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Aug 28, 2012

Adventures in Prague: Getting There & Where to Stay

If you've been thinking about taking a trip to Prague, Czech Republic, but have no clue where to stay, what to do, or where to start in the planning process...wonder no more! Instead of doing my usual trip recap with simple words about how fun Prague was and just bits and pieces of info about what we did and saw, I decided to give a more behind the scenes look at travel, so you too can go, see, and do all the same fun things we did without having to spend hours scouring the internet for ideas. Sound nice? I thought you'd like that. ;) 

How to get there?: We drove. It's only a 4 hour drive from where we live in Germany, so that was a done deal. Now, with that being said, we knew we didn't want to drive INTO central Prague. It's a big, busy city filled with tons of cyclists and pedestrians (and our hotel didn't offer parking), so we opted to park our car on the outskirts of town at one of the many Park & Ride gated lots and took the metro into the city. The P&R lot cost us about 200 Czech Crowns ($10) for the whole 3 day weekend...and the metro was fairly easy to use and, of course, cheap!

Where to stay?: My go-to website for booking hotel rooms is Booking.com. Many of the hotels listed on their website offer free cancellation, so if you you've already booked a place but found something different and cheaper, you can cancel your previous booking and re-book a new place at no cost! You don't know how many times I've booked 3 different hotels for one destination and at the last minute narrowed it down to the one we really loved. It's good to have options, ya know?

For our trip to Prague, we knew we wanted to do something unique. So, we booked a room at a brewery. The oldest working brewery in Prague, mind you. The brewery/hotel is called U Medvídkû and we practically paid pennies for our stay (I'm talking $220 per couple for 2 nights in a quad room) with free breakfast, wifi, and a mere 2 minute walk to Prague's infamous Old Town. Oh and did I mention the slew of yummy Czech food and beer selections just a walk down the stairs? Nice, right?

Seconds after we checked into the hotel, we immediately went down to the brewery (I mean, duh, what did you expect?) to try their famous X33 beer...a beer that has 13% alcohol content and a sweet, caramely flavor. The brewery claims it's the strongest beer in the world, but it's not. I'm aware of a few breweries back in the states that make stronger. Sorry, Prague, you didn't win that one. The boys loved the X33...me, not so much. The brewery ambiance was fantastic, though. Felt very Eastern European. And I did enjoy their hearty portion of Beef Stroganoff. Party in my mouth!

First few hours in Prague...so far, so good! After trying some of U Medvídkû's finest, we made our way outside to start exploring Prague a bit. Right outside our hotel was a little alley way that was littered with shops, gelato stands, and some frightening art. This bronze man was hanging from a bar almost 4 stories up from the street. At first glance, we thought this guy was about do do something really, really stupid. But after standing there, waiting for him to fall, we realized this was Prague's strange way of showcasing art. Everyone that walked by first gasped, then laughed hysterically when they realized he was bronze. Neat and frightening all in the same breath. That "he", by the way, is famed Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, who was born in Frieburg, which is now part of the Czech Republic. The artist, David Cerny, created this 'Man Hanging Out' to signify Freud's constant struggle with the fear of his own death. Strange, no? 

As the sun began to set on beautiful Praha...we made our way down to the Old Town to enjoy Prague in a different way. Prague Pub Crawl, anyone? Stay tuned!


  1. I love your new blogging way that gives your reader both beautiful pictures of your visit AND help/ideas should they want to follow in your traveling footsteps!

  2. You should have a side job as a tour guide Casey ;-)! I always love your travel posts. And this was no exception. HOW FUN is THAT!?! Staying in an old brewery! We love great finds like that. Oh, and thanks for telling us all about booking.com. I'd never heard of it, and I love the easy (free) cancellation policy. Will be adding that to my travel resources for sure :-). Hope your day is a good one my dear!

  3. Your blog is so interesting. I am following from the hop. Sarah at http://www.theeaseoffreeze.com

  4. First comment on your blog :) I'm going to Prague in 2 weeks and this post makes me all the more excited!

    Thanks for posting all of your travel tips - I have an extreme case of wanderlust just looking at all of your pictures!

  5. What a wonderful city, with such rich history! It's definitely one of the places I would love to visit someday.

    Thanks for the great post Casey!

  6. In love with your blog and your newest follower from the GFC Blog Hop! I too have the travel bug...although since having a baby I don't get to have as much wanderlust anymore...would LOVE to go to Prague! Your pictures are amazing!

  7. Prague is such a magical city! I have been twice in the winter when it was snowing but would love to go back during summer. These photos are just gorgeous, looks like you had a fabulous time.

  8. Good tips! Thanks. Prague looks amazing! And that Freud thing...kinda strange, but still would be cool to see.

    Remember to link this or any other recent travel post up to this week's Travel Party on my blog! Thanks!!


  9. These are beautiful pictures--what a lovely blog you have! Newest follower from the GFC blog hop. Would love it if you could visit and follow back! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Looks like an awesome trip! If only that was just 4 hours away from me! lol
    Just wanted to let you know about the coffee mug swap I have going on right now with Brittney from Yellow Umbrella Designs. This is a mug swap with a twist, it allows for more networking to go on. I would love to have you join in on all the fun! Here are all the details on it:
    Talk to ya soon :D

  11. Found you through the wonderful wednesday link party!

    I'm your newest follower!


  12. Wow, Prague is gorgeous. You are quite the photographer. = ) I found the statue (art) of the Man Hanging Out to be a bit creepy...lol It would make me second guess and do a double look for sure.

    I found you on the August Networking Hop and am following. = ) Hope you stop by at Dedicated 2 Life. I would love to network with you.


  13. Love your pictures! So jealous.

  14. Found you through the Link up Party. Love your blog! Thanks for the reminder to take the road less traveled, that's one of my life mottos. Adventure on!

  15. I adore Prague. Such a beautiful city! Glad y'all had such a wonderful time there!

    xo, Emily

  16. Thanks for linking up with us for Wonderful Wednesdays!


  17. Thanks for sharing! I have always wanted to go to Prauge but it seem kinda confusing, knowing where to stay etc..

    Thank you,


  18. Definitely bookmarking that hotel! We're heading to Prague next September with my dad. I think I'll keep where we're staying a secret! :)

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