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Jun 14, 2013

Fresh Face Friday: Meet Jenny & Melyssa

I recently had an epiphany about blog advertising. Since opening up my ad spots last October, I've steadily had good response and have met a ton of fun new bloggers. It's been a real win-win in almost every aspect. That being said...I don't know about you guys, but taking on sponsors kind of adds a whole other level of pressure and paranoia to the blog game. Every blogger wants their sponsorship program to be the best...worth paying for...yielding strong results for the people who shell out their hard earned cash to support your creative space. I want you to gain readers! I want you to have traffic JAMS on your blogs! Dear Lord, drive their numbers up! I'm sure all you bloggers who accept sponsors can relate to those thoughts. I've been thinking a lot about it all lately and wondered what I could be doing better to give my sponsors the best experience possible. What my soul searching gave me was a real headache, because I realized there really is no perfect way to do this sponsorship thing. Mostly because the effort doesn't lie solely in the advertiser...but also on the advertisee. Truth is, I can only do so much. That being said, I still wanted to offer my best to my faithful sponsors, so a few things needed tweaking. Through all of my brain wracking I came up with this...streamline my sponsorship options, take on less sponsors (so I can really spoil them) and I gave birth to the FRESH FACE FRIDAY advertising option! 

The concept is simple. Each Fresh Face spot includes:
-300x175 ad placed below my one Feature spot in my sidebar for 30 days-
-Gratuitous social media love from me throughout the month to spoil you rotten-
-Just 2 bloggers showcased each Friday for optimum exposure--less competition for traffic!-
-They share ALL of their social media links so you know exactly where to find them-
-They share their gold star post picks AND I share my gold star post picks from their blog-
(if I like it, you're gonna like it...promise!)
-I write a honest, heartfelt bio on each blogger, showing off all the things I've learned about them since I took a good look around their blogs and started building a relationship with them-
-A duo giveaway option may or may not be added later on...is this something people still want???-

Sound good? I hope so! All YOU, the reader, have to do is go visit and say hi! I know, I know. You hate reading sponsored posts. To that I say, INSANITY! Meeting new bloggers gives way to building relationships and NETWORKING. Remember this post? You all seemed to agree building relationships in blog world is important. Sponsor posts are just another way to do that, ya know? So, take advantage of these opportunities, y'all! Go make friends! Funny thing is, I don't know who's actually getting more out of this...me or my sponsors. I've had TOO much fun putting all of this Fresh Face Friday love together! It's all still a work in progress (meaning if something's not jiving, I'm changing it), but I think it will continue to be a win-win for all parties involved. Now that you all know what's up...come meet my Fresh Face Friday guinea pigs, Jenny & Melyssa! And happy weekend, everyone!

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This is the lovely Jenny Highsmith. Or who I affectionately like to call "my genius blog design guru." Jenny is one of the amazing brains behind the best friend design duo of Maiedae. She's also the artist behind the beautiful blog design you're currently looking at. Stunning, right? I'm still fawning over it myself. ;) Jenny is not just a fantastically talented graphic designer, but also a great writer, photographer, and creative soul who just oozes sweetness and charm. A true Southern belle and girl after my own heart! On her blog, aptly named Jenny Highsmith, you'll find tons of life inspiring posts, super cute outfits, and the compelling need to be her friend. I was sold the second we swapped emails. Jenny, you can't get rid of me now! Head on over to her little slice of the interwebs and get acquainted, y'all! And if you're in need of a fresh new look for your creative space, look no further than Jenny & Maiedae. WARNING: be prepared for all your design dreams to come true!

Jenny's Favorite Posts:                                My Favorite Posts:
   Things To Know About Me                                        The Story of Maiedae   
           Make It Happen                                     DIY: Stone Welcome Mat  
      DIY: Rustic Headboard                               Uniquely You: Body Image

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The Nectar Collective is a blog thoughtfully founded and curated by the super sweet Melyssa. Originally hailing from sunny Southern California, Mel currently lives a life of adventure abroad in Tokyo, Japan! Sounds dreamy, huh?! Aside from exploring the wonders of Asia, Mel shares lots of other exciting and inspiring posts on her blog including what life's like as an expat, the importance of spreading positivity to others, and how to cultivate a little adventure in your own life. She's also pretty crafty in the DIY department. Pinterest worthy for sure! There's lots of love going on around here, so if you're looking for some fun, bubbly, attitude-adjusting content, Melyssa's your girl. I can't get enough of her! Spend some time exploring her blog today and stay awhile. Tell her Casey sent ya!

       Melyssa's Favorite Posts:                         My Favorite Posts:
The Best Decision I Made This Year                       Guide To Adventure
             Adventures in Hanoi, Vietnam                     Explorations Through Thailand
   24 Lessons From 24 Years                             Musings By Monja


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  1. These gals are great! I love this concept and I really like the graphics with the style. I think you have a great way with words too, especially when talking other people up!

    1. I 100% agree with you, Kaylee! She did such a lovely job :)

  2. This is honestly my favorite sponsorship option I've ever seen! Also, if I know a giveaway (or guest post sometimes) is a part of the sponsorship I tend to shy away. It just a lot of pressure to find the right things to giveaway or say, you know? Just my opinion!

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  4. I am just loving all of your cruise pictures!! Just checked out Jenny's DIY rustic headboard - I'm in love!

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