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Nov 12, 2012

Burg Eltz: Münstermaifeld, Germany

The next series of travel photos that will grace this blog over the next few weeks are photos from the trips we took while my college roommate, Nancy, and her husband, Mark, visited us in Germany. Guys, I'm WAY behind. They came to visit us the first week in August. *Hangs head in shame* I know, awful. But, better late than never I always say! And you won't want to miss any of these photos. We did a lot of really cool things during those 10 days...Paris, France included. So, stay tuned and get familiar with those two new faces below. You'll be seeing lots more of them! For now, enjoy these photos from day 1 of our trip--exploring Burg (castle) Eltz, a medieval castle tucked away in the beautiful hills of Münstermaifeld, Germany. Raise your hand if you'd love to live here. *Raises hand* Yep. Thought so.
Happy Monday, friends!


  1. Whoa cannot believe I've never heard of this place, must.go.now. I'm sure work won't care if I sneak away...

  2. Hi Casey! LOVE your pictures. I've never been to Germany but I would really like to one day (plus the hubby is a HUGE lover of German beer...I'm sure he wouldn't protest to a trip at some point!). At any rate, I'm your newest follower via the GFC hop! Looking forward to more posts!


  3. I love these pictures! Such a beautiful place.

  4. Adding Burg Eltz to my must-see places list! What a gorgeous place...and yes, I would so love to live there. I'll keep dreaming...

  5. gorgeous! I would totally be okay living here - provided I could speak German, at least. also, is it just me or is this castle super tall and skinny?

  6. Beautiful! I'm glad your friend and you got to hang out and enjoy the sights!

  7. Oh yeah - My hand is so raised! Love the castle - and imagine the fun you could have living there ;)
    Looks incredible.

  8. Hello!!! ;-) My husband was born in Germany and I showed him these pictures and he said he 's been there too! (he moved to the states when he was 6) We just decided that we are going to plan a trip there in the next 2 years.
    I'm your newest follower from the GFC blog hop...thanks so much for co hosting


  9. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos. What type of camera do you use?

    xo Ashley

  10. What beautiful pictures of Germany you have! You're also very pretty! :) I'm your newest follower through the GFC blog hop!

  11. That's a beautiful castle, it reminds me of Hogwarts :)


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