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Nov 10, 2012

Meet & Giveaway Saturdays: Thankful Edition

I have to say, for the first month I've offered paid sponsor ads on my blog, I got some pretty fabulous sponsors. I'm super thankful for them during this, the month of Thanksgiving. I realize I'm a bit partial, but seriously...these ladies are awesome and you should totally head on over to their little slices of blog land and make friends. Oh, and while you're making new friends, make sure you enter to win the awesome stuff they've graciously thrown in the giveaway pot this month. 
Ad space, gift cards, shop credits, and treats straight from Italy are all up for grabs to one lucky reader! 
Man, I wish I could win all that swag. Giveaway at bottom of post, ladies and gents. Don't miss it! And if you wanna get in on sponsoring We Took the Road Less Traveled, head on over to my sponsor page and grab a spot now! I've got some spots opening up and I'd love to spoil you rotten. I mean, Kristen looks pretty happy doesn't she? 
Seriously, what are you waiting for? ;)
Happy Saturday! 

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Hello! I'm Kristen of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. I'm an Army wife/blog designer who's living in Germany for the next few years! I am obsessed with all things Harry Potter, sharks, and our Puggle, Monster. I hope you'll follow us along on our adventures in a new country!
What are two things you are most thankful for this year?
-I am thankful for being able to live in such a beautiful country and experience a new culture...as well as my amazing family that I am so lucky to have!

Sunkissed with a Twist
Hey y'all! My name is Nicole and I blog over at Sunkissed with a Twist. I love writing about makeup and fashion, my immense love of football and things I believe in, and the awkward and awesome moments in my life. Funny combination, huh? I am a college student, so studying consumes my life these days, but I have lots of exciting pictures from my travels in Germany, the Bahamas, and much, much more coming soon! Be sure to make your way over, say hello, and hopefully stay awhile! I can't wait to meet you! :)
What are two things you are most thankful for this year?
-I am incredibly thankful that I was accepted to Texas State University and can't wait to start the spring semester there! I am also forever thankful for my amazing family and loving boyfriend. They are the best part of my life!

Miller Mémoires
I'm Lauren and I blog at Miller Mémoires. Two years ago my husband and I set off on an adventure of a lifetime. We packed up our belongings and moved across the world to a little island called Taiwan. When the main the language is Chinese and there's rarely another foreign face in the crowd, we've had our work cut out for us. As students, English teachers, and even models, we have grown to absolutely love it here. I blog about culture here on-island, travel, and life in general.
What are two things you are most thankful for this year?
-I am always especially thankful for my family and friends. Even from half-way around the world they still manage to be supportive and involved in my life.  It's always hard to be so far away from them for the holidays, but they skype me in on Christmas morning!  Thank goodness for the internet. We've just been so blessed over here that it's hard to narrow it down to just a couple.  I'd have to say that lately I am very grateful for our new apartment. We've finally settled in to a place that feels like home and are here for the long haul.

Quiet Galaxy
Hi! My name's Holly. I'm a twenty-something year old mom to a wild little toddler, wife to an admittedly nerdy IT guy, small business owner, and student (who's still trying to figure out a major). I blog at Quiet Galaxy as a way to keep track of the little things -family adventures, favorite books and blogs, and my photography.
What are two things you are most thankful for this year?
-My family, undoubtedly. They are everything to me! And my customers at Lit Prints, who've supported my dreams and motivated me to start creating again.

Brownie Diaries
 I'm Kaity, and I'm the girl behind Brownie Diaries. I blog about style, food, travel, and all the random happenings in my life as a college senior. I'm a French student, an aspiring doctor, and an overall awesome person [obviously]. I wear a lot of dresses and skirts and tights. I'm obsessed with stripes and finding cute free fonts. I love John Krasinski and watching television and taking pictures [mostly of flowers]. My blog is full of random facts like these about my life, so please come by and say hello!
What are two things you are most thankful for this year?
-I'm always thankful for my family - I know it's kind of a boring answer, but I will never stop being thankful for the wonderful family members with whom I have been blessed. On a more materialistic note, I'm incredibly thankful for my fancy camera. I swear, that thing is like my baby. I love how it allows me to document all the things I want to remember in life.

Mi Todo
I'm a 25-year-old lawyer, mom, and Marine wife. In the next month I will be moving across the world to a country I'm not allowed to name yet. My blog is a way to record and share my adventures through pictures and writing.
What are two things you are most thankful for this year?
-The birth of my first child in March and the opportunity to move overseas!
Jessica Lynn Writes
Ciao, new friends! My name is Jessica and I'm the gal behind Jessica Lynn Writes. My little humble abode on the interwebs is a hodgepodge about life, love, and everything in between. My husband and I live in Italy, courtesy of the Air Force, but are already venturing on a new adventure: we're welcoming a baby girl into the world at the beginning of 2013! When I'm not shopping for cute onsies, wishing I could drink vino, and Skyping with my deployed husband, you can find me sharing snapshots, travel adventures, pregnancy tales, and much more on my blog!  
What are two things you are most thankful for this year?
-I'm thankful for my husband. We may have an untraditional marriage, thanks to the military, but he's seriously the ketchup to my French fries. Even from far away he's "here" for me in more ways than I can count. I'm incredibly blessed to have him in my life. I'm also thankful for the inventor of TUMS. I'm totally, 100% serious. I want to give that man/woman/team of amazing people who came up with it a ginormous hug. Every time I pop two little berry-flavored pieces into my mouth, I breathe a sigh of relief knowing my heartburn will subside in a matter of minutes. 

Taking Notes...Coast to Coast
Hi! I'm Danielle, the author behind the lifestyle blog, Taking Notes...Coast to Coast! I'm a newlywed that likes to dabble in cooking and the occasional DIY project. But mostly, I enjoy spending my free time cuddling my hunky, flannel wearing, wood chopping hubby and our cute Golden Retriever pup, Huckleberry!
What are two things you are most thankful for this year?
-I am so thankful for my loving, supporting family and coffee! Very, very thankful for coffee.

Just the Two of Us
Hey. Hey. Hey. I'm SarahJane and I blog over at Just the Two of Us. My cute husband and I recently moved away from everything we have ever known in the good state of Utah to...the sunshine state for his graduate school. Our blog is all about our adventures in life and if you're lucky you will get a good recipe/craft/DIY now and then, too. :)
What are two things you are most thankful for this year?
-I am so grateful for a supportive family. Now that we are so far away, we miss them so much more. And we are grateful for all the love they send our way! I'm especially grateful for the amazing man by my side. There is no way I could be so far from family without him. He is the one who always brings home sunshine. :)

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  1. So many great bloggers. I have to admit I went exploring today and am now following a few more awesome blogs. I would love for you to link up with my Sunday Gratitude LInk Up. You can find it here:


    I love that there are so many "thankfuls" in one post!

  2. Hey there!! I'm a new follower :)



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