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Aug 24, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Germany,
You thought you were going to get me in that heat wave you brought on this week, didn't you? Yes I may have walked around in just my underpants in my A/C-less house for 4 days straight, sweated at the slightest movement away from an oscillating fan, and watched my favorite blue candles melt right before my eyes in the living room, but I didn't spontaneous combust like the German at the grocery store told me I would. Take that, you masochists!
{Seriously, get some A/C Europe! What are you trying to prove?!?}

Dear Hair,
You are WAY too long. I'm starting to feel like Cher, always flipping my hair from shoulder to shoulder. I saw this picture of you and thought...dang...girl needs a hair cut (and color, yikes!). Think I can wait till I'm home in December and go to my favorite salon? Fat chance. I can't do anything with you. Not to mention, you get caught under my armpits...and that's just gross...and painful. Shooting off my hair flare now. H-E-L-P.

Dear Girl Scout Crunch Bars,
OMG. I die for you. If it wasn't for my sweet SIL sending you in a care package to us this week, I'd never know you existed. But, now that I do, I can't get enough of you. You are (dare I say?!) BETTER than the cookies. Gasp! It's true. SIL sent enough for both D and I to try each flavor...but, I might eat you all. Sorry, hubby.
 {Have you guys tried these? SEND MORE AIMES! ;) }

Dear White Collar,
Also known as the greatest show currently on TV. Why it took me so long to get on board with you, I'll never know. But, I'm glad I did. Matt Bomer is some major eye candy...and pretty much the only reason you ever came on my radar. I'm well aware your leading man bats for the other team, so to speak, but I could care less. I could watch him fight crime, steal art, and banter with that bald guy from Sex and the City for days. Which reminds me, I STILL haven't seen Magic Mike. MUST change that.
{Oh my goodness. Yum, right?}

Dear London,
Guess who's coming to see you today?! TEAM COTE!! You are, in fact, the greatest city in the entire world and I cannot wait to explore more of you! I've got us tickets to see Jersey Boys at Prince Edward Theatre, a tea time scheduled at Kensington Palace, and a WICKED COOL SURPRISE for my handsome husband that he might pee his pants over. I plan on getting his reaction on tape...the excitement, not the peeing. London round two, let's do this!
{You can follow all our fun in London via my Instagram stream! Username: CaseyCote}

Happy Friday, friends!



  1. Girl Scout Crunch Bars? I didn't even know there was such a thing! Sound amazzzzing. Also I may or may not have spent all of my waking hours not at work catching up on White Collar this week. Matthew Bomer.... sigh, I die.

    Also, I am not ashamed to admit that I may be developing a (somewhat smaller) crush on Peter Burke. Ah!

  2. Omg give me your hair! Mine takes years to grow and I hate it. SO jealous you are going to London today!!!

  3. Hi Casey! I'm following you from the find + follow Friday hop. One trick for the heat is to wear a wet T-shirt in the house. Hopefully no one rings the door bell! I did this when living in Paarl in South Africa. It gets way too hot there too! I lived in Germany for 7 years. My dad was JAG. He now works as a civilian for the army in Hawaii. I loved the photos! Have a great day! Oh, I'm still living in South Africa, by the way!

    Tina - mom of 4 and author of 5 blogs

  4. That is crazy that your candles melted!! Have fun in London! I hope I get the chance to go again before we PCS!!!

  5. We couldn't believe it when we checked the weather back here and saw it was hotter than it was in Turkey--I'm really glad I missed that week! And oh my gosh, I need those chocolate bars in my mouth immediately.

    Have fun in London!

  6. I tried the Crunch Bars last week for the first time and they were Ah-MAZING! I say better than the cookie! Have a great time in London! Stop by @AllRoadsLeadtoHomeLoveblogspot.com

  7. New here and I love this post idea, your friday letters.
    Girlfriends Are Like Shoes

  8. Your poor candles! So you have no AC at all? Oh gosh, I couldn't sleep! And I'm so excited to follow along on your trip to London. I just might be living vicariously through you!!

  9. Oh no the heat looks awful!

    When are you headed to London? Sounds like a blast!

    Just found you via Find & Follow Friday, Im your newest follower and can't wait to read more!


  10. This post made me laugh! I have to say that the heat wave absolutely kicked my ass and it doesn't help that i'm 6 month preg!
    I did enjoy the sunshine and blue skies though. Thankfully its really cooled down now. I actually feel kinda ready for fall and Germany is sooo pretty during winter time.

  11. So this is exactly what I thought when I finished reading your post: "I miss you!" And then I said to myself, "Wait! I don't even know you—we haven't even met yet!" Seriously, though. I can't wait to meet up. I just hope that week I'll have more energy so I can be my awesome, witty self instead of an old, cranky-pants, sleepy pregnant lady!

    Also, I'm already halfway through season 2 of White Collar. I blame you for nothing getting clean in my house this past week. That is all.

  12. omg...i LOVE white collar...yes, the eye candy helps. :)

  13. New follower from the find follow Friday linkup. What is the temp over there. I live in Louisiana and its pretty stinking hot here too. Those poor candles.

  14. Hahah! I am totally dying right now. Ha! And I was wondering what was going on over there-- most of our friends are stationed in Germany and I kept hearing about no AC :( Boo!

    Hope you have tons of fun in London! Can't wait to see some photos! And thanks for linking up! :D

    -Nicole @ http://meandthem00n.blogspot.com

  15. What?! Your candles seriously melted...that is crazy! And I actually LOVE your long hair :)
    Modern Modest Beauty

  16. OMGsh those bars look so good! I had no clue they existed! And I am having the same hair probs right now! It's so frustrating! Grr..especially when it's summer time! Cute blog and thanks for sharing!


  17. I can't believe those candles. And I love London... my favorite place on earth I think. :o)


  18. Wow, that is a LOT of hair, girl! And though I'm in the US, we don't have air-con at home either. So it's a good thing people don't know what I wear inside the house...

  19. Those girl scout crunch bars looks so good...but everytime I try to grab one at the grocery store, my thighs start screaming at me.


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