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Aug 22, 2012

The Ending of a Family Vacation

{This is it! The last post recapping our family vacation this past May. Only took me all summer to finish. Yeesh.}
My mom, dad, and little sister had one last day left in Germany with D and I, so of course we had to show them more of Wiesbaden, the town we now call home. We took them for a walk through our favorite spot for jogging and people watching in Wiesbaden, the Kurpark. 

Then we took them inside of the Kurhaus, a Wiesbaden landmark that houses a casino, multiple ornate ballrooms (where D's squadron has their holiday party every year), and a few restaurants. Up next was a stroll down to the Marktplatz to see the Markt Church, the tallest structure (and one of the most beautiful, if you ask me) in Wiesbaden. The Marktplatz, or city center marketplace, is where Wiesbaden holds most of its fabulous festivals...like the 10-day Rhinegau Wine Fest that ended on Sunday and its annual Christmas Market that starts the day after Thanksgiving.

And of course, we had to stop for a photo in front of Wiesbaden's largest cuckoo clock! The clock (and souvenir shop) owner boasts that it's the world's biggest, but I believe there are bigger ones in the Black Forest...or so I've heard.

Next it was time for lunch in Italian Alley! We introduced the fam to our favorite place to fill up on some amazing Italian food, Ristorante Comeback. The name proves to be true...we ALWAYS come back!

{Gourmet Cheese Platter with Horseradish Riesling Jelly}

{Homemade Bruschetta}

 {Garlic Ricotta Stuffed Mezzaluna with Butternut Squash Purée & Roasted Pistachios} 

 {Sage Butter Gnocchi with Arugula & Ricotta Salata}

Doesn't that food look delish?! You would think we paid a crap-ton of money for that spread, but Ristorante Comback is very reasonably priced. Another reason why we love it there! After stuffing our faces, we proceeded to walk through downtown, stopping at the gourmet gummie bear shop, the eis cafe for gelato, and, of course, H&M for a little retail therapy. It was necessary, you know?

After exploring downtown for the day, we made our way back to our flat to relax and help the fam pack up for their flight back to the states the next morning. We looked through trip photos, I made a meatloaf with mom (not that we were even hungry, just wanted to cook with my momma one last time for a while), and laughed about our favorite parts of our 2 week whirlwind family vacation. It was nice to do some 'normal' things with them before they left. You know, the things everyone else who lives near home gets to do with their families on a regular basis? I miss that. I miss my family. I miss home.

 And just like that, in the blink of an eye, our family vacation was over. We had such a wonderful time together, even amongst the travel hiccups and typical family arguments that seem to plague every family vacation. I feel so fortunate to have been able to show my family our new home in Germany and introduce them to the European way of life we've grown accustomed to over the last year. They got to see explore Rome, sunbathe in Tuscany, and view the Alps from the highest point in Bavaria...all places they've only ever read about in history and travel books. The best part is, we got to spend time as a family, together, enjoying each other's company amongst some of the most beautiful places in the world. That's something no amount of money could buy. The phrase "experience of a lifetime" somehow doesn't do it all justice. The 10 of us survived 14 days and 3 countries worth of travel around Europe without going broke or killing one another. I'm pretty sure that warrants us some kind of award. As much as I started out this vacation dreading the stress and confusion a trip of this magnitude was sure to bring on, I ended up completely eating my words and fears. It was nothing short of fabulous...and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Thanks so much to all of you who've followed along as I've posted recaps of My Big Fat European Family Vacation! I hope you've enjoyed following along with our journey as much as I have reliving it! And thanks for all the sweet comments! You guys are the absolute best!

Have a lovely Wednesday, friends!


  1. Great pictures again and I loved your whole recap. How nice that you and your family had such a great time! Great memories to have. I would love to visit Germany someday.

  2. looked like an amazing adventure....gorgeous photos and wonderful memories! BTW...are you and your sister twins?

  3. What a BEAUTIFUL trip! PLEASE come link up with my blog today, this is like so perfect!
    Wanderlust Wednesdays

  4. You have a beautiful family! And you're right - you're very fortunate to have been able to spend 2 weeks with your family exploring 3 different countries - I'm so envious!

  5. What a great story came to your blog from Wed Blog hop happy to be your newest follower you two are adorable and it is gonna be fun following your adventures and I need a good nutritionist in my pocket of web friends lol.
    RaNae of Ewe Creek Cottage

  6. Love that skirt! Thanks so much for linking up with us for Wonderful Wednesday! Have a great week and hope to see you next time :)

    Rachel (co-host)

  7. Oh my heck!! I'm so jelly!!! This looks so awesome! Great picture! Found you from the blog hop! Hope you have a great day!

  8. Love this post, looks like you guys had a fantastic time!
    I am a South African girl living in London and I LOVE it when my family come over and we go exploring...it seem to also makes it more of a novelty for me seeing things through their eyes...and of course making memories forever!
    Lulu x

  9. Sounds like it was an amazing trip, and how cool that your family got to come visit you and tour Europe together! I just came across your blog, and I've been enjoying reading it! :-)

  10. Sorry the deleted comments were me. My computer posted it three times! That's what I get for being impatient and clicking more than once, I guess, haha!

  11. this sounds like an amazing vacation! you look beautiful! Have a happy Thursday and be sure to check out my giveaway ending tonight! . BTW I am your newest follower (lucky number 300) and cannot wait to read more of your posts and hope that maybe you can return the favor and follow The Preppy Student. I always comment for every comment left on my page and hope to start a friendly relationship with your wonderful blog!

  12. WOW I've never been. Looks so green and beauteous!



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