you guys at the gym before dinner? Yeesh!)
Californians are the largest consumers of turkey in the US...who knew?
Benjamin Franklin wanted the national bird of the United States to be a turkey. (For the record, thank goodness Ben lost that battle. Could you imagine having a turkey as a symbol of our nation's freedom? The bald eagle is a much more bad a$$ choice.)
Turkey has more protein than chicken or beef.
Alcoholic beverages and overeating are typically what contribute to that after dinner nap on Thanksgiving, not the tryptophan from the turkey.
+ Sara Josepha Hale, an American magazine editor, persuaded Abraham Lincoln to declare Thanksgiving a national holiday. She is also the author of the popular nursery rhyme "Mary Had a Little Lamb."
+ The Dallas Cowboys have hosted a game every Thanksgiving day since 1966 (except 1975 & 1977).
+ Foods served at the first Thanksgiving were deer, sea bass, flint corn, shellfish, cod, and various kinds of fowl.
+ Due to white meat being the most popular part of a turkey, turkeys have been bred to have huge breasts. So much so, that modern day domesticated turkeys are unable to mate due to the breast getting in the way. Many hatcheries use artificial insemination to fertilize the eggs of the domestic turkey (this fact is precisely why I don't eat turkey...blech).
+ The busiest airports on Thanksgiving Day are: O'Hare Int, Chicago | LA Int, Los Angeles | Logan Int, Boston | LaGuardia, NYC | San Francisco Int, San Francisco. 
+ 56% of holiday drivers travel over 100 miles to their Thanksgiving dinners.
+ The Snoopy balloon has appeared in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade more than any other balloon.
+ Now a Thanksgiving dinner staple, cranberries were once used by Native Americans to treat arrow wounds and dye clothing.
+ 50% of Americans put the stuffing inside the turkey.

So, what are your plans this Thanksgiving? Will you be dining around a table full of family and friends or vacationing with a loved one? What's on your Thanksgiving menu? Will your stuffing be cooked inside or outside the turkey? Share recipes if you'd like!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, everyone!


  1. We just moved from Germany to Colorado about 2 weeks ago so we are spending the day at a friend's house here. I'll be getting in a good 5-8mi run in the morning to help off set all the food I'll be chowing down :)

  2. Can't wait to eat all that yummy goodness! Sign me up for the butter! LOL. =) No actually I will probably gain two punds, for real!



  3. Loovvveee the fun facts, cant wait to read them to hubby tonight :)!

  4. oh some of those facts are terrifying!!

  5. I'm not a big fan of turkey either! I still eat it every year on Thanksgiving for the sake of the holiday, but I definitely prefer the baked ham we have at Christmas.

    on the flip side, I'm also really weird in that I prefer turkey lunch meat over ham. I can't explain that.

  6. While I'm doing everything in my power to hopefully being an expat when I graduate college, I think it would be hardest not to be in the states during holidays. I'm home for the week and having lunch with my parents and grandmother. No crazy family reunion, no screaming children, not (too) much food. All the staples will be there, including turkey (which I never knew was almost going to be our country's bird! Would we be eating bald eagle for Thanksgiving instead?) A family tradition dessert is bourbon chess pie: butter, sugar, eggs and bourbon....can't get better than that!

  7. ugh I hate turkey too! Ham all the way!

  8. I hate Turkey too I so need ham instead :) love the little facts! Hope you both had a great Thanksgiving!


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