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Jun 27, 2013

Things Worth Noting

Ever have one of those weeks where the days move slow enough to practically drive you insane. That's the epitome of my week this week. Not to mention how busy it's been. Most days, I don't ever have to leave the house. And I love that. I'm a total home body (all wanderlust aside). This week, however, I've had to actually put real clothes on (not just pajama clothes) and go be a functioning human. I don't like being a functioning human everyday of the week, I've decided. Dogs have it made, ya know? Eat, sleep, poop, roll in said poop...and then do that same combination all over again. I could be a dog...minus the poop rolling, of course. But before I reduce down my own existence to any lower of a species, I guess I should just share with you a few things I found around the internets this week that made my human existence a little less mundane. Really, I just had no original content (or any edited photos) for today. So, you get internet hand-me-downs. You're welcome.

Mental Floss
I have no idea how I ran across this website, but I'm in love. It's filled with tons of fascinating tidbits about all the random nonsense you've ever wondered about. Like how many spiders do we really eat in our sleep each year? Or why do athletes slap each others' butts? Riveting stuff here folks. Be ready to waste hours of your life contemplating life's most puzzling questions. This one's still boggling my mind.

I especially love #3, #6, and #15. Now tell me who's scared that children are our future?

TV Ad Songs.com
I was humming a tune in the kitchen the other day and absolutely could not for the life of me figure out where I'd heard it before. I really didn't even know all the words, just the tune. I started humming it to D and lo and behold he knew some of the words. Just enough for us to figure out it was the TV ad song for Connect Four. You know, that extremely frustrating children's game that's like inverted checkers? Why in the world I was humming it (or even remembered it at all...I guarantee the last time I heard it, I was probably 12), is something to email the writer's at Mental Floss about. But nevertheless, it sparked all kinds of childhood memories that we ended up needing to research via the internet. Thank God for TVadsongs.com, because now I know all the words to the Connect Four jingle and that Folgers Rockapella commercial I never thought I'd hear again. Ahhh, memories.

How are you keeping up with your favorite blogs? And by favorite blogs I mean how are you going to be keeping up with my blog? Don't lie. I know I'm your favorite. ;) I offer a myriad of ways to stay connected with me, so don't say I didn't warn you!

That's right, another blog hop. Are you guys sick of these or love them to pieces? I personally love 'em to pieces! If you're trying to grow your blog, they're honestly one of the best (and most fun) ways to do so. I still participate in a handful of blog hops around blog land from time to time and find them extremely helpful in meeting new bloggers and putting my own blog out there. That being said, I've decided to add a little blog hop on to my Fresh Face Friday Feature! Try saying that 5 times fast. I was standing in the shower, sudsing up my hair, and this idea kind of just popped into my brain. Genius via shampoo osmosis maybe? Who knows. But I figured this could be beneficial thing for all parties involved. I'd have my 2 Fresh Face Friday sponsors as my co-hosts, thus driving more traffic and followers their way and would have you, my fabulous readers, meeting new bloggers and gaining followers of your own...without making you link up a specific prompted blog post. The premise is simple: just follow the co-hosts, link up your blog homepage, bloglovin page, facebook page...however you want to showcase your creative space...make new connections, and spread the word! BOOM. Blog hop accomplished! Meet you here in July 12th for the first go-round? I'll be the one wearing a huge smile. :) And if you want to get in on being featured as one of my Fresh Faces with the NEW BLOG HOP CO-HOSTING OPTION, then go here and make all your sponsorship dreams come true!

Now, go forth and be functioning humans this glorious Thursday. Just one day till Friday!
 If I can do it, you can do it, folks. 


  1. I am very into Mental Floss and love the random information it gives me to share with people in conversation lulls!

  2. Yayyy love link shares! you'll def had to had this to stamp of approval saturday hwen I post it! The 26 Kids who are oging places is too good!

  3. Thinking without words is one way I realized my fluency in French. When my French was still pretty average, all my French thinking was thinking what I wanted to say in English and then translating it. Now it's like seeing a concept of what I want to express and putting that into French. Obviously the French words are still part of this process, but I think wordlessly first and then put that into French.

  4. I completely understand the wanting to be a dog. All wanderlust aside it would be easier to just stay at home all day and then you don't have to worry about the drama!

  5. Haha that ecard is hilarious!

  6. Hmmm, more things to waste time? I LIKE IT! I get up at, oh, 7am when hubby leaves work and before I know it, it's 12 am and I haven't changed my clothes OR brushed my teeth. Oops!

  7. Uh, 12pm. But man, it could EASILY get to 12am before I move on with my day.

  8. Just found you through the hop. Love your blog! Following via bloglovin' :)


  9. I love Mental Floss! It's actually a magazine - my husband has had a subscription for ages. I love all the random knowledge in there.

  10. I read all of the different links and I am cracking up! Love it!

  11. Oh I had not heard of the mental floss site. Thanks for the post! I now have more ways to procrastinate today.

  12. I announced something similar to your blog hop in my post on Monday! great minds think alike :)

    also, do you know about Brain Pickings? http://www.brainpickings.org/ I think you'll like it!


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