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Jun 18, 2013

Exploring the Town of Mykonos

After spending the day lounging around at the fabulous Saint John Resort, we made a quick pit stop in the heart of Mykonos to eat a late lunch, shop for souvenirs, and find ourselves some authentic Greek baklava. We only had about 3 hours until we needed to be back at the ship, but we were still able to get a good feel for the slow-paced Mykonos life. Walking through the narrow streets of this sleepy Greek fishing village reminded me a lot of Sanotrini, except less hilly and a little more run down. It was easy to see that tourism is the main focus of Mykonos these days. With 2 to 3 cruise ships dropping anchor in the Old Harbor each day, much of the town caters to its hundreds of visitors from all over the world. Thankfully, we were the only ship in port that afternoon...so, we meandered through the town with ease. While not as awe-inspiring as some of the other Greek islands, Mykonos still had a unique charm all its own with lots of quaint shops and cafes and arbors overflowing with colorful flowers around almost every turn. Not to mention some pretty stellar food. D and I scarfed down our chicken slouvaki & gyros with homemade tzatzki sauce like ravenous animals. And later, we hopped from bakery to bakery to find the perfect bites of baklava. The winner? Patissaries Mandarini. Might I recommend the chocolate baklava? It's mouthwatering and practically oozing with sweet honey. I stay up late at night still lusting over those tiny drops of heaven. If only I could have brought an entire pan home! All in all, Mykonos would definitely be a place I'd visit again. Even though the town is small, there's still a few things we didn't get to do. Next time, we'd hike to the windmills along the back side of town and hunt for Petros the Pelican, an old "celebrity" of the town's waterfront. I'm actually not quite sure how we missed him. Supposedly he's huge! All the more reason we'll have to save our pennies and come back someday. Darn, right? ;)

Next stop on our cruise recap...ISTANBUL!
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  1. Still cannot get over all the colors - and y'all fit in splendidly!

  2. Such a beautiful place! I can't wait to go in 30 days! Thanks for all your wonderful posts!

  3. I absolutely love your pictures. It's been nine years since I was in Mykonos and I have been dreaming about going back ever since. Maybe my fiancé and I will make a stop there on our honeymoon.

  4. Oh, these photos are so SO stunning! I've been stalking your trip since Jurgen and I are headed on a little Greek holiday in just a couple of weeks. Judging from your posts... it's going to be amazing :)


  5. Amazing!
    I am a bit jealous I must say!
    I will have to drag myself to Greece now... :)

  6. Mykonos is on my top list of places to go. Really, anywhere in Greece is. I love all the bright colored doors and little white buildings. So Mediteranian. Glad you had such a wonderful trip, and I've thoroughly enjoyed the photos.



  7. Wow, this looks amazing! This is place is going on my bucket-list for places to go. I hope I see beautiful little villages like this while sailing in Greece in a couple of weeks!!


  8. I have been falling in love with your beautiful Santorini & Mykono pictures. Absolutely gorgeous!

  9. All of these pictures are seriously making me want to cancel my honeymoon trip and do a European cruise instead!

  10. Oh, what beautiful photos! I love how bright all of the colors are. So stunning. Thanks for sharing :)


  11. Certainly looks much less hilly than Santorini but pretty nonetheless. There's something about the stark white with the pops of colour.

  12. Those pops of colors among white buildings make my heart skip a beat!! I've definitely gotten the Greece travel bug!!! Certainly adding a Mediterranean Cruise to our Travel Bucket List!


  13. I feel like I have expored the place with you.............

  14. I just love how the building on all the Greek islands look - the combination of white and blue ist just too pretty! The funny thing about travel is that we often go to cure our wanderlust, only to come back with even more! There so many places I've been to already that I want to go to again, yet there are also so many new places that I'm dying to visit - it's difficult to strike a balance sometimes! :)


  15. I just can't get over how CLEAN it looks! And I loooove the colors.

  16. Wow...those photos. I just love all the colours against the white. And the water...oh beauty! I've only been to Greece once and I just remember how clear the water was and now I just want to go back. I adore your vacation photos.

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

  17. Hi Casey, I was just Googeling around to find some place to stay in Mykonos, and then I found your open hearted, personal & colourful blog -so nice! Thanks a lot, have a good living in Germany, love from Holland

  18. The white buildings everywhere really make all the bright colors pop. What a beautiful unique place! I especially love the picture of red door and the bougainvillea. Stunning!

    A Golden State of Mind

  19. So jealous! The place is amazing...the pictures a fairy tale! Love everything!

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