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Jul 13, 2012

The Zugspitze & Eibsee Paddle-boating Adventure

"Anything that can happen, will happen." 

Murphy and his stupid law. Even he likes to go on vacation. I should know...he followed me up to the Zugspitze in the form of making me forget my camera battery. Yep. They day we venture up to the highest point in Germany, a place that boasts spectacular views of the Alps and Germany/Austria/Switzerland/Italy, I forget my freakin' camera battery. I could have died right there in the parking lot. I could see it in my head, mocking me from the wall charger still plugged into the outlet in our hotel room. It's pretty much any photo enthusiast's worst nightmare. I started to get teary eyed thinking of all the great photos I was going to be missing out on...but then I remembered my cousin also has a fancy-shmancy camera and way more photography experience than I do. I'll just steal her photos after all is said and done. That's what family is for, right? Linds, I probably owe you some kind of royalties for all the photos I've "borrowed"...then again, you also got free hotel living in the form of my guest bedroom. Even Steven? :) I did also have my iPhone to take photos with, but everyone knows that for every one good iPhone picture you snap, you get 1,000 crappy ones. So, here you go, a mix of really fantastic and really crappy pictures of our Zugspitze adventure. You're welcome.

You guys, we took this gondola thingie up 300 vertical feet of mountain. VERTICAL. At one point, I thought we were just going to shoot straight up to the heavens. It was slightly terrifying...but also wicked, wicked cool. The views were already amazing and we were only halfway up. Below is a photo of Lake Eibsee...we took the parents paddle boating there later that day. Pure hilarity. You'll see.

Here's a little video of our assent to the top...I love the commentary added by D at the end.
It would be awesome, babe!

Aren't the Alps absolutely breathtaking? See why I was kicking myself for forgetting my camera battery? Sadly, the photos don't even do it justice. As if the Zugspitze wasn't already cool enough, you could sit and enjoy a nice, tall Hefeweizen with your view. Yeahh, pure European bliss! Germans will put a biergarten anywhere. Why not the top of Germany!? If you're ever in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and want your socks blown off, take a ride up to the Zugspitze. So worth the 60 smackeroos. 

But wait, the day's not over just yet! Remember that big, beautiful, blue lake we saw from the safety of our mountain gondola? Well, after our Zugspitze adventure we made our way down to that lake, Lake Eibsee to be exact, for some good ol' fashioned paddle boating! Happily, the parent's obliged. Well, all except my water-a-phobic father, but he stood guard at the dock. Seriously, though...who can say they've been paddle boating on a lake in the German Alps? I imagine not many. Blows my mind at our good fortune. This vacation just kept getting better and better!

You guys will enjoy this last video. It's the one in which I get yelled at not once, but twice, for "not paddling." I would be embarrassed to show you this little marital spat D and I had, but seriously, who doesn't argue about ridiculous things. And for the record, I was totally paddling, just not up to D's paddleboat standards. Not sure what the rush was about. I mean, it's not like we were really going anywhere. Anywho, that boy's gonna thank me one day for taking this video instead of paddling. One day.

Would you believe that we did all this before 1pm that day?
I wouldn't have either. We're rockstar tourists. After Zugspitzin' and paddle boatin' it up, we headed back to Edelweiss for lunch. We "kids" ended up breaking off from the parents that afternoon to do a little more strenuous sight-seeing. Stay tuned to see what we got ourselves into!

Happy Friday, loves!


  1. Those pictures are amazing. Like its hard to believe thats real life and that you got to go there. Im adding that to my travel to do list asap!

  2. Thank God for a cousin with a camera, no?! I've forgotten mine at the most inopportune times too. Worst. Feeling. Ever. But you still managed to capture such wonderful memories of the day! Ugh. Paddle boating. Classic recipe for marital spats! The men are always hardcore, the girls more leisure in our ways, and I almost always give out right in the middle of the lake! Ha!

  3. I agree pictures don't do it justice, but your pictures are pretty stinkin' awesome! We didn't even think about paddle boating! :( Also, you & hubby are adorable and I don't know if that qualifies as a "marital spat". ;)

  4. Gorgeous pictures! Love hearing your NC accent :-)

  5. Forgetting you camera battery is the worst! But at least your camera still works! I took mine to the Partnachklamm and I think it got wet or something when I was trying to snap pictures of the waterfalls because now I can't zoom in anymore. It was either that or some fibers got stuck in the lens.... =|
    So I had to steal my mom's camera for the rest of my trip. And my sister's photos too! Luckily though, I bought an even better camera when I got back to Texas.

    Isn't Garmisch the most gorgeous German town you've ever seen?! Your pictures came out pretty awesome and the videos are cute too! There's always bound to be little "spats" on every vacation - we definitely had our fair share! Haha.

    I can't wait to go back and visit my mom and dad again. It's so pretty to see all the mountains with snow on them. Can't wait to see more from your trip. :)

  6. No worries...borrow away! :) Its fun revisiting our trip again.

  7. this looks incredible. i'm only 30 minutes from here, and I have yet to go up! I have been to lake eibsee, it it was fantastic! I have to go before I leave!!! LOVE all your photos :)

  8. omg! so awesome!! love the pics! i took a cable car up to the top of a mountain in switzerland and it was glorious!!

  9. Beautiful photos... what month were you there visiting the Zugspitze?

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