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Jun 21, 2013

FRESH FACE FRIDAY: Meet Mandi & Amanda

 It's Friday, y'all! And you know what that means? It's FRESH FACE FRIDAY and I've got another duo of super cool bloggers that you need to get to know! As for me, I'm doing a whole lotta nuttin' this weekend. Well, nothing fun, at least. D and I have got to start packing for this cruise and clean up our mess of an apartment. One thing about traveling so often, your house always seems to be a mess. Ironic, because you're never there, but it happens all the same. Post-vacation suitcase explosions are the worst kinds of explosions, I've decided. I've yet to get a handle on that whole 'unpacking in a timely manner' thing. It's totally ok to unpack and repack in the same day, right? Anywho, enough about my lack of organization and cleanliness...go learn more about my new friends! Happy weekending, dears!

Dear friends, this is Mandi of the sweet and inspirational blog, All My Happy Endings. Mandi, aside from being ridiculously good-looking, is a loving wife and mom to 3 equally good-looking children. Seriously, this family is as photogenic as they come. Over at Mandi's blog, you'll find honest and thought-provoking posts about mommyhood, lots of fun DIY tutorials, and a refreshing look into the heart of a woman whose family is her world. It's hard not to be drawn to her blog and her stunning heart of gold! Not to mention those gorgeous kids. I die! Mandi, if they're ever missing, it's because I stole them. ;) Mandi's got such an uplifting spirit and way with words that you must head on over get acquainted. She's got lots of love to share!

Mandi's Favorite Posts

My Favorite Posts

The sweet chickadee above is Amanda. She's the spunky (and hilarious) gal writing to you from all the way across the world in South Korea! Over on Living in Another Language, you'll find lots of posts about navigating life as an American expat in Korea, gorgeous photos and recaps of her super fun travels, and some interesting looks into teaching English in a foreign country. I'm also kind of obsessed with Amanda's Weird Wednesday series. Wanna know what kind of strange things you can find in Asia? She's got you covered. The 'coupling outfit' thing is still cracking me up! Maybe I can get D to do that? (YEAH, RIGHT!) Friends, make your way over to Amanda's little slice of blog land and say hello! You'll want to stick around forever...promise!

Amanda's Favorite Posts

My Favorite Posts


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  1. Going to go check out their blogs now :)

    Happy weekend!



  2. I don't know if it's the pregnancy hormones, but your post for me made me cry -- those are the most kind words and I appreciate you so! Thanks for featuring me. I am truly honored to be here!



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