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Aug 6, 2012

Rome in a Day: Piazza Navona, The Pantheon, & Trevi Fountain

We continued our tour of Rome with a lunch stop at the famous Piazza Navona. We literally only had about 45 minutes to explore the square and eat some delicious pizza and gelato before we were whisked away to the Pantheon, but I enjoyed this little area so much! It was filled with cute restaurants with al fresco dining and lots of street vendors and artists trying to make a buck selling their work. I just love little squares like that, so lively and inviting. Yet another place I would have loved to wander around in a bit more. 

Ahhh, strawberry and chocolate gelato. Heaven in a cup. I could have eaten gallons of that stuff. But, then I would have never made it here...to the Pantheon. One of the single greatest architectural wonders in the world, in my opinion anyway. Not only is it one of the best preserved Roman buildings, its interior is known for having geometrical and symmetrical perfection, with the width and height of the dome being equal. Which is amazing considering the dome itself is one of the heaviest of its kind. The oculus, the only source of light reaching into the Pantheon, is nothing short of divine as well. Grazia told us that when it rains, water comes pouring down from the oculus onto the marble floors, making for a celestial waterfall of sorts. I can only imagine how cool it looks when it snows.
{So, then I went and YouTubed it...and confirmed its wicked, wicked coolness.}

 Our next stop of the day was at the famous Trevi Fountain. With our coins in hand, we pushed our way through the crowds and lined up to secure our visits back to Rome...or so the story goes.

Well, the only bits left to show you of our day in Rome is our late afternoon visit to the Colosseum complete with a scenic tour of the Roman Forum on the way. Come back Wednesday for that post! :)


  1. Ahh, bella Roma!! I cannot believe how much y'all packed into a day! It took us four to see all of this stuff, haha ;) PS I tagged you on my blog.

  2. I love your pictures. It looks beautiful. Keep enjoying your vacation.

  3. girl you have me dying to go to Rome!! My hubby mentioned over the weekend that we should go to Italy before we have kids so we may do that in the spring!!! I am dying to see the Panthenon and eat that tasty looking gelato!! You got some great shots sister!

  4. The Trevi Fountain is my favorite spot in Rome! We lucked out the day we were there -- hardly any crowds at all. I didn't realize how rare that was until we were chatting with a local later on. Thanks for the virtual tour back through a lovely city!

  5. Oh, my...gorgeous! I have to get to Italy. That photo of your parents in front of the fountain is beautiful, as is the one of you & your hubby. I'll be tuning in Wednesday! :)

  6. Aaaaand the adventure continues! Have I mentioned how much I'm loving your posts about Italy?!! Oh, yeah, I have ;-). Such beauty to be had in Rome. Loved those coin tossing photos! Hope your week is off to a great start Casey!

  7. I just found your blog, and it's SO adorable! I'd love it you stopped by to link up with my blog hop today!:)

    Shelby xoxo

  8. ahhh...i just love Rome! great pics, as usual!

  9. Beautiful pictures! I hope to go to Rome within the next year :)
    Modern Modest Beauty

  10. Your post made me re-live some amazing memories. I had the best food in Italy in the Piazza Navona and the hubster proposed to me in front of the Trevi fountain. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

  11. love your posts...where is your cross body purse/bag from? heading to europe next March and looking for something like it.

  12. love your posts...where is your cross body purse/bag from? heading to europe next March and looking for something like it.


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