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Jun 13, 2013

Mykonos: Day Pass to Paradise

I found this Saint John "day pass" absolutely by chance. Shortly after we booked our Mediterranean cruise, I joined the Cruise Critic forums (also known as the most helpful time suck I've ever experienced). I added myself to our sailing's Roll Call forum and started chatting with other people who were going to be on our ship. We exchanged info about ourselves, passed around the research we'd done on our ports, and shared tours we were doing while in said ports. We saved so much money and met so many nice people via these forums...but I'll save that humble brag-fest for another post. Long story short, this is where I stumbled across the glorious resort day pass. Saint John doesn't advertise it anywhere on their website...it's kind of just become this "cruise insider excursion." I emailed the hotel and they sent over the day pass info and reservation request. €30 later, BOOM...we were in. D and I now like to think we're part of some elite group of fortunate souls. The Greek gods smiled upon us there on that tiny island. And now if you lucky ducks ever find yourself in Mykonos, you're also in the know. You're welcome.

Upon arriving to Saint John (via our air conditioned shuttle bus that conveniently picked us up at the cruise port...sa-weet!), we checked in for our day pass and were promptly handed chilled glasses of champagne. Right then I knew we were in for a treat. The concierge gave us a map of the property, a brief synopsis of what facilities we could use (which was basically all of them...spa, pool, private beach, restaurants, etc.), and pointed us in the direction of paradise. You couldn't get me out that patio door fast enough! I was giddy as a school girl walking down the long, tree-lined walkway (or the stairway to heaven as I affectionally dubbed it) to the pool. When I first laid eyes on our tropical oasis for the day, I almost died. Too stunning for words! From then on, this is pretty much how our day went:

Lounge around, read a book, and tan.
Order a drink.
Snap some photos.
Order another drink.
Dip our feet in the Mediterranean (was still a little too chilly for swimming).
Order homemade tzatziki sauce and pita bread. YUM.
Take a dip in the pool.
Gratuitous infinity pool ledge photos.
Munch on free pistachios.
Annnnd order one last drink.

Sounds like a pretty amazing day pass, doesn't it?  Good Lord, it was. Beyond amazing.

True story. A PREGNANT woman walked across the ledge of the infinity pool and took some pretty stunning photos of her and her cute bikini clad bump. She took full advantage of the gorgeous locale the seriously cool infinity pool. Genius, right? D and I thought we'd be awesome too and get a few of us out there. If a pregnant woman can do it, we surely could! Nope. Bad idea. I was shaking like a leaf the entire time. The drop on the other side of the pool ledge was much steeper than one would think, and all I could think about while I baby stepped across the pool was broken bones and a ruined vacation. We only made it a few steps further before I declared that was good enough! Snap the friggin' picture already so I can get the heck off of here!! I'm only a little afraid of heights...but I look 70 different kinds of uncomfortable in this photo. I HAD to show you, though. 
I mean, I risked my life for it, after all. ;)

D, on the other hand, HAMMED IT UP on that infinity pool ledge. I think he thought he would "show me how it's done," so to speak. Little did he know that the photos I took of him strutting his stuff would eventually end up circling their way around the ENTIRE squadron (big wigs included) while we were still cruising. I may or may not have uploaded one to Facebook (oops). They subsequently showed up in the Monday morning briefing slides upon his return back to work. OH and that's not even the best part. Let's just say that the guys at work decided to take a few liberties with one of the photos. Photoshop is a dangerous thing. Serves you right, show off! Everyone got a good laugh out of it...including D. All in good fun. :)

I feel a "Hunks of Mykonos" calendar coming on.
Ahem...back to our relaxing day.

 Dear Lord, take me back! After lounging and soaking up the sun all day, the nice people of Saint John kindly loaded us up in their shuttle bus and dropped us off in the heart of Mykonos (per my request) so we could do a little sight-seeing. We got our relaxing pool day AND our sight-seeing all rolled into one great excursion. It's the vacationer's dream, right?! More of our afternoon exploring the lovely town of Mykonos--coming soon!


  1. I need to take this Mediterranean Cruise!!! I feel like i've been bitten by the travel bug every time i read another one of your Greece posts!!! Ah, what a dream! <3


  2. OH.MY.GOODNESS. This is perfect! Like something out of a magazine! Stunning. Love his modeling pictures, hah!

  3. Ok, thats it. I'm going to Greece solely for the homemade tzatziki sauce and pita bread. Oh, and the views don't hurt, either!

  4. First of all, you are STUNNING. Secondly, get me on a plane! :'(

  5. that dress and hat are to die for! you always look so cute and put together : )

  6. WOOOOOWWW. that place looks amazing. truly amazing. i've got a pregnant belly bump right now, but i sure as heck wouldn't be walking across that and i even more sure as heck wouldn't be in a bikini haha. yikes! good for that lady.

    you guys looks great! totally jealous.

  7. Gorgeous. Those are too funny, I do have to commend his excellent plank form!

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  9. What an amazing place and I'm with you about "ledge-walking"....let's leave that to the circus performers! That "D" cracks me up! I love that close-up of you in the 3rd to the last picture...that belongs on "D"'s desk...thanks for sharing.

  10. Wow. Your photos are amazing. And the area! Beautiful! haha I would have never had the guts to even go near the infinity pool.
    What a fun vacation!


    Seriously, I had to use caps lock to express my feelings. This is a big deal.

  12. Holy Beautiful! I wonder how much it costs to live there because I don't think you could get me to leave!

  13. These pictures are amazinggg. Please give me your gorgeous hair!!

  14. OMG that place is amaze balls!!!

  15. This is such a brilliant idea and hell to the no would I walk on the edge of the pool either!

  16. Oh so beautiful. Loving that dress! Glad you got the money shot :)

  17. Beautiful pictures Casey !!! I ordered my info material from Celebrity Cruises last week and i love it. We'll see where we go when hubby is back from Afghanistan.

  18. get out of here that pool!!! i would literally never leave!

  19. Soooo beautiful. The colors are amazing!

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  21. Did I already comment on this? I feel like I did, but it must've just been in my head. Here's what my head said: "Shut up!" Seriously...what an awesome time. Now I'm mad that you didn't go on the cruise before me and that we didn't pick Mykonos as a destination. I can't remember the last time I just relaxed on a "vacation." So glad you got to enjoy it!! You better be printing some of your pictures, by the way, they're just fantastic! Still with your 35mm?? I'm buying a new lens (to replace the one I broke {sad face} when we get back to America.)

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  24. I know this post was from quite some time ago, but I have been researching how to purchase a day pass at St. John and not sure how to get in touch with them. no response via email or the online form and and i think their phone number online has an extra number in it. any recommendations for how you were able to connect?


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